Vi-control portal anoxic seizures in infants

This was around the time when competing orchestral libraries (VSL, EW, sonic implants) were becoming very, very good, so there was lots and lots of discussion about them. I think the NS admins were fine with this for a few years, but eventually the discussion sometimes would go in directions that were, shall we say, “uncomplimentary” to the advertiser.

Given that this advertiser was arguably the person who made the forum possible, either he complained, or perhaps the NS owner took it upon himself to take action. It started with the deleting of posts, then transitioned into a policy of “no non-advertising companies may be mentioned here.” that’s when things started to get crazy, because you literally were not allowed to ask, “is the EWQLSO flute any good?” people started getting banned if they broke those rules.

Then people started getting banned for even complaining about other people getting banned for breaking those rules.

It eventually got ridiculous, where it started to become a badge of pride to get banned there. (got my badge right here, in fact!) being clever people that we are, people just created new profiles. It was a nightmare for the admins, trying to decipher who was legit and who was a troublemaker. Hypoxia anoxia they eventually started banning IP addresses and getting so frustrated that all reason went out the window with the decisions they made.

Their frustration was compounded by the fact that many members (banned or not) were also having a good laugh, in much the same way as students might torment a clueless substitute teacher. There was even a “northern enclosure” comic strip that someone (many people assume nick phoenix) made up and posted on a separate site. (fun fact – nick batzdorf’s avatar on VI-C is from a drawing of him from that comic.)

VI-control was not the only forum to come out of all this, by the way. SoundsOnline (east west) also started their forum then, also hoping to get all the refugees. I, for instance, joined there before I joined VI-C. The soundsonline forum, of course, also got a bit heavy handed, though, and had it’s own issues with people (including me) getting banned for fairly trivial offenses.

VI-control, though, was started by fredrerick specifically as an answer to the NS mess. Postanoxic encephalopathy definition this is why the moderation here is ultra-light. With a few exceptions, you can say just about anything about any company. You can even mention other forums. Frederick never considered that “competition.” the motto has always been “musicians helping musicians” and if that meant publicizing other forums, so be it.

My brother, brian, runs the houston food bank. His house flooded on sunday, but he’s been working full days coordinating with the government and other charities to get food where it’s needed. Those thousands of people sheltered at the convention center? Cots and blankets are the red cross. Anoxia definition biology getting food to them is the food bank. It’s an immense job, because there are shelters scattered all over the city, all of which are in urgent situations.

I hate that brian has to deal with this again, because it’s rough on him. Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy prognosis honestly, though, he’s the best man for the job, so it’s good that he’s there. Sure, he’s my brother and I may be biased, but he’s really good at this. For starters, the largest food bank in the country isn’t new york, L.A., or chicago. It’s houston, which wasn’t even top ten when he first took the reigns. Brian did that. The houston food bank is thankfully well stocked, and with the new facility he had built, it’s ultra-efficient. That’s going to pay off during this next few weeks.