Zf freedomline transmission issue diffuse axonal brain injury treatment

I’m trying to fix a transmission issue with my coach. I posted the problem on EI forum board, and was wondering if I could copy it here. nanoxia deep silence 3 vs fractal design r5 If this isn’t right, please forgive me and delete the post!!! If you’re able to help correct this, please chime in!!!

The problem I’m having is this: the donor vehicle that this power plant came from had ABS. The transmission has an ABS “checks and balance” program in it that can’t be turned off or bypassed so I’m being told. Because I don’t have ABS on my coach, it will not shift in auto mode. I have talked to several people at different shops and online ABS forums that state the program in the transmission checks for speed sensor (tail shaft sensor), steer axle sensor(s), and drive axle sensor(s).

The ABS module is in place, and Sonny told me that the light is on when he plugged it in so I’m thinking it’s looking for the wheel sensors that I don’t have.

I have looked at removing this transmission and replacing it with a B500 or HD4060 as a last resort. I have had Sonny to install a new clutch and fork kit for this unit therefore, I’d like to keep it and not blow more money by replacing it. I crunched some numbers and came up with trying to add ABS to the coach would be about $2300 less than R & R the transmission altogether.

The Freedomline transmission, from ZF-Meritor, first appeared in Peterbuilt 387’s in 2001, and in T2000’s and Volvo’s in 2002. It a 2-pedal transmission with an air actuated clutch with a separate air tank. It is available in a 12-speed and handles up to 1650 lb-ft of torque. anoxia e hipoxia It has an aluminum transmission case, so it is lighter than the other automated transmissions. The shift console is typically mounted to the driver’s seat and can swing up. The Freedomline will "skip shift" on its own – that is, if it detects a light load it will skip gears when upshifting. ZF-Meritor got into a series of lawsuits with Eaton and no longer sells transmissions in the United States market. If you are looking at a truck with a Freedomline consider that in the future it MAY be the case that knowledgeable service technicians and parts will be less available for a transmission that is no longer imported. Given an equal truck I’d probably not choose the Freedomline.

I have to wonder out loud if a person could set up a frequency generator to simulate the ABS sensors? It sounds like there are four wheel speed sensors. Can you locate them in the bundle? We would need to know if the transmission is only checking to see if all the wheels are going the same speed or if they are the correct ratio for the transmission pulse output. hypoxic ischemic brain injury treatment Next question would be: is the transmission looking for a pulse count (most likely) or a voltage?

William, as noted, we are making a bit of headway here. I downloaded the Maintenance Manual and I am picking away at that manual. Your note from the tech helps a lot in that he clarifies that the transmission speed sensor output is compared to the output of the speed sensors. That is a big piece of information.

I have been looking at the wiring diagram and it does not have any wheel sensor input locations which leads me to believe that that the transmission ECM gets the wheel speed transmission speed information from the ABS ECU unit. anxiety attack meaning in urdu Do you have that unit? If so, we need to see what inputs it has to the box.

I’m sorry to say this but here we go!!! I’m a truck driver with expertise in the the transport field . What you just said to me is like speaking Dutch. Sonny still has Sadie in his possession. He did tell me that the transmission has "SM" on the display. He also said when he hooked up the ABS, the idiot light came on. That’s all I know.

Freightliner also offered the Freedom 12spd ZF transmission for a short time. We bought all the specialized tools to work on the transmission-but later finding out the transmission is so complicated, we never worked on them-just R & R’d them with a factory replacement unit. I haven’t seen a ZF in a truck for a long time-yet it was 2002 & 2003 when they were offered. hypoxic brain damage prognosis When they work, they’re nice, but when they need work, they’re very expensive to work on. I would suggest you change over to the Allison 4000 series since the ZF Freedom is not available in the US anymore. Trying to setup your bus with ABS is just going to be a big headache. With the sensors, having the wire looms made (you can’t just cut an ABS wire to length and hope it works), programming a computer (if you in fact even have the proper computer for ABS to read). I would just cut my losses with the Freedom transmission and switch to the nearly dirt reliable Allison transmission-you’ll love the performance difference-and if you drive it right, the fuel mileage will be about the same. Good Luck, TomC