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It is received from a cerebral cortex of cattle and represents a complex of the proteins and nucleoproteids possessing selective effect on cells of a brain, promoting acceleration of recovery of functions of a brain and memory improvement.

Clinical tests are carried out at 257 patients with the remote effects of a craniocereberal injury (the prescription of the postponed injuries made from 1 year to 10 flyings) and stressful states, states after a stroke, vascular encephalopathies, intellectual mnesticheskimi frustration, decrease in intellectual working capacity, memory, attention, including elderly people.Anoxic brain injury stories

the control group consisted of 188 similar patients to whom traditional treatment was appointed.

Efficiency of use of a tserebramin was estimated subjectively and objectively: by results of proof test and to indicators of an electroencephalography (EEG).

By comparison of a subjective condition of patients considerable reduction of complaints is established. Patients noted improvement of memory, ingenuity, orientation in a surrounding situation and professional activity, reduction of intensity and duration of headaches and dizziness, normalization of a dream, emergence of emotional steadiness, strong-willed qualities, feelings of rest after a night dream.

Objectively in dynamics the best results are received in the analysis of performance of proof test before treatment when comparing with patients of control group: the quantity of the seen signs increased, the quantity of mistakes decreased, lack of sharp fluctuations in number of the seen signs for equal periods, availability of the period of vrabatyvayemost to the middle of performance of a task and gradual decrease in a curve by the end of a task is noted that testifies to bigger stability of attention.Anoxic brain injury stories at patients stabilization of bioelectric activity of a brain at an assessment of data of the electroencephalogram was observed: increase in an alpha index, more accurate modulirovannost and recovery of zone distinctions of an alpha rhythm, disappearance of paroxysmal categories, weakening of irritativny processes; the structure of the EEG types improved that was expressed in increase in normal and conditional and pathological types at reduction almost twice of number of the EEG pathological types.

Thus, inclusion of reserve capacities of a cerebral cortex by means of a tserebramin improves integral functions of a brain and reduces manifestations intellectual mnesticheskogo decrease at initial forms of organic dementia of a different origin.Anoxic brain injury stories in control group of similar positive changes it is not revealed.

Tserebramin is recommended to apply to acceleration of recovery of functions of a brain after a craniocereberal injury, a stroke, operative measures on a brain, at a children’s cerebral palsy, decline in the ability to training, a delay of psychomotor and speech development in children, intellectual mnesticheskikh frustration, impact on an organism of different extreme factors. Also it is recommended to elderly people for maintenance of steady intellectual working capacity.

Tserebramin accept in 10-15 minutes prior to food 1 – 3 tablet 2-3 times a day within 10-15 days. To wash down with water, not to chew! The repeated course in 3-6 months is desirable.Anoxic brain injury stories

By-effects at use of a tserebramin and contraindications are not revealed.

Storage in the dry, protected from light place, at a room temperature.S