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I was supposed to hear from the surgeon this week about my blood work and other things, but I haven’t gotten a call from her yet. She is in her suburban office seeing patients today, so maybe I will hear from her. social phobia meaning in hindi But if I don’t hear anything by 3, I will call.the office.

After all that leg work preparing for my appointment this morning, I didn’t need any of that paperwork lol. The doctor looked at me, and interviewed me, and that was enough to get re-certified. They gave me some info on other dispensaries that always have my favorite CBD MJ, and gave me some coupons. But I don’t know that I can drive myself to those places because they are pretty far away.

Last night our upstairs neighbors had a bunch of people over.

They got going at 5:30pm and got progressively worse. I closed the window, but I could hear them loud and clear. They kept whooping and hollering for God knows what reason. hypoxic brain damage after cardiac arrest The banging was the worst it has ever been, and went on for HOURS. Just before 10, I went up the stairs and told them to cut the s-. They had all their guests go out on the deck when I knocked on the door. Ellen told me it was the TV, which we can’t even hear from downstairs. phobic anxiety disorder icd 10 I told her that was BS, and I wasn’t imagining things. Shortly after 10, I stopped hearing the banging, so they must have told everybody to go home, but that doesn’t make up for the hours it went on…

I called the office and Janet told me she would say something to Ellen if she saw her. WTF. diffuse hypoxic ischemic brain injury Is that an acceptable way to deal with things?! They’re just going to quiet down for short periods of time, then pull all this s- again over and over again.

Corey’s talking about moving again, but we don’t have the money to do it right now. It would be ideal if they would move us to another apartment, but they would raise our rent by $200, and Corey refuses to pay the extra money because it’s not our fault we have to move because we’re not at fault…

Our upstairs neighbor Ellen got into a loud altercation with a woman in a car in the driveway to our apartment complex (which is very close to us) about what I heard the woman say was something about "a cloud of smoke" coming from their deck, which I assume had something to do with pot, or another drug, they were smoking up there. By the time I poked my head out there, the car was about to drive away, but Ellen continued to flip out and stomp all over the deck after that for just a couple of minutes- then it was all over… too late to call the cops.

Corey was f’ing wasted and wanted to call the cops to make a noise complaint, but by then, the altercation was long over, and everyone up there was just talking normally, so there was nothing to call about, but he wouldn’t stop talking about calling for what seemed like forever. nanoxia project s midi When we went out to smoke cigarettes, he kept talking loudly about calling the cops, drugs, calling them really nasty names, and saying he was going to go upstairs to beat the s- out of people, etc. and wouldn’t shut up outside or inside. He was out of control…

So, HE became the problem… a BIG problem for me because he was so drunk I couldn’t reason with him, and he wouldn’t stop. So much for making things easier on me. anxiety attack I finally ended up losing my temper with him and yelling at him until he did stop. He doesn’t remember any of that this morning.

That’s twice in 3 days that I’ve lost my temper over this BS (the first time being when I went upstairs about the banging). That may not be such a bad thing. I’m asserting myself and trying to take back some control. I’d rather have done it in a different way, but I guess I’ve just gotten tired of just taking s- all the time.