Zolpidem stilnox anoxic tank

Annals of physical and rehabilitation medicine – vol. 54 – N° S1 – p. E214 – treatment of apathy with zolpidem ( stilnox ): two double-blind, placebo-controlled.

Case description. – 1: 46-year-old man, 2 years after a severe right hemorrhagic stroke, showing: left spatial neglect, dysexecutive syndrome, attention disorders, incapacitating fatigability and apathy. Zolpidem allowed behavioral improvement, as shown with the apathy inventory, and the inventory of behavioral dysexecutive syndrome, but without any modification of neuropsychological testing.

Introduction. – there is to date no recognized treatment of apathy secondary to brain injury.

There have been several reports of its paradoxical effect in patients with brain pathologies, showing transient but reproducible improvement in aphasia or arousal of minimally conscious patients.Anoxic tank functional neuro-imaging revealed an improvement of regional brain perfusion.

Discussion. – in both cases presented, the paradoxical effect of zolpidem was very beneficial in terms of behavior, especially allowing arousal and taking initiative and leading to greater participation in daily life activities and interaction with the environment. There was, however, no significant effect on cognitive testing. These effects should be further investigated in a larger sample of brain injured patients. Reference.

Cohen L, chaaban B and habert M.O. Transient improvement of aphasia with zolpidem. N engl J med 2004;350(9):949–50.

Keywords : zolpidem, apathy, brain injury, evaluation, double blind.

We report here the effect of zolpidem on apathy in 2 patients with brain injury.Anoxic tank effects were evaluated in double-blind, placebo-controlled design, using behavioral scales and neuropsychological tests.

2: 35-year-old woman, 12 months after an anoxic encephalopathy, showing: minimally conscious state with very limited verbal and motor activity. Zolpidem allowed a behavioral improvement, as evidenced by the coma recovery scale revised, but no increase in cognitive performances.

Primary objective: to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the use of stilnox CR in mexican patients with chronic insomnia at the prescription.

The above information is not intended to contain all considerations relevant to a patient’s potential participation in a clinical trial.

Dose regimen:one tablet at bed time and as needed (the patients choose which night they take the tablet without limit of number of nights) inclusion criteria:

anoxic tank

Example: heart attack AND los angeles primary objective:

Moreover, in order to follow the international regulations in terms of the use and handling of hypnotic compounds, and to guarantee the appropriate study performance, no patients with one or more of the following characteristics should be included:

– primary insomnia diagnosis (difficulty for initiating sleep, or maintaining sleep to wake up to early in the morning, or to present a restless sleep) which causes clinically significant disturbances in the areas of social, work functioning or other important areas exclusion criteria:

Route of administration: oral.

To evaluate the efficacy and safety of the use of stilnox CR in mexican patients with chronic insomnia at the prescription conditions of daily practice secondary objective:

anoxic tank

Pharmaceutical form: zopidem 12.5 mg tablets.

To evaluate the satisfaction of the patient with chronic insomnia with stilnox CR over an as needed basis.

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