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Cheap from Ammunation. Very good; add force enhancers and you’re not miles off a jawbreaker. Damage can scale even higher than jawbies with extremely high Brawn. Has a really wide mod pool: takes any elemental, any grip, a spike cluster kit, sharpening kit, and (most importantly) a force enhancer.

Upgraded Tesla gauntlets. Harder to speedcap, but +10% ( Torture-buffable) crit across the board, bonus 3-7 beat damage, and the electric scales to 45 at the top end! Great for PvP — shock is tricky to soak. Scales excellently with brawn, less with skill. Fairly heavy; 7kg modded.

Bought from Pegleg Pete’s in Botany sometimes. Super strong, the best all-round fist, though Edisons are better in some PvP cases.

Breakneck speed, fantastic damage (caps out just under 50 beat), excellent accuracy (innate +2 to-hit bonus) and random stuns with 35% beat crits. reflex anoxic seizures in infants Restricted mod pool; can only take gyro grip and shock module.

Craft only. PC **, decent speed, and great Torture-buffable crit. Can hit the upper 40s in max slash. However, they’re also two-handed, kinda hefty (6kg full-modded) and slash is easy to soak. Outshone by jawbreakers and edisons in most situations.

The weapon’s name itself is a spoiler, but you’ll know this thing when you find it, it’s from a boss. Notable for being possibly the only regular non-flail weapon in the game that requires 15 raw weapon skill, but otherwise uninteresting. Beat only scales up to the mid-30s, slow, 2kg heavy, and cannot take any mods.

One time reward from one of the Das Kochenhammer bosses. A reskinned assegai that comes premodded with a balanced grip, sharpening kit, monowire serrator, and shock generator. prognosis after anoxic brain injury The shock generator gets an extra 1-5 damage over a normal one, but this is still an assegai reskin, and thus worse than the abossegai.

Craft only. The schematic can be found during a Botany journal. Very good, especially against things with poor beat soaks. Accurate and fast, just under 40 max beat at the top end. Can’t take a monowire serrator, so it scales more with skill.

Chuds can buy this from a hidden store in Necropolis Sewers. The best one-handed skill blade. Scales up to 32 slash damage, but is parried by a lot of things endgame unless fully buffed. Also the only weapon that can take the waste catalyst mod.

Sometimes dropped from Bootleggers. definition of anxiety disorder according to dsm 5 Can be switched to single or double fire mode. Double fire grants slightly better tohit, at the cost of using both shells at once. This is classified as a shotgun so does not take the recoil suppressor. Uses all the shells listed with the Super Shorty.

Craft only. A sawn-off shotgun on steroids. Still ineligible for the recoil suppressor. Only 4 capacity and a bitch to speedcap, but the high speed and insane ammo variety make it more than worth it. Buckshot is good for when you don’t want to waste your real ammo.

Drops from karnivore soldiers in Nukem Academy which don’t show up often, or rarely from normal karnivore seniors. Relatively easy to speedcap and the shot damage scales higher than the AR (up to 42 shot damage!). Better min damage with Insult 9mm(tm) and 9mm hand-loads. Classified as an SMG.

Craft only, as well as a one time reward from a certain cache. Much faster than the bullpup and AR, giving you more opportunities to trigger duck&weave. 5.56mm elemental ammo is sold in Abandoned Highway and Necropolis South with the 7.62mm counterparts.

With a schematic you can forge a custom flail with a steel chain, brick of quickmold, and item of your choice (giant wrenches, steel pipes, dead babies, you name it). The weight of the item you choose will affect it’s base damage and raw requirement. anxiety meaning in urdu Any flail over 15kg will become unwieldy to use by even the most skilled flailer.

Most explosives (bar dirty bombs and clusternukes) are too weak to use in PvP since XP total and Dodge reduce damage taken by bombs. A few of them have some very useful status effects though. You can also stack explosives or add gasoline to the tile to cause chain reactions.

Stuns all players in the room and inflicts a single dose of shock (-3 brains, -2 dodge, -1 melee tohit, -2 gun tohit). The effect wears off very quickly though, and may be soaked by players with high endurance. Bought from a store in Botany Bay.

Not actually a weapon. Works like any old white cocoon capsule except instead of protecting your gear, it explodes and deals damage to all players in the room, potentially destroying your corpse and everything in it. The more $$$ your gear is worth, the bigger the bang.