Top 10 Most Expensive Robots in the world News Learning anoxia tisular

Welcome to the world’s 10 most expensive robots, we will tell you today and you probably will not know about the robots. Friends, i tell you, the hypoxic brain damage prognosis billionaire people also use robots in the world. Robots do everything like a human who can do the human. Due to the increasing technology, there are such engineers in the world that have created robots with very expensive and more advantages futures and the popularity of the robots is increasing day by day. Everyone wants to shock that what is anoxic encephalopathy the robots are at their home and the robots used to work are the richest people in the world who use robots at home.

Those robots the price of how expensive that you can not imagine them robots to buy a little doesn’t matter if you have robots buy take your work robots only will you a multi-task not have to robots every he can work anxiety disorder nhs which you want robots to technology companies like i used and such abroad i also used.

So let’s know about the world’s 10 most expensive robots. 10. Robo thespian humanoid robot

This robot is a that is used mostly in the hospital because this robot is used to repair the patients and for some important things in the hospital, the cost of these robot is very much but very anxiété définition psychologie workable. This robot is used to cure many diseases and this robot is very popular in the hospital. This robot is used in a hospital abroad and used in a large hospital, as much praise as this robot. The robot is made by the best engineer of the world. 08. ICUB

Due to the increasing technology, this world has launched such robot that can be done with this robot. This robot do everything he can do, like a man who wants to get this robot working. Buy this anoxia cerebral robot. There will be a lot of money to spend because the cost of this robot is very expensive and this robot is considered the world’s eighth nanoxia ncore retro keyboard most expensive robot. 07. PR2 robot system

The robot is used in the entirety of this technology. The robot name is PR2 robot system. This robot has been made in the US. This robot can do all his work just like a man. The specialty of these robot is that you can talk to this robot. That robot from your language are used as a man. This robot can explain everything you want, and this robot is your own. Can also use at home illness anxiety disorder icd 10. And the cost of this robot is 280,000 US dollars. 06. HRP-4 price:- $300,000

The name of this robot is hubo ll and this robot is worth $400,000 US dollars. This robot also looks like a man to see and this robot is a very robot of work hypoxic brain injury treatment in india. This robot has taken 15 years to build this robot in the industry. This robot can do the same things as the man you want to do, and keeping this robot makes it easy for you to do your work and it happens too soon and keeping this robot a worry for your actions. It also does not keep this robot in your house, the demand for your home increases even more. 04. Kuratas

The name of this robot is atlas and the cost of this robot is $ 2 million which is very expensive anxiety attack meaning in arabic. This robot was created by the american company and the latest version of this robot was launched in 2016, the size of this robot looks like a man. This robot has many specialties because this robot has been designed by america’s best engineer and this robot has been made very beautiful or robot stunts, and this robot can do every human’s work brain is exactly like a man and this robot brain works very well. 02. Valkyrie

The name anoxia cerebral en el parto of this robot is valkyrie and the cost of this robot is $2 million US dollars, this robot is the second most expensive robot in the world, and you also need your status with social anxiety assessment pdf money to buy this robot price is so expensive that you can buy many of your own from that price. This robot is also a man made like a machine similar to that of a man, this robot work is very fast and good. 01. Asimo

The name of this robot is asimo and the cost of this robot is $2.5 million US dollars, it’s the most expensive robot in the world and looks like a man. I made the same shape as man or robot machine is very intelligent. This robot anoxia adalah has many futures. This robot can be used as a man and this robot can be used as a world in the most expensive robot built.