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Brief introduction of the hospital: xi’an huaren epilepsy hospital is the largest professional hospital for epilepsy diagnosis and treatment in western china. It is located in no.189, wenyi north road, outside the ancient city of wenchang, xi’an. The hospital is quiet, elegant, there are 100 beds, all for the hotel-style ward, as the western epilepsy clinic, in close international standards, but also the perfect interpretation of modern technology and humanities and medical, all-round development of digital medical services in the field of epilepsy platform.

Xi’an huaren epilepsy hospital is china’s first batch of national medical insurance designated epilepsy hospital, as china epilepsy research center directly under the agency, as china epilepsy clinic designated western clinical base – xi’an huaren hospital, in the leading scientific and technological strength and strong based on the strength of talent, learned hundred long, professional research epilepsy diagnosis and treatment, so that more and more patients with epilepsy disease out of trouble, and strive to create the first brand of epilepsy treatment.Brain anoxia

【treatment center – experienced team of experienced experts】

Xi’an huaren epilepsy hospital has always been the characteristics of the hospital, the talent hospital, the quality of the hospital, the overall development strategy, broad areas of epilepsy first-class talents, they not only have excellent professional knowledge, but also practical experience of professional talent , and many of whom are state-level personnel, outstanding contributions of young people in the country, etc. Now, a new type of young expert echelon is also forming a climate.

【diagnosis and treatment of hardware – follow cutting-edge technology, advanced equipment complete

Xi’an huaren epilepsy hospital, there are all kinds of testing, treatment equipment more than 30 taiwan (pieces), including 3000A multi-parameter biofeedback device, EEG dipole precise positioning system, DRX-500 digital superconducting NMR, FC digital scalp electrode ultrasound positioning system, ECG pre-amplification monitor, MCDR pulse guided light therapy machine and other international cutting-edge equipment more than 10 units.Brain anoxia

【characteristics of hospital – patient satisfaction survey advanced unit】

Xi’an huaren epilepsy hospital, the introduction of the world’s latest nano-needle knife minimally invasive treatment technology, and applied to the field of epilepsy treatment, the first successful minimally invasive autonomic nerve channel implantation surgery to cure epilepsy, the treatment of epilepsy into micro nano, minimally invasive double V era. The hospital will serve the people wholeheartedly in real actions. It was the only hospital rated advanced unit for patient satisfaction investigation in the 2012 industry patient satisfaction survey.

In the future development path, xi’an huaren epilepsy hospital will continue adhering to the two cornerstones of expert team and high-end science and technology, and at the same time of continuous academic exchange, further improve service quality, you will see: due to the magnitude of xi’an waren hospital rehabilitation and delightful smile!Brain anoxia


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Address: no.189 wenyi north road, xi’an, shaanxi province (100 meters south of wenchangmen)

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