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Free VHS TV noise – static glitch 1980’s – stock footage video after effects

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Binaural beats + TV static ~ hypnotic sound vision

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Another experiment with binaural beats. This is the first one I’ve done with a bit of a visual element. Along with 6 hz sine wave binaural beats, the track has three layers of TV static so I included a TV static effect for the video.Brain anoxia

This is a follow-up to my previous two binaural beat videos:

Http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=5p6uqegnksk (originally intended for ear training singing practice…)

Http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=olkxnacuajm (white noise isn’t as loud in the mix as I was hoping it would be, I think youtube has some problem processing this kind of information — noise is actually more complex than music… Which is an interesting concept to consider. I’m about to get to rambling on a topic that isn’t too related to binaural beats or tv static: music is the organization of sound, while noise is the opposite of that… But that’s why it’s much harder to process accurately… There’s no organization to it. It’s similar to why hair is hard for CGI.)

brain anoxia

Making these is fun and I have a lot more ideas for them (and I’m definitely taking suggestions too – leave ’em in the comments) so… I’m thinking I want to try to make a couple of very relaxing ones next. Maybe with some…

One percent of TV static comes from light of the big bang | how the universe works

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How can we peer back into the big bang? It may be as easy as turning on your television. | for more how the universe works, visit http://science.Discovery.Com/tv-shows/how-the-universe-works/#mkcpgn=ytsci1

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Static (according to a digital television tuner)

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Digital, television, DTV, static, channel, codec, error

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This is what static looks like in the digital age. Sort of (caveat emptor: codec error).

One of the problems with digital tuners is that virtually all of them will display a blank screen reading no signal rather than show you a screenful of static. The manufacturers do this thinking that they’re doing a favor to the consumer. But, as usual, I think otherwise.

After failed attempts to cajole and coax my digital tuner into giving the no signal screen the boot, I finally managed to subvert the tuner into doing my bidding and record ten minutes worth of static (albeit without audio).

(unless you’re interested in the complicated process behind this video, you can stop reading now.)

First of all, I set the tuner to analog channel 37.Brain anoxia as far as I’m aware, no one is allowed to transmit on that [analog] channel, so any signal that the [digital] tuner interpreted as being a valid data packet was pure chance.

Second, I had to record this video. Unfortunately, the recording tended to have a few frames changing in rapid succession, followed by lengthy pauses of inactivity. From the trial runs, I determined that I would need to record for (roughly) three hours…