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A group of twentysomethings leveraged their huge YouTube audiences and actually won seats in Brazil’s federal and state elections. What happens next is anyone’s guess. Ryan Broderick, writing for BuzzFeed News: Kim Kataguiri is known in Brazil for a lot of things. He’s been called a fascist. He’s been called a fake news kingpin. Is he a YouTuber? He definitely uses YouTube. He’s definitely a troll. A troll with a consistent message, though, he points out. Maybe he’s Brazil’s equivalent of Milo Yiannopoulos. anoxic brain injury His organization, Movimento Brasil Livre (MBL) — the Free Brazil Movement — is like the Brazilian Breitbart. Or maybe it’s like the American tea party. anoxic brain injury after cardiac arrest Maybe it’s both. Is it a news network?

Kataguiri says it isn’t. But it’s not a political party, either. He says MBL is just a bunch of young people who love free market economics and memes. One thing is very clear: His YouTube channel, the memes, the fake news, and MBL’s army of supporters have helped Kataguiri, 22, become the youngest person ever elected to Congress in Brazil. He’s also trying to become Brazil’s equivalent of speaker of the House.

[…] Kataguiri’s political awakening is a textbook example of the way algorithms beget more algorithms. During his last year of high school, his teacher started a debate about welfare programs in Brazil. So Kataguiri started googling. He discovered Ron Paul and the Brazilian libertarian YouTuber Daniel Fraga. "Then I did a video to my teacher and my friends at school to talk about what I had found out," Kataguiri says. "There was one problem: I posted this video on YouTube. So it was public and it went viral." He says people kept asking for more videos, but he didn’t know anything. anxiety attack nausea So he went back to googling, and then made more videos about what he learned.

I used to think this. Recently, the way the Democratic party is running, I feel we are now in an era of Minority rule. Take any hot topic item, whether its abortion, gay marriage, forcing a baker to make a gay wedding cake, etc. Lets take the gay wedding cake one.. Now look at the demographics of the democratic party. While the LBGTQ(insert-more-letters-here) group is solidly democrats, so are the black southern baptist and blue dog democrats. Latinos are typically very devout catholics. These groups have a very different set of ideals when it comes to certain social issues. Now if this was a national vote where it was not party driven, you would probably see only 15% come out and say "Yes, a baker should be FORCED to make any cake he or she disagrees with, regardless of religious belief". But because this ‘coalition’ exists to force all its members to tow the party line, this 20% suddenly jumps to 47% of the population, and members are being represented against their beliefs. As if there was some shortage of gay bakers to make a cake. This is why we are now a country of minority rule. We keep making exception after exception for every minority group instead of demanding people be treated exactly the same. anoxic brain injury recovery stages Same means Same, not "All Animals are created equal; some are more equal than others".

The same thing happens in the Republican party, but its not quite as fractured as the Democratic party. There is a large number of people that vote republican that identify as libertarian, so they don’t agree on social issues nearly as much as they do on fiscal and economic ones.

White privilege is an idiotic concept. It is group identity forced on individuals. That white hobo Vietnam vet living under the bridge and burning trash in a barrel to stay warm in the winter and try to explain to me how he is somehow has more privilege than, for example Oprah Winfrey? While you are at that, also explain to me how patriarchy could be worked into all that.

Another problem is who exactly counts as white. Are Irish white? Are recent Eastern European immigrants white? Are pale-skinned Latinos white? Are pale skinned Turks and Arabs are white? Are Jewish people are white? Are Chinese white? Do they all have the same white privilege?

At least I agree with you that Democratic party today has f-all to do with progressiveness or classical liberalism. I don’t know who to blame this on, I think it is much more complex than "Clinton did it". However, I know that all that effort currently being spent on identity politics is a wasted effort while real issues, like catastrophic wealth inequality or collapse of unions, go undressed.

the "wrong" sort shouldn’t be allowed to vote. They won’t say it out loud though. They hide behind euphemisms. Most commonly they say that voting should take some work because if you’re not willing to put the effort in you shouldn’t be voting. This starts a discussion about how hard it should be to vote and distracts from the basic issue, which is voter suppression. It’s a very effective straw man argument.

What it comes down to is conservatives want to keep progressives out of the political system. America’s entire system is built to do that. It’s why we have a Senate and Electoral college. hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy life expectancy We don’t like to talk about it because we preach Democracy heavily. For some folks they can’t even wrap their heads around how little actual Democracy exists in America. []

The senate and electoral college achieve that means and it’s by design from the onset. Heck, it wasn’t until 1913 that we switched the selection of senators to the popular vote. Previously state governments voted on who their senators would be.