The 10 ebike upgrades you need to make! and 3 of them anoxic zone wastewater are free!

While you’re throwing your innertubes away it might also be a anoxic zone wastewater good time to look at the tires you’re running. Are they in need of replacement? Are they heavy? Are they even the best tire choice for your riding anoxic zone wastewater conditions and trails? Bike manufacturers tend to save a little money by fitting anoxic zone wastewater lower quality, OEM tires to ebikes, so it might be worth upgrading to an aftermarket tire anoxic zone wastewater with a different compound or even a different pattern all anoxic zone wastewater together to suit where you ride.

Grips are often overlooked, but they’re a vital part of you ebike cockpit and if anoxic zone wastewater you don’t get along with your stock grips you’re not going to be comfortable on a ride. The best thing about upgrading your grips is that it’s affordable, you instantly feel the benefit and they will also brighten anoxic zone wastewater up your bike too. As grips are a personal choice it’s worth heading to your local store and copping a anoxic zone wastewater feel of a few different pairs to see what you anoxic zone wastewater prefer.

Chances are your ebike already came with a dropper post, but there are still a few models that don’t. A dropper post is one of those components that you anoxic zone wastewater didn’t realize you needed until you start using one and anoxic zone wastewater try to remember what it was like riding without. Choosing a dropper post for your ebike should be straight anoxic zone wastewater forward. Check the diameter or your current seat post, decide on your length and choose the amount of drop anoxic zone wastewater you want. If you have an early ebike you may also need anoxic zone wastewater to source a dropper with external cable routing, most new emtbs have stealth or internal routing. Switch to composite pedals. Composite pedals offer the grip as alloy but weigh less anoxic zone wastewater and are cheaper.

Pedals are another personal choice and with so many models anoxic zone wastewater on the market, you will be able to find something that you can anoxic zone wastewater live with. If you prefer riding flat pedals we suggest taking a anoxic zone wastewater look at the current range of composite / plastic pedals on sale. Many big brands are offering their most popular pedals in anoxic zone wastewater composite now. Not only are they cheaper and lighter than the alloy anoxic zone wastewater versions, but they also work equally as well, come in more colors and often have the same internals. Run a 29er front wheel. If you can fit one, try a 29er front wheel.

This option might not be possible for you and it’s very important that you carefully check the clearances on anoxic zone wastewater your fork to make sure you can get away with anoxic zone wastewater a larger front wheel. In the past we’ve tested 29er wheels with 2.3in tires on bikes designed for 27.5 plus tires with a plus fork and, although close, the clearances just about work. If you can fit a bigger front wheel on your anoxic zone wastewater bike then you’ll benefit from better front-wheel traction and improved rollover in rocky and rough terrain. For this upgrade, it would be wise to either test fit a 29er anoxic zone wastewater wheel that you already own, or try to borrow one from a mate to try. Upgrade your ebike’s firmware. FREE keep your ebike firmware up to date.

Not all great ebike upgrades have to cost you money anoxic zone wastewater so how about some free options. One free ebike upgrade option is to simply check that anoxic zone wastewater the firmware for your drive system is up to date. Manufacturers will release updates for their motors, batteries or displays from time to time and it’s always worth making sure you have the latest installed. It’s a great free upgrade and it might even improve anoxic zone wastewater power, boost your range or even add features to you ebike anoxic zone wastewater that was missing before. Make your ebike quiet. FREE keep your bike quiet.

Another free and easy ebike upgrade is to make sure anoxic zone wastewater your emtb is running quietly. Check for rattling or loose brakes hoses or gear cables anoxic zone wastewater and zip tie them up to stop them banging around. Check your chain too. Is it hitting the frame and making a noise? Perhaps add some protection here too. Other areas to check on ebikes are the battery mounts, and the battery cover if your ebike has one. Spending a little time making your ebike quieter will make anoxic zone wastewater your bike feel smoother, and faster. Clean, lube and maintain your bike. FREE image credit: mucoff

Ok so this one is obvious and really we should anoxic zone wastewater all be cleaning, maintaining and lubing our ebikes on a regular basis, but we don’t do we? Keeping your bike clean removes excess weight, it also gives you a chance to inspect the condition anoxic zone wastewater of your ebike and see if it needs any work anoxic zone wastewater carrying out. Keeping your chain well lubed will increase the life of anoxic zone wastewater your drive train, make your ebike more efficient and stop it from squeaking anoxic zone wastewater like a mad parrot. A spare battery. An extra battery is worth its weight in gold.

So we’re going to finish on an expensive one because it’s well worth it. As much as you love riding your ebike wouldn’t it be even better if you could ride for anoxic zone wastewater further and not suffer the dreaded ‘range anxiety’? An extra battery, plus a backpack to carry it in will transform your anoxic zone wastewater rides to adventures, and you’ll never have to worry about getting to your ebike anoxic zone wastewater to find a dead battery too.