True nature of ‘the forces of darkness’ and its interference and attacks anxiété antonyme

You can now perhaps begin to see why I’m inclined to describe what I’m presenting in this report as being the most fundamental and powerfully helpful human dysfunction psychology that there could be – bearing in mind that when you have an effective working model of human function and dysfunction, which pinpoints an underlying cause of the dysfunction, at last you have a way in to starting to address all that dysfunction, at least on an individual level, and possibly even on a global or universal level. NOT force / forces / spirits of Nature!

My ‘message’ is thus NOT one of paranoia, nor of needing to confront and in some way battle against something overpowering and terrifying, but one of simply clear-mindedly looking at what’s really there and then getting to understand how that ‘ticks’, and then using that

that were ‘higher’ than me? Also, I’d point out that in all the time I was channelling, every single communication that was supposedly coming from a ‘higher’ source, such as an ascended master, angel, archangel, ‘higher’ guide, the supposed Creator Consciousness, or indeed my own ‘higher self’, revealed it source as having of a much lower order of awareness and intellect than I myself have, and definitely light-years away from enlightenment – which very much supports my subsequent recognition of those beings / presences not at all being what they were making out to be. anxiety disorder nhs At best they all appeared to be shallow cardboard-cut-out copies of very ordinary people who thought they had some sort of superior position.

Other confusing terms for very roughly the same thing, used in various quarters, are the ‘astral plane’ and the ‘astral realm‘. Note that the latter is just one (uses the definite article ‘the’), whereas my own much more precisely defined use of the term ‘ astral realm’ is countable (uses the indefinite article ‘a’) and has a different, albeit somewhat related, meaning.

Some people, upon reading through all the above, have assumed that parasitic lost souls were what was causing them all sorts of untoward experiences that seemed to be of some sort of invisible quasi-physical being(s) interfering with them, often physically. Actually, whatever is the real cause of manifestations of that sort, parasitic lost souls are not doing it. hypoxic anoxic brain injury anthony They can’t get your attention in any way, nor actively interfere with you. They’re attached to a particular already distorted part of your awareness, and it’s simply their presence in your system that causes you problems through your experiencing feelings and memories that aren’t genuinely yours even though they seem convincingly to be so, and through being one of the sources of emotional stress / trauma ‘energy’ that the garbage uses in attacks on you. anoxia villosa So, if you get impressions that point to some sort of tangible ‘being’ moving around against or within your body or moving parts of it, or speaking to you, most likely it would be some sort of elemental or possibly a ‘spirit attachment’, though quite often, in its less extreme manifestations, it may be nothing more than direct garbage interference seeking to convince you that actual malevolent beings are messing around with you.

When, during the dreaming process, you discard useless and ‘not mine’ material, as I’ve already remarked, at that point that material is generally dissolved, so that it doesn’t present itself again and so can’t turn up in more than one dream. However, there’s one big exception to that general rule – and that’s where a particular memory,

part of ‘reality’ or ‘What Is’, even though what they contain is illusion. True, I haven’t experienced alien encounters or abductions, but the astral realm experiences I’ve had were very revealing. Please read on…. reflex anoxic seizures Illusory realities, astral realms and human irrationality

archetype appears to be more or less common to people in general, rather than something that’s carried individually by a greater or lesser number of people. Please see Understanding Archetypes – and Clearing Ourselves of Them. neurofeedback anxiety testimonials Is soul reincarnation really a pathway to hell?

awareness that can experience suffering as we know it (please note, however, that I’m NOT saying that they experience no suffering at all). I say this even though I’d still not wilfully cause harm to even one insect if it could reasonably be avoided.

Closed?’ I’ve described a bold piece of exploration of mine to see if there might be some means for that inaccessibility to human minds to be brought about, whether on an individual or universal level. After a very educational false start on that I came out with no clear-cut answer (yet), but at least an important serendipitous finding did come out of my exploration, as you can read on that page. The negative impacts of the garbage (‘dark force’) on humans