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Each of the B vitamins provides a different service to the body but they also work synergistically. The B complex is responsible for energy generation, metabolism, and the synthesis and breakdown of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, steroid hormones and neurotransmitters. Yeah, they are kind of a big deal. Illness anxiety disorder icd 10 and keep in mind they are water soluble so they need to be replenished daily. Here’s where it gets interesting…

We all have a gene called the MTHFR gene. Upon completion of the human genome project in 2002, it was discovered that many people have a mutation of this gene – about 60% of the US population in fact! And 40% of british and australians too. You’re probably wondering what on earth the MTHFR gene is huh?

Well, it’s actual name is methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (way too long for us unscientific folks to pronounce) and it if you have the gene defect or mutation, it’s more than likely that you are not absorbing and utilizing the B complex vitamins efficiently.

NOTE: if you find that your ‘folic acid’ or your B12 lab test levels are high this could be an indicator that you have the gene mutation. This is because a defect in the gene prevents your body from utilizing inactive forms of these B vitamins, so they go unused by the body and end up being too high. These high inactive forms of the B vitamins then block the active forms from being utilized. This is obviously a big problem!

I often recommend supplements with the methylated (active) forms of the key B vitamins but PLEASE NOTE, these may not work for you depending on the type of mutation you have. If you are double homozygous (both your MTHFR genes are mutated), methyl folate and methyl-B12 supplementation can cause problems for you. Also, you should not consume high doses of niacin (vitamin B3), because it can hinder methylation.

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I am hetrozygous on the A1298C. I was tested as one of my sisters found she had a mutation on each part of the gene. My doctor said my homocystien level was okay and didn’t recommend anything. Lucky I read. Nanoxia deep silence 120mm I read A LOT about it and found that everyone is different and dosages have to be tried to find the right dose for yourself. I went to a naturopath and currently take 4 different supplements to make sure the methylation process works correctly. I take an activ B specifically made for MTHFR so it includes other vitamins and minerals needed to assist the process. Anoxia vs hypoxia I take same, zinc and N-acityl-sistien. All play their part in the methylation process and detoxing. Feel like a different person but it took a month or two to get the dosages right. Anxiety and depression went within 1 week. Read about it happening but was a bit doubting but it works. I’m a do your own research person but it has certainly paid off. I dry brush, exercise and do what I can to keep toxin free. Like all things you need to know yourself and your own body, and know when things are not right. You did make it easy to understand, so thanks nicole.