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Yes. It has arrived. Big thank you to everyone that submitted questions. Today I am reading on the H&M tour and everything around it for the most part that I can get too before I feel drained of energy basically. Since there is an “energy limit” on how many questions I can do at one time, I will cut this reading up into parts and add on to this topic in the next coming days. Send feedback and requests as always. -Ya girl, TT

• (Tower Rx; Ace of Wands Rx (pulled two significators); Five of Cups Rx; Four of Pentacles; Six of Wands Rx; Three of Wands; HP (clarifiers:Page of Wands Rx/Lovers Rx); Queen of Pentacles Rx (clarifiers:Ten of Pentacles Rx/Judgement); Seven of Cups Rx (clarifiers:Eight of Wands/Empress Rx/Three of Swords); Knight of Pentacles (Harry); Ace of Pentacles;)

I think Harry’s very much aware of the Australian dislike of them (Six of Wands Rx) and is really trying to make that turn around for the two of them (Tower Rx/Three of Wands). anoxia cerebral tratamiento He wants this to go well for him and Meghan and turn around the preconcived notions about them during this tour. He’s nervous about this (Ace of Wands Rx) and already feels like this tour is a lot of commitment (Ace of Wands Rx/Knight of Pentacles). He has buried feelings of regret (Five of Cups Rx) but is going ahead with it anyways (Ace of Pentacles/Knight of Pentacles).

He’s very guarded and closed off during this tour for some reason (HP/Four of Pentacles). He’s trying to be optimistic about the tour but some cloud is hanging over him (HP/Five of Cups Rx). Something undisclosed about this tour, some secrets (Four of Pentacles/HP).

I honestly don’t think Harry wants to do all these engagements and isn’t really looking forward to 4-5 engagements a day with Meghan, since HP is a wife card and QOP came up reversed in 6th postion. There’s a want to look good and be perceived well but not really work for it (Page of Wands Rx/Lovers Rx). He’s worried Meghan might bring some bad publicity by accident in this tour (Page of Wands Rx), kind of like in Ireland with the political statement. I could see Harry/Meghan even taking an extra break or delay from an engagement.

There’s some financial related to this tour for Harry (Ace of Pentacles). He sees