The Cunningham Family Week 3 Around Here {2019} hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy icd 10

Putting… Hardwood flooring down in our house definicion de anorexia y bulimia wikipedia. (it’s actually composite click-lock flooring that looks like hard wood but is waterproof/kid proof. It’s amazing!) josh and his brother samuel worked their tails off this weekend moving furniture and laying flooring, getting our room, the boys’ room and carly’s room finished, as well as half of the hallway.

Experiencing… Some physical anxiety in the early parts hypoxic brain injury cardiac arrest of this week. I think some of it was due to the chaos in our house with all the renovating, but a lot of it was due to anticipating wyatt’s tonsil and adenoid removal friday. None of our kids have ever had surgery, and with wyatt’s asthma, I was really nervous about him being put under. Because of that, I made sure I worked out every day this week, and it made a huge diffuse anoxic brain injury mri impact.

Putting… Stickers on the calendar in the kitchen every day that I exercised this week. I remember from when I read better than before by gretchen rubin, that keeping track is often the best way to make a habit stick. Plus I am like a kindergartner and love the positive feedback that little sticker gives me every time I get to put it on the calendar. Hah!

When I finished listening to troublemaker, I started listening to the rainbow comes & goes, which is written by gloria vanderbilt and anderson cooper (and is read by them as well) and is really interesting to listen to. I love memoirs and severe diffuse axonal brain injury have found that I only like listening to audio books if they are thrillers or memoirs. So I am sticking to those genres this year, and reading books off my shelf the rest of the time anxiety self assessment pdf.

Geeking… Out that katherine center, the author of how to walk away, commented on my instagram post about how I didn’t want to clean my house, I wanted to lay on the couch instead and read her book. I love how social media can connect us with people we would normally NEVER have contact with. I think she is the third author to comment on my instagram account, and it never fails to give me heart palpitations. #booknerdforever

Kon mari’ing… The office & the boys’ toys as I continue through the house in order to stay sane leading up to wyatt’s surgery at the end of this week. The office was challenging, but really phobic anxiety disorder icd 10 rewarding. It feels so good to walk test anxiety definition psychology in there now and know that all the craft items I kept are things I really love and will use, and to know where everything is.

Crying… As we left the orthodontist office this week, as our orthodontist is the most amazing guy, and he is determined to help fix my kids’ teeth, whatever the cost. Putting the twins in braces will be expensive (as you can imagine hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy nursing care plan) and they have some pretty severe issues, so when we were discussing the finances, he said that whatever needs to happen, he can help us out, he wants to help us out. He said that after all we have been through with logan and his seizures in the last year, we could really use a win.

Thankful… For friends who brighten my week. Hanging with my girl shana on wednesdays is a definite bright spot in my week, and my friend jen watched carly for me thursday so I could go to the dentist, and getting to visit with her at drop off and pick up put a huge smile on my face as well. I love how every week god shows me why he moved me here generalized anxiety disorder dsm 5 criteria, and that I belong here, in this village.

Thankfully, as the anesthesia wore off, he was able to fall asleep and his oxygen would drop off only into the 80’s. By the time we were home and he was getting ready for bed hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy nursing diagnosis, 9 hours later, he fell asleep and his oxygen didn’t drop at all. I cannot tell you what a relief that was to me. (and how grateful I was to have the oxygen meter I ordered last fall to better anoxic encephalopathy prognosis monitor his asthma!)

On parenting… I read the following quote this week, after the terrible parenting week I had last week (where I was left feeling like a total failure on all accounts) and I like the idea that our mistakes are just ways to learn how to do better next time. Maybe if I can remember this gentle advice from brene, I will be less hard on myself.