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I own a water well company north of Houston, Tx. We now keep a Well Sounder 2010 Pro on every service truck as well as every drilling crew truck. anoxic brain injury survivors The Well Sounder 2010 Pro saves time and, in turn, have paid for themselves by increasing productivity. We have also sold many jobs just simply by explaining to our customers what our service crew’s Well Sounder 2010 Pro is capable of. Being able to determine the static water level as well the dynamic pumping water level of a well without pulling their customers pump gains the customer’s confidence in our abilities and results in paying jobs. hypoxic encephalopathy radiology I strongly recommend this product.

We are so pleased with our well sounder! It has eliminated our worries about our well drawing down.

We were literally ill worrying that we would lose our well with this awful Texas drought. With the well sounder we can check the water level daily.

Your Well Sounder has done a marvelous job for the 4 wells I’ve tried it on –It comes out very close to right on with my tape. In particular, it works great for a well I just had drilled about 8 months ago that is the deepest (and best) one I have (~250′). I struggled to get the tape down it (I tried 4 different times) after I installed the well string. (Part of the difficulty was because the casing is not exactly vertical.) And another well I momentarily got the measuring tape stuck in the well string — I was almost to the point where I would have had to pull the string. Several of my remaining wells I haven’t used the tape because of contamination concerns. anxiety attack symptoms in females In other words, this Well Sounder is exactly the solution I have been looking for to monitor and test my wells. Thank you for designing and producing a first class measurement device.

The unit performed perfectly and I am most appreciative to be able to have the information it has provided. FYI, I have geothermal heatpumps that use well water for cooling. The water is wasted after use. My purpose was to determine the static water level of the well when it is under constant use. To that end, with the aid of the Well Sounder, I was able to make a 36 hour chart of the wells performance, which will aid enormously in sizing and locating future pumps.

The PC has a wireless link onto my home network and I run another program that reads the log every 15 minutes and sends the data to my database server (mySQL). anoxic brain damage icd 10 It is nice to control the WellSounder from my computer in the living room. Although I use the power saver mode, I can catch it while it is awake and then make any changes.

I have lost power a couple times over the last few months (a common occurrence around here) and the whole system recovers nicely. nanoxia ncore retro I lose no data thanks to the batteries in the WellSounder. I sample every 15 minutes, exactly on the quarter hour, and I have not missed a single sample yet. My sample rate exactly matches the USGS live monitoring data of the two other wells near me. Below is a graph of what I’ve collected so far:

I adjust the elevation of the other two wells to the elevation at my well. My pump is at 300 feet, so the bottom of the graph is our ‘no-water’ point. anxiety disorder meaning in telugu I have a map of the well locations, below, and I’m sure I’ll spend the next few months looking for any trends or insights. Most importantly, I’ll have accurate data on my well that may come in handy someday.