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“Additives in Asphalt” is the topic of Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists’ (AAPT) Fall 2018 webinar series. The series will consist of three webinars. reflex anoxic seizures vs breath holding spells The first will discuss additives in asphalt mixtures and will provide the foundation for the second and third webinar. The second will delve into the recent developments of how asphalt binder tests have changed, partially because of additives, in order to better understand modified asphalt binder behavior. Finally, the third webinar will explore what is on the horizon for additives in asphalt, including movement toward fundamental characterization through chemistry, sustainability, and engineered design. anxiety causes symptoms and treatments Note that price of specific additives will not be discussed specifically in this webinar series as the series will focus more on a fundamental understanding of the role of additives in asphalt.

The first webinar in AAPT’s Fall 2018 webinar series, “Additives in Asphalt,” will begin with foundational information on additives in asphalt. First, additives will be defined and the reasons for using additives will be discussed. Next, various types of additives will be covered for asphalt mixtures, followed by changes we need to consider in the design process of asphalt mixtures when using additives. Finally, there will be a brief survey of how additives perform both in a laboratory setting and then in the field. nanoxia deep silence 120mm ultra quiet pc fan After this webinar, participants should have a solid understanding of the who, what, when, why, and how of additives in asphalt.

The second webinar in AAPT’s Fall 2018 webinar series, “Additives in Asphalt,” will dive deep into how testing for asphalt binder has changed because of the introduction of additives in asphalt binder. severe anoxic brain injury prognosis First, the concept of PG + testing will be explained, which will include a discussion of how the current PG binder grading system may not always be able to properly categorize modified asphalt binders. Next, four tests that are currently being debated and discussed in the asphalt binder expert task group will be reviewed and discussed: MSCR for rutting (AASHTO T350), LAS for fatigue (AASHTO TP 102), BBS for adhesion/cohesion (AASHTO T361), and low temperature cracking (SENB and Tg). After this webinar, participants should have a working knowledge about how current asphalt binder testing has changed and improved because of the use of additives in asphalt.

The third webinar in AAPT’s Fall 2018 webinar series, “Additives in Asphalt,” will explore the future of additives in asphalt. First, innovative tests being used to identify and characterize additives will be discussed. social anxiety assessment pdf From Scanning Electron Microscopy in the lab to hand held microscopy in the field, there are many new tools that can quantify the building blocks of additives. Second, a review on the sustainability of additives will be presented. From lower life-time costs to longer high performance, the use of additives is changing how we quantify performance. The sustainability of additives can be tied to engineered designs in mixtures as well, as we move away from the basic Superpave mix design to a balanced mix design. Finally, a broad overview of the potential trajectory of additives moving forward will be provided. After this webinar, participants should be able to identify the possible direction of additives in asphalt moving forward and have some key tools to understand how we may quantify additives in asphalt in the future.