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We’ve chosen the huntington, one of the eighteen models in olhausen’s signature series, as our best pool table; that’s because we think it represents everything that’s exceptional about the tables produced by this family-owned and operated business. The classic huntington design draws on influences from the 19th nanoxia project s mini century, but has been updated to fit perfectly with modern decors.

The huntington is produced from solid wood, of course, and the most popular option chosen by customers is a nanoxia project s mini strong maple table with hard maple rails. However, it can also be ordered in solid oak, walnut or cherry. Whichever you decide on, this is a durable and dense table. There are numerous finishes you can choose (for example, there are 22 finishes available for maple tables), from light colors such as matte champagne or butternut, to dark ones including cherry, ebony and onyx. Naturally, you can also select the color of premium felt you nanoxia project s mini prefer to complete the look.

Olhausen uses its highest-end components for pool tables in the signature series, and the huntington is no exception. That includes the company’s tournament-quality, proprietary accu-fast cushions, made from the highest grade of rubber treated with chemicals nanoxia project s mini that ensure accurate and consistent play while preventing the rubber nanoxia project s mini from softening over time. There are also large leather shield pockets and thick support nanoxia project s mini columns on every huntington table, completing their elegant yet modern look and guaranteeing a table nanoxia project s mini that will remain in the exact same position and state nanoxia project s mini for years.

We’ve left the best for last, and that’s olhausen’s play surface. The one-inch backed, diamond-honed and matched three-piece slate bed plays fast, plays accurately and plays uniformly. There’s no chance you’ll be left staring at the table and wondering why nanoxia project s mini the shot you never have a problem with veered off nanoxia project s mini a little this time; the huntington is rock-solid, predictable and a pure pleasure to play. You can buy this table as a standard nine-foot model, and also in 7, 8 and 8½ versions; prices will run well north of $3500, but you’ll have to work with an authorized dealer (who will usually offer prices below list).

This is another rock-solid table with a touch of the old-school look but owing more of its design to modern nanoxia project s mini aesthetics, able to blend with almost any style of room. It is made from “select” solid wood (they don’t specify the type of wood used) with either chestnut or espresso finishes available, hardwood rails and distinctive, thick square legs. Some of the materials do come from overseas, but assembly is done in america and the construction is nanoxia project s mini impressive with details like galvanized steel leg plates, dovetail joinery connecting the frame and high performance plates attaching nanoxia project s mini the rails to the slate.

Speaking of the slate, it is diamond-honed, precision-machined one-inch cured slate which has been double-checked for flatness four times during machining and curing to nanoxia project s mini ensure reliable and accurate play. The bridgeport has drop pockets which match the look of nanoxia project s mini the table, many choices of championship-level felt, and the same acclaimed superspeed cushions brunswick that has been nanoxia project s mini using for more than seventy years which provide accurate rebounds nanoxia project s mini and an extremely consistent rail. The extra touches include mother-of-pearl rail sights and optional accessory drawers built into both nanoxia project s mini sides of the table.