The Perils of Discontinuing Your Meds Epilepsy Talk anoxic brain injury pathophysiology

For 40 years, I was taking the AED’s as it all started at 7 months old. When I was 10 days away for being seizure free for 2 years, I had a GRAND MAL seizure from the toxic food chemicals of CARAGEENAN hypoxic brain injury recovery stories, & a few more toxic MSG’s that were in 3 halves of CREAM PUFFS which surely was no full course meal. I had an empty stomach at the time where this happened at COSTCO, & was going to eat later at a GOLDEN CORRAL across the road. I knew what postanoxic encephalopathy definition foods in the past had harmed me, but I was believing that god was in the making of healing me on the time span where I was 10 days away from 2 years being seizure free, that NOTHING was going to start up another GRAND MAL seizure. Well what did I know ?

As I had the worst ever GRAND MAL in my life all from the toxic food chemicals in only anoxic brain damage prognosis 4 ounces of FAKE & TOXIC FOOD. That was over 6 years ago as a CONCUSSION happened from that & my seizure condition has never been the same, and at that time I was just 2 weeks off all drugs. Those days being off the drugs, & believing my life was changing to be the best & getting better, made me humbled even what can anxiety attacks do to you more than I ever was in my life. Now today I am more sensitive than ever where MSG’s & other food toxins are a 100% DANGER that a GRAND MAL will happen sooner than later as it does not matter if I only take 100MGS a day or 5000 or more MGS a day, as the seizure will happen no matter what IF the toxic food & drug chemicals keeps invading the anoxia meaning in hindi brain & the BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER. Surely on that day I suffered TBI, but they never claim I had it, & have never been treated for it. Again,, I WONDER WHY ? Maybe if I had the TBI treated & cured by now, I would not have had many seizures in the last 6 years from my concussion, but I have to have them, to keep the neurologists & BIG PHARMA cash machine running smoothly.

After two years of undiagnosed partial or focal seizures, my one cerebral anoxia symptoms and only noctunal TC occurred at age 62. No real reason for either was ever found. With a one hour EEG, my neurologist said I had a 30% chance of having another seizure if I was not medicated. He felt if I were to try going off my meds, I should try it while I was not allowed to drive for a year. After eight months, a 24 hour EEG was done with results indicating I had a 65% chance of having a seizure if I discontinued my keppra. There was no chance I would even think of stopping hypoxic anoxic brain injury wiki my medication.

I was fortunate enough to have had the TC while asleep in bed. My only injury was a bitten tongue. However, my husband and son had to endure witnessing the seizure and then the 15 minute post ictal period, thinking I was gone or evr going to wake up. There is no way I would ever want them to experience that again. Additionally, the thought of a seizure anoxemia happening anyplace other than my bed is just too frightening. I can’t even imagine the terrible injuries that could result while standing or driving.

I think unfortunately we all want to eventually get off our meds because no matter which one you’re on there are side effects…I personally am afraid of them causing dementia or alzheimer’s….And I don’t ever want to be a burden to my family…at the same time I don hypoxic brain injury pathophysiology’t want another seizure because that does damage too…so you have to weigh the good with the bad and make your own decision…I just wish the stigma would go away just told hypoxic encephalopathy radiology my family and they react like it’s a death sentence….Sick of explaining how common this disease is…the general public needs more education…and more dollars need to be spent on research…unfortunately people feel so bad for people with cancer or diabetes or any disease but when it comes to a brain disease you’re not right… I’ve lived with this stigma all my life…beforei had seizures I had OCD depression and addiction…but the only person that knows that is my husband… I feel like can’t talk to anyone about it…and dammit it’s not fair…all the anxiety attack meaning in urdu sympathy goes to physical illness…not that I’m looking for that …just hoping someday it will change…and I think it’s starting to…