Triple bypass surgery complication(anoxic brain injury) – inspire brain anoxia

Hello, on monday 11-5-12 my father-in-law of 53 years of age went in for triple bypass surgery at the VA hospital. The operation went well but he had an irregular heart beat and his blood pressure kept going up and down and also had a fever due to an infection (we later found out about the infection) I do not know if that is the norm after that type of surgery. Besides all of that he sounded great on the phone of course with a lot of pain.

Well on sat 11-10-12 at about 9 am my sister-in-law gets a phone call from the nurse stating that he is now having complications breathing and his BP is getting low, and he started complaining about feeling really cold…

So they put him down to try to control the BP.Brain anoxia

My husband and I live in new york so unfortunately we could not be there but my sister-in-laws were. By the time his daughters get to the hospital he has been put down and so finally he was fully sleep now… They put the tube down his throat.

My sis-in-law and I are on the phone when she tells me that she is gonna go check on her dad because they were taking long while working on him they had told them to leave the room. So when she went in to the icu she saw the doctor and nurses in his icu room and the lights were flashing in his room… They did not let my sis- in- laws in the room. They were holding them back and they said they are losing him. So the doctor opened his chest up in the ICU and then rushed him into the OR.Brain anoxia so after the surgery the doc said that the surgery went well. So by this time my husband and I decide to fly out to california the next day. By the time we got to LA. My father-in-law still yet to awaken. The docs keep telling us that he will be awake soon (that was sunday the day after the second surgery) so now its monday and nothing has happened he is the same …. Nothing at all, no movement no improvement. Of course his blood pressure is fine and his heart is pupping well…. But he is not awake.

So now we start asking them questions like what happend? Why isn’t he awake? And so they finally tell is that he is in a coma. We are in shock and sadden…. He was well!!! What could have happend??Brain anoxia

They do a CT scan and 2 days later they finally told us that he had and anoxic brain injury, due to the lack of oxygen.

By this time we are all a mess….. This was a strong, loving man.

Now we insisted on having an MRI. He finally had one and it confirmed that he had severe brain damage. The doc told us that there is nothing more they can do and that he will be a vegetable thats all the progress that he would ever do….. So they told us we need to decide if we are going to put him in a facility or if we are going to take him off the breathing machine. We were in shock!!! We couldn’t believe it!! I asked one doctor if they could’ve done something else and he told me frankly that if my father-in-law was in a another hospital he would have been dead along time ago and that he would not have made it this far.Brain anoxia I asked my self what, made it this far into a coma? When we had a meeting with the docs and surgeons thats when they were trying to explain what they thought had happened. We kept asking them what happened and they kept telling us they too were puzzled at what had happened. They said that when they opened him up the second time the heart sack was filled with blood and so that was the reason for the sudden drop in blood pressure. They showed us his MRI results with nothing but white matter on his brain and they explained to us that it ment he had severe brain damage.

We knew that my father-in-law would of never wanted to be put in a facility and have a feeding tube put in him…. We were very close and he always told us these things.Brain anoxia he also had singed documents stating what he wanted in case that something went wrong. So we decide to take him off the machine.

We took him off the machine friday 11-16-12. We didn’t want him to suffer anymore. We told god to due his will no matter the outcome, we were at peace with it though we were all in a lot of pain. The docs told us that he was going to go within hours… Like 4 to 5 hours. They said in a case like this they never go on pass a day. Well he went on and fought for 9 days after he was taken off the machine. He passed 11-25-12.

We had an autopsy done on him and was cremated soon after.. That’s what he wanted.

We are in shock… How does one go in for a surgery they now call routine surgery.Brain anoxia they chief of staff of the hospital keeps calling us wanting to meet with us all. We have not gone in and we are not going to. They leave my sis-in-laws messages saying that they want to talk about my father-in-laws care… Whatever that means??? I would really appreciate anyones input. Thank you

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