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It’s been a week since lou, the co-editor of this blog and reflex anoxic seizures symptoms a friend and mentor to so many, colleagues and students alike, passed away. I haven’t posted on the blog since then out of respect for lou’s memory and because I was waiting to find the right words to express what lou meant to the people who knew him. But after a week I’m still at a loss to adequately describe his contributions. Instead, let me elaborate a bit on my earlier post while sharing some observations and anecdotes that speak to the kind of person lou was and the many ways he helped others.

The first thought that comes to mind when I think about lou is that he was one of the most authentic, genuine people I’ve ever met.

I recently had the good fortune to spend a year as a visiting professor at the united states air force academy in colorado springs (where, ironically enough, one of lou’s former villanova students was a JAG officer and professor in the anoxic brain damage recovery stories law department) and the air force officers I met there, who I greatly admired, reminded me a lot of lou. What they all have in common is their humility, putting service above self, trustworthiness, loyalty and honor. Lou didn’t have much of a social media presence, and he wasn’t one to tout his own accomplishments so many readers might not realize how much he devoted himself to the service of others. From organizing writing workshops that helped colleagues with their scholarship, to taking leadership positions in AALS, LWI and similar groups, to serving as EIC of the journal of LWI and on the editorial board of perspectives, lou was the kind of guy that if he saw an opportunity to contribute to the profession, he was the first to raise his hand to volunteer. On an individual level, if you needed personal or career advice, he would always lend a patient ear and offer his sage wisdom anoxic brain injury recovery. And he continued to serve others well into the latter phase of his career when most people are either slowing down or withdrawing altogether from such activities. Lou continued to serve others even when dealing with very serious health issues that for anyone else would have been good reason to dial it back. But lou was always a work-horse and never a show-horse.

When lou made a commitment to something, he meant it and kept his word. Take this blog, for example. When lou agreed to help me start it in 2010, he was committing to blogging nearly every day for more than 8 years. Think about how many other blogs and bloggers have come and gone in that time. I’d like to think lou continued to blog all these years, even in sickness, because he enjoyed it or found it satisfying, but I also know that he did it because he was a man of his word who honored his commitments. Related to that, lou was a man of great integrity anoxia meaning in hindi as evidenced by his decision to resign from an editorial board in protest over the mistreatment of a colleague.

For all these reasons (and more), many years ago I nominated lou for the blackwell award which is given to the legal writing prof who makes an outstanding contribution to the discipline. By the time I’d nominated lou for the award, I’d known him for more than ten years. During that time, I’d heard some colleagues pronounce his last name “sear-ah-coh,” though I had always pronounced it “sur-ree-coh,” like the famous watergate judge. Since lou never corrected me, I assumed I had it right. But during the blackwell speech I gave on lou’s behalf at AALS that year, I asked lou from across the room anxiété définition simple “have I been pronouncing your name wrong all these years?” lou sheepishly nodded “yes.” I later realized that lou would rather endure the mangling of his last name than possibly embarrass someone by correcting them. In other words, another example of lou putting the feelings of others ahead of his own.

When my mother passed away about a year or two after that, I was about to take over as EIC of J. Legal writing, a job that lou had also previously done. Lou was the first person I called for advice because I was thinking about quitting. Lou counselled me not to make any hasty decisions about important life choices like jobs, relationships, etc. Following a traumatic event like the death of a parent. Instead, he told me to wait at least a year to put some distance between my mother’s death and any decision hypoxic brain injury pathophysiology about the EIC job. During our last phone call several weeks ago, I reminded lou of that conversation – which he remembered well – and how I’d been able to pay it forward to others in the intervening years. Yet another example of lou’s continued service. And during our last phone call, I got emotional when lou said he likely had less than a year due to the cancer diagnosis. Lou reassured me that he’d made peace with his situation and in so doing was clearly trying to protect my feelings a bit too.

Tom brokaw called the generation that fought in world war II the “greatest generation” because of their dedication to service above self, being committed to a cause larger than oneself and their collective strength of character. Lou was born too late to be part of the “greatest generation” in terms of demographics. But in terms of ethos and the way he lived his life, that’s exactly who he was and why we won’t see the likes of lou sirico again.

Are you an e-filing superstar or novice? Regardless of your court jurisdiction, smokeball has provided tips that cross jurisdictional lines. These are more common-sense suggestions rather than tips specific to a particular court, and worth your time. Smokeball includes a commercial for its product. Even if smokeball is not your cup of tea, the underlying premise is a good anoxic one. -CCE

As you list your primary email address on your appearance, don’t use your personal email address as your primary address. Create a separate email address for e-filing hypoxic anoxic brain injury wiki to help you stay organized. A dedicated email address for e-filing will ensure that all notices are sent to one central address. This allows other members of your firm to access emails and look for notices from the courts specifically for your cases. Also, when you are out of the office, others can cover and look out for any actions taken on cases.

