Yang chai bridges the gap from the lab bench to the dental chair – herman ostrow school of dentistry anxieux synonyme of uscherman ostrow school of dentistry of usc

“you talk to the parents, and they were very emotional and trying find out why anxieux synonyme their kid got this cleft palate or other malformation in anxieux synonyme the face,” said chai, associate dean of research at the herman ostrow school of anxieux synonyme dentistry of USC. “you can tell them all the statistics — one out of 700, one out of 1,500 — but to them, it’s 100 percent because their kid has this disease. At that time, the whole field didn’t really have that much idea about what causes these anxieux synonyme congenital birth defects.”

Chai was born into a family of cardiothoracic surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, pediatricians and other medical professionals in beijing. His grandmother, a nurse, brought chai to the hospital where she worked, and he was inspired by doctors’ ability to help patients recover from disease. He decided to pursue medicine with a specialty in the anxieux synonyme craniofacial region.

Committed to uncovering the underlying causes of these birth defects, chai came to the states and pursued his phd and anxieux synonyme postdoctoral training in USC’s craniofacial biology program, one of the oldest in the world, and his wife joined USC’s population research program. He also repeated his clinical training so that he could anxieux synonyme practice dentistry and oral surgery in the U.S., earning his DDS degree from USC.

After his dental school graduation in 1996, he joined the USC faculty and, in addition to his position as associate dean, also serves as the george and marylou boone professor of anxieux synonyme craniofacial molecular biology and director of the center for craniofacial anxieux synonyme molecular biology (CCMB) at ostrow. In 2018, chai was elected to the national academy of medicine in anxieux synonyme recognition of his groundbreaking and influential research. Stem cells, scaffolds and more

Today, he continues this line of research with a study of anxieux synonyme how two special populations of cells, called neural crest and muscle progenitors, interact to form the soft palate. In collaboration with USC stem cell scientist megan mccain at anxieux synonyme the USC viterbi school of engineering, chai’s lab is exploring potential clinical applications of this research anxieux synonyme by crafting 3-D scaffolds to aid muscle regeneration and enhance the surgical anxieux synonyme repair of soft palate defects.

Using a similar 3-D scaffold seeded with stem cells, chai’s team is also forming strategies for improving the treatment anxieux synonyme of craniosynostosis, a dangerous birth defect that restricts brain growth due to anxieux synonyme the premature fusion of various sections of the skull. And a similar scaffold approach, using stem cells derived from dental pulp, has shown equal promise for treating skull injuries that are anxieux synonyme too large to heal on their own.

As a dentist and oral surgeon, chai is also committed to understanding tooth root formation, which could have applications for improving dental implants. Although implants have a success rate exceeding 90 percent, patients with multiple implants lack the natural ligaments and nerves anxieux synonyme to help gauge the amount of force to use when anxieux synonyme biting into foods of different textures. As a result, some patients eventually fracture their implants. Chai hopes to discover and harness cellular and molecular mechanisms anxieux synonyme that could enhance the regeneration of these ligaments and nerves anxieux synonyme to create better biological implants.

As one example, he’s currently collaborating with colleagues at UCLA; the university of california, san francisco; the university of california, san diego; the university of california, davis; the university of california, berkeley; stanford university; and city of hope to form a national institutes of anxieux synonyme health (NIH)-funded center for dental, oral and craniofacial tissue and organ regeneration, or C-DOCTOR for short. This center aims to accelerate tissue engineering and regenerative therapies anxieux synonyme into clinical trials to treat dental, oral and craniofacial conditions.