The storm of mental health two for joy director tom beard interviewed gigwise gigwise anxiety attack treatment home remedies

Set in a british satellite town and on the dorset coast, sadie frost’s blonde to black production two for joy is centred around mother aisha’s (samantha morton) struggle with mental health following the loss of her husband. Hypoxic anoxic brain injury wiki the children deal with it differently: teenage daughter vi (emilia jones) becomes a young carer; her adolescent son troy (badger skelton) manifests his anxiety by mixing the wrong crowd and gets involved in an armed robbery, though he’s sensitive soul at heart. It shines through thanks to the filmmaker’s ability to mix frames of tenderness with trouble to give complexity to the characters.

The child’s police questioning becomes a subplot when vi’s encouragement to visit the seaside to escape and attempt to get things on track goes ahead.

Here, the family befriend the holiday park caretaker lias, (daniel mays), his heavy-drinking sister lilah (billie piper) and her daughter miranda (bella ramsey). Troy’s feral behaviour starts to become more concerning when he clubs together with miranda who’s taken on a tough love attitude towards him, inherited by her absent, physically abusive father, who is too responsible for lilah’s suffering.

Though not everything is personal – he hasn’t lost a parent or a partner – the director, in highly sensitive, compassionate style portrays the issues facing his characters so you feel like the fourth member in aisha’s family. Gigwise suggests that to have achieved this, he must have run himself ragged through all sorts of traumas he’d never even been through in order to create:

"That’s probably quite true,“ says the director. “I’ve been through periods in my life where I would be creating hypothetical situations that would be completely unreal and they would become my real existence because you have that much anxiety and panic around them. I am a very anxious person who suffers from bi-polar. Causes of hypoxia at birth I have had to do a lot of work on myself through this process of shooting to get to a place where I can be present. You can’t write if you’re in the past. The world becomes a terrifying place if you think in the past and future. There’s something I noticed that was quite strange is that all the characters except troy – aisha, vi, lillah, miranda, lias have all got ‘I’ in the name. Something I didn’t realise I was doing through naming them all.”

Not all the issues in the beautiful and harrowing drama, however, are brought up by purging his worst fears. He was aware that sensitive portrayal occasionally involves dialogue with those affected. Tom beard made the decision to take a deep dive into the world of young carers by attending a drama group called the big house where most members of the group were young people who had been through the care system, teenagers who were at a high risk of social exclusion.

“what you hear more generally their parents couldn’t look after them, their parents couldn’t cope. But you kind of forget the idea that actually their parents have suffered from a mental illness and the kids are trying to look after them. Subsequently, not only have they had the stress of trying to look after their parents, then the services get involved and say they’re not good enough at looking after their parents. Anxiety meaning in urdu they’ve failed at it.”

Similarly to beard’s ability to draw on social issues in a way that’s seldom addressed; visually the film’s never veering on cliché: there’s a hazy, surreal, aesthetic used through many of the frames. Arguably, this conveys the lack of clarity experienced during times of mental distress. Anoxia perinatal the cold palette also compliments the faded glamour of the british seaside resort most of it is shot on and combine with and the beautiful minimalism of the soundtrack, co-produced with rodaigh mcdonald (sampha, the xx) .

Other references gigwise discuss with beard is his love of renowned british playwright sarah kane. “she suffered from severe depression, she killed herself in the 90s. She did shock theatre. Incredible monologues and kind of the writing is just insane. It’s really brutal beautiful. It’s pure emotion. Anxiety disorder icd 10 criteria I think stuff like that inspires you to just write and don’t stop writing. It doesn’t matter what you write.”

Unlocking his own natural storytelling flair through the unrepressed beauty in kane’s, beard spent three years writing and directing two for joy. He would be on night buses across london, scribbling relentlessly on what he calls “manic bursts” and “not a necessarily sane process”. Nevertheless, the commitment and drive in executing this film has paid off as it’s touched so many people.

His london premiere was attended by jarvis cocker, who is always a good litmus test for quality film and music. Of his attendance, beard says it’s his mate baxter dury’s friend (beard shot the happy soup and latest baxter dury album covers) and he was pleased that he came because he’s a big fan of cocker’s. Beard is no stranger in pop/rock circles. Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy in adults he was at school with jamie T, larrikin love, and is close friends with florence of florence and the machine, who he has shot music videos for. Beard learned his craft for filmmaking by shooting early jamie T gigs, but insists it was never a commercial adventure for him and his roots as a filmmaker were starting back then. He describes photos of early jamie T tours as very much reportage, very observational, much about the journey of being on the road.

Asked how jamie T inspired him, the director tells gigwise that it was on these tours as a photographer that he honed his ability to recognise and portray vulnerability in who he was shooting: “one day you’ll see my photos. I will do something with the photos of those early tours and you’ll see how I began to pick up on the vulnerability of people on camera; you’ll begin to see my eye and approach of observations of people.”

Has being immersed around musicians helped this express his own voice, given the harrowing subject matter tied to his own experience? "I am beginning to notice this trend of people being able to express themselves through whatever medium. Social media is so strangling and people are tied to these fake personas of themselves, where the real them is the broken person." beard counts florence welch among these people who’ve succeeded in expressing their purest, most honest representation of themselves with their latest work, and tells us, "florence wrote everything she was feeling on her latest album." here, he implies a parallel with his own cathartic film. As mentioned he put ‘I’ in nearly every character, and as we wrap up the interview he tells us: "I create stuff because I need to create stuff." the director speaks with the sincerity that many great songwriters we’ve met who never compromise their vision speak.

However, it was never truly in question that he would be anything but sincere. Do anxiety attacks cause chest pain finding out it is indeed beard imbued in the characters in the film after we speak about it in this interview only serves to affirm our suspicions. There’s something completely enveloping in this cinematic experience that makes it feel it can’t have come from anything but the most impassioned place in someone’s heart. That he’s made something that’s an effective means for people to gain compassionate insight to subjects the may not otherwise understand, or if they’re harbouring similar mental illness – and may feel encouraged to speak out – is completely brilliant on top of that. The courage it takes to bring out a film that can change the discourse surrounding young carers and contribute to this most pressing issue of mental health is a truly admirable step for a first time director. An essential new voice – with a tasteful ear for immersive existentialist aesthetic and ear for minimalist soundtrack, let’s not forget – is born; and will likely be remembered for years to come.