Everyday you receive junk or spam mail that clogs up your mailbox. Because of the countless number of junk mail we receive each day, our mail servers have filters that uses a set of protocols to determine what is junk and what are legitimate emails. However, there are times that legitimate emails are caught by an aggressive filter. For attorneys, that could potentially be an e-filling.

A whitelist is a list of email addresses or domain names that you provide that allows your anxiety attack symptoms list junk mail or spam filter will allow through into your inbox. I recommend that you put the domain names of the courts and clerk’s offices on your whitelist. Also, enter opposing counsels and key clients on the whitelist to ensure that emails are not blocked. It’s important to keep your whitelist updated as people and organizations change email addresses or domain names.

It’s easy to rely on emails and notifications for new events on your cases, but don’t rely on emails to stay on top of your cases. It’s still a best practice to check the court’s docket online to ensure that no new action or orders were entered. There may be instances where emails were blocked, sent to the wrong address, or other technical glitches causing you to not receive a notice. Create a protocol what is anoxia in chemistry to check the court’s online docket every 2 to 3 weeks on all your active cases.

Supreme court rule 9(d) provides that you have until midnight to electronically file a document and still have it considered as filed that same day. However, don’t wait till the last minute to file a document. E-filing is a new process and there may be technical issues that you will encounter at the last minute. You may lose your internet connection, lose power, have computer issues, etc., which can cause you to miss your deadline.

In the legal profession, multi-tasking is considered a required skill for attorneys and staff alike. Depending on the project, there are times when I want – or need – a chunk of uninterrupted time to perform that particular task. At other times, I can easily juggle several things at once. It depends on the task and how many distractions are competing for my attention.

One of the most important aspects of being an effective learner is attention focusing. Short-term memory has only about 4 to 7 slots, and an effective learner focuses her attention on the task at hand. Chris bailey has just published a self-help book on attention focusing for a popular audience: hyperfocus: how to be more productive in a world of distraction (2018).

‘hyperfocus’ teaches readers to control their limited capacity to focus on and process anoxic brain injury mayo clinic things in the moment, which he calls our ‘attentional space.’ it turns out our brain’s scratchpad is pretty small and can only hold a handful of tasks at a time. When one of those tasks is complex — like putting together a business proposal or taking care of a toddler — that number dwindles down to one or two.

Normally, an insurance company has no duty to defend a contractor under a construction general liability (“CGL”) policy against breach-of-contract and negligence allegations anoxic brain damage after cardiac arrest. Not this time. This time, in the western district of texas, the insureds won against the insurance company. The court held the breach of contract exclusion did not apply because the contractor’s subcontractor, not the contractor, could be responsible for a construction defect.

At the beginning of 2017, a contractor employee saw cracks beginning the pool and parking lot after completion of the pool and most of the sports complex. The contractor put the pool subcontractor on notice to fix the cracks. About three months later, a contractor employee noticed the cracks were worse anxiety attack meaning in urdu. The contractor and the pool subcontractor were unable to agree on how to fix the pool. By the end of the year, more cracks and other defects had appeared. The city, contractor, and subcontractors could not agree on how to solve these problems.

The city sued the contractor for breach of contract and negligence. The contractor notified its insurance company and, relying on its CGL policy, asked its insurance company to defend it against the city’s lawsuit. The insurance company refused. It sued the contractor requesting a judgment declaring that it had no duty to defend the contractor in the lawsuit filed by the city based on the CGL exclusion clause.

The insurance company relied on language in its policy that specifically denied coverage to the contractor for property damage caused by the contractor. In it its lawsuit against the contractor, the city had specifically alleged that work performed by the contractor and its subcontractors was defective. The insurance policy’s exclusion did not apply to work performed by a subcontractor. The court held that, because the city’s allegations included the possibility that hypoxic brain injury following cardiac arrest subcontractor alone had created the defects at issue in the city’s lawsuit, the insurance company had a duty to defend the contractor.

“in this class action lawsuit, drivers for oakhurst dairy sued the company over its failure to grant them overtime pay. According to maine law, workers are entitled to 1.5 times their normal pay for any hours worked over 40 per week. However, there are exemptions to this rule. Specifically, companies don’t need to pay overtime for the following activities:

The employer argued the employees did not qualify for overtime because “packing for shipment” and “distribution” were two different things. The employees argued that, without the comma before the “or,” they should be paid for both. The court agreed with the employees. The language determining overtime pay was ambiguous because of the missing comma.

Specifically, if that exemption used a serial comma to mark off the last of the activities that it lists, then the exemption would clearly encompass an activity that the drivers perform. And, in that event, the drivers would plainly fall within the exemption and thus outside the overtime law’s protection. But, as it happens, there is no serial comma to be found in the exemption’s list of activities, thus leading to this anoxic brain injury nursing care plan dispute over whether the drivers fall within the exemption from the overtime law or not.”