Wrongful death suit results in $12m jury verdict – maya murphy, p.c. diffuse anoxic brain injury

A wrongful death action was brought for the death of 5-year-old female decedent from anoxic brain injury and cardiac arrest two days after she suffered a near-drowning. Anoxia cerebral tratamiento A personal injury claim was brought for the emotional distress suffered by the decedent’s brother, who witnessed the decedent’s near-drowning while both minors were swimming at a pool during an after-school program operated by defendant.

The plaintiffs claimed the defendant and its agents, servants and employees were negligent for failing to properly train the lifeguard at the pool, failing to assign a sufficient number of employees and lifeguards to monitor the pool, failing to have and execute a proper emergency plan, failing to test the swimming abilities of children using the pool, failing to provide flotation devices to children based on their swimming abilities, failing to properly scan the pool, failing to rescue the decedent in a timely fashion, and failing to perform proper CPR in a timely fashion.

The defendant denied liability and asserted that nothing that it or its employees did proximately caused the decedent’s death. Nanoxia deep silence 2 the defendant’s also claimed that the decedent’s mother was negligent for failing to inform it that the decedent could not swim and that she suffered from asthma and a heart condition. Anxiety attack what does it feel like defendant also contended that decedent’s death was caused by a cardiopulmonary event related to her heart condition.

The jury awarded plaintiff brother $5,000,000 on his emotional distress claim. What is anoxic encephalopathy mean on the decedent’s wrongful death claim, damages were set at $77,598.29 for medical expenses, $13,003 for funeral expenses, $1,200,000 for loss of earning capacity, $3,000,000 for loss of life and the pleasures of life’s activities, and $3,000,000 for conscious pain and suffering. [1]

At maya murphy, P.C. , our personal injury attorneys are dedicated to achieving the best results for individuals and their family members and loved ones whose daily lives have been disrupted by injury, whether caused by a motor vehicle or pedestrian accident, a slip and fall, medical malpractice, a defective product, or otherwise. What is diffuse anoxic brain injury our attorneys are not afraid to aggressively pursue and litigate cases and have extensive experience litigating personal injury matters in both state and federal courts, and always with regard to the unique circumstances of our client and the injury he or she has sustained.

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