Texas deputy put on leave after fatal confrontation what is anoxic encephalopathy

The medical examiner for harris county, texas, has ruled that 24-year-old john hernandez, who died three days after a deputy’s husband allegedly restrained him during a fight outside a denny’s restaurant in houston, died from anoxic encephalopathy because of strangulation with chest compression. Thompson’s wife, the off-duty sheriff’s deputy, is by his side and appears to be helping hold hernandez down. The ruling appears to be, in the opinion of an attorney for hernandez’s family, manslaughter if not a murder. Because it appears the guy has him in a chokehold and he chokes [hernandez], and he chokes him and eventually kills him.

This is what witnesses have been saying all along. It is because the other guy was married with the [deputy], garcia told KTRK.What is anoxic encephalopathy

Hernandez died on may 31st after he was taken off life support at lyndon B. Johnson hospital.

The family is now seeking justice and feels that his death could have been prevented.

According to click2houston, the confrontation took place on may 28 when thompson reportedly arrived to the denny’s with his children and found hernandez outside of the restaurant, allegedly urinating. Officers said the argument escalated to a physical altercation.

The video clearly shows the deputy’s husband on top of hernandez’s back with a strong chokehold around his neck.

The death following the fight, which was captured on cellphone video, has been ruled a homicide, KPRC reported.

The husband would not let go.

The harris county sheriff’s office will seek oversight in the investigation from the department of justice and the texas rangers to make sure there’s another set of independent eyes, the sheriff said.What is anoxic encephalopathy

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The man did not get off of hernandez until he stopped moving.

Eyewitnesses say the deputy did nothing to help and stood by while her husband continued to beat and strangle hernandez.

So far, no charges have been filed and no arrests have been made.

The deputy will remain on active duty while internal affairs investigates her involvement in the incident, the sheriff’s office said.

Meanwhile, the hernandez family is in disbelief, and says the attack happened in front of hernandez’s young daughter.What is anoxic encephalopathy when police came, they initially deemed her husband the victim and took away hernandez’s wife’s cell phone.

The harris county district attorney’s office has pledged to present evidence to a grand jury once the sheriff’s office has completed its investigation.

Our role at this moment is to gather facts, not necessarily determine how we classify per se, gonzales said. But part of [the investigation] is to see what led to that. What was the actual cause?

We can look at the video footage, but ultimately a medical examiner needs to tell us this was the cause of death. Was there another health issue?

A witness who did not want to be identified released an up-close video of the confrontation through his attorney, jack carroll.What is anoxic encephalopathy