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No, I would have to disagree. I couldn’t relate to anything on sixes, and my mother is certainly a 6w5. I don’t really feel anxiety, due to my own slight inner apathy. Brain anoxia recovery both of us are si-doms, and she works and does most of what she does out of fear and worry, and constantly researches information to tell me about the dangers of eating meat and why I should avoid it, spends money on organic whole foods, and is a vegetarian. She also tells me how joggers jogging in a city area are doing terribly because they’re just breathing in excess toxic fumes from passing cars thus ruining the point of working out in general unless you’re in a countryside. This is the same woman, who couldn’t go to sleep regardless that she had work in the morning, unless her living room was fully cleaned, to the point where I had to take over and assure her I would clean it in order for her to sleep.

It’s not that similar a level where people who lack it can simply throw it into blender alongside a variety of bland generalizations. Nanoxia deep silence 120mm ultra quiet pc fan that seriously sounds a lot more like an anxiety disorder, not simply "existential anxiety." she might be a 6, but that’s not normal 6 behavior. Anxiety disorder dsm 5 definition nothing in the enneagram is supposed to explain disorders (and yes I know about naranjo’s "work"). It would be like saying every type 1 has OC(P)D or every 3 is a full-blown narcissist.

Ultimately, none of the behaviors or worries you correlated with your mom are wholly "6ish," nor do they indicate 6. They do indicate a type of anxiety – though, yes, that may not be a specific pathological type of anxiety, granted. Reflex anoxic seizures symptoms you could more easily relate them to the SP variant, which would be wrong because even then it isn’t only about "protecting the physical self" like it’s commonly thought of. But typing someone at 6 because they "worry about things" such as "the air is going to kill you" is (part of) why this thread was created in the first place (apparently). Those are just non-indications that people run away with.

Edit: to put it another way, my aunt is a 4w3 SO/SX and would say the same kind of crap about the "countryside air" or "maybe vaccinations aren’t entirely safe." that kind of thinking isn’t about type or variants, it’s more like misguided logic. It may indicate something, sure, but not always the stereotypical. It depends on the root of the logic, not where the logic leads.

I mean, a ton of people are motivated by generic anxiety, that’s the problem. Hypoxic anoxic brain injury colloquially, anxiety, and feeling driven to act by anxiety, is not type-specific. I know several non-6s who feel it daily. My 8w9 dad occasionally implements overboard tactics "just in case," when a worry hits him just right every few years. Anoxic encephalopathy pathophysiology A 2w3 confides about her anxiety practically every day to me. I know people of almost every other type who has at some point or another, too. Brain anoxia symptoms they all share some similarities despite type, and some differences including some based on their type.

The larger point was that 6 is not alone in worrying about the things you mentioned, nor are other types immune to it (which I thought was implied by "I’m a 1 and don’t feel anxiety much"), nor even alone in obsessing over being "informed." another person may do the exact same because of a vastly different reason… A 1 may do such for fear of being ‘imperfect,’ or a 2 for fear of being ‘unloved;’ any type may do it for (sub-)pathological reasons. I do believe you when you say she does it for security, but the concepts alone do not indicate 6; the pattern does.