Last week as you may recall I talked about the strange "dark overlord" 9/11 hacking brain anoxia story making its way around the internet. There is something "gritty" and "oily" about it, and I suggested last week it may be one to watch. Well, quite a number of regular readers of this site were apparently taken by the story as well, and two of them, mr. T.H. And mr. G.B. Sent along the following articles:

Now, before I crawl off the end of the high octane speculation twig once again, let me "revise and extend" my prior remarks, for a number of people kindly offered the view that the PROMIS software (standing for prosecutor’s management information software/system) would now long since be obsolete. Well, that’s probably true, but my points – which I did not articulate very well – were that the connection may be both conceptual and historical. I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, someone familiar with computer and programming technology (ask this website’s technical whizz, daniel! He’ll vouch for that!). But the anxiety meaning in marathi PROMIS software was the brainchild of bill hamilton, president of inslaw, and a former employee of the NSA. As far as I understand the story, the software was developed to allow the department of (in)justice to coordinate and centralize their management of all the regional cases under one centralized system of hypocrisy. (yea, I know… I’m venting my cynicism regarding the DO(I)J). As such, the software was supposedly able to read several different computer languages. It’s that architecture in other words, that grabbed my attention, for presumably, that could be "upgraded" as software and hardware advanced. If nothing else emerged from the inslaw story at the time, it was the flexibility of the software that most impressed people about it. The story of the theft of the PROMIS software by reagan’s DO(I)J is now well-known: the software was stolen, allegedly modified by the CIA with backdoors, then sold (or allowed to be stolen), so that it quickly became the software of choice for several foreign intelligence agencies, including egypt, jordan, iraq, germany, and so on, allowing the american intelligence community easy access into the secret databases of foreign intelligence services. Its flexibility was such that it could also be used to track financial flows, weapons flows, (and possibly human trafficking flows) and so on, and there was some speculation at the time that it became the software of choice for banks, and government financial monitoring agencies such as FINCEN. And as I argued in my 9/11 book, there is even the mental anxiety meaning in english possibility that the software was "allowed to be stolen" by the USSR, and may have been involved in the colossal explosion of a soviet gas pipeline, all as part of the famous case of "farewell" a deeply placed mole inside the KGB anxiety attack meaning in tamil’s technical directorate being run by french intelligence, a little piece of "information" that was shared by then french president francois mitterand with american president reagan.

Now, in case you haven’t been following the PROMIS-inslaw story, a number of investigations were conducted which served the purpose of most federal investigations, i.E., a coverup was ensued, in the form of an official investigation(think warren report, ken starr, mueller, &c), to protect the theft of the software from inslaw. One of the people involved in the process of those investigations was recent trump attorney general nominee and bushie william barr, who appointed nicholas bua to be a special counsel to oversee an investigation, which of course reported that there was no substantiation to inslaw’s allegation that its software had been stolen. It is the sudden resurfacing of barr at the time that a new hacking story emerges anoxic brain injury symptoms – one involving 9/11 – that makes one go "hmmm", for as most readers of this website are aware, a number of suspicious financial dealings and trades were executed prior to and during 9/11, trades which that type of "multi-lingual" software may have been instrumental in carrying out and then covering up. Additionally, there is that story about deutsche bank computers being taken over for a few seconds by something "outside" and a number of trades being made.

In other words and to put it country simple, I’ve long suspected that there is some sort of "deep story" here, connecting 9/11, its financial shenanigans, and PROMIS (in some "updated" version). Which brings us to the dark overlord hacks. One of the little details that emerged during the whole INSLAW scandal was that the software had undergone several modifications after its anoxie cérébrale définition theft, some carried out by private corporations on indian reservations at the behest of the intelligence "community". Digging deeper ( really deeper), allegations even surfaced that an inslaw programmer had installed his own private and personal back door before this whole process had even begun! Let that sink in for a moment. It means that, if all those stories are true, then (1) a "multi-lingual" software platform was created that could read and translate from any computer language, (2) it was then stolen by the USA, and widely disseminated throughout the world’s intelligence and financial "community" after a number of modifications with back doors were made to it, and (3) in addition to those back doors, there were private and personal backdoors potentially added by any number of programmers themselves who worked on it each step of the way. That’s a useful thing to have around, especially when nanoxia ncore retro aluminium you’re taking all the financial ledgers "secret" (see catherine austin fitt’s year-end wrap up, available at solari.Com).

In essence it boils down to a system where non-state actors or "extra-territorial ‘states’" could gain access. Recall in this respect the chinese hacking and spy in new mexico, who allegedly rode into classified US systems using – you guessed it – one of the PROMIS backdoors. In short, the are two tiers of access – one official and "american", and one much deeper, "unofficial" and representing something much different, much like my hypothesis that 9/11 was a three-tiered penetrated operation of level one (the patsies flying the airplanes), level two (the rogue group within the american deep state that planned and pulled it off), and level three, the group penetrating the whole operation and using it for their own purposes, part of which was to &quot gad anxiety test pdf;pin" the second level to a plan of action.

In other words, this group, whoever it is, are very serious players. And much more serious, the whole cyber-world and national security state built upon it, might be infested with cyber-moles and might have more holes in it than a sponge… And barr’s appointment might be yet another attempt at more damage control. And it may just also mean that the "dark overlord" group has some connection to, or is the "public face" of my hypothesized "level three" of 9/11. And it may just also mean that the reason for taking all the financial operations "secret" and "dark" is a defensive measure as much as an offensive one.

“I believe according to the evidence that the central banks are motivated by ideological zealotry with anoxic brain injury survivor stories the core purpose of total global centralization of economic and political power into the hands of a select group of elitists. This agenda is really just a modern ‘reboot’ of feudalism or totalitarianism. They sometimes refer to the plan in public as the ‘new world order’, or the ‘global economic reset’. I often refer to the encompassing ideology as ‘globalism’ for the sake of expediency.

To attain this goal, central bankers must influence mass psychology using traumatic events. Fear opens doors to centralization of power. This is simply a fact of social behavior and history. The more afraid a population is, the more willing they will be to give up freedoms in exchange for safety and security. Therefore, the most effective weapon at the disposal of the globalists and their central banking counterparts is engineered economic crisis – a weapon that can, if allowed, destroy entire civilizations almost as fast as a nuclear war, while still keeping most of the expensive infrastructure intact.

I would liken the fed to a saboteur and a suicide bomber. It was sent here to america with the explicit goal of undermining the U.S. Economy and the U.S. Currency over the period of a century in preparation for a final destructive act which would open anoxic encephalopathy causes the path to global centralization. It was sent here in disguise, to get close to the target, to explode our economy. Its job is to do as much damage as possible, even to the point of sacrificing itself. When the dust settles, other globalist institutions plan to move in to pick up the pieces and offer the desperate citizenry a pre-designed solution.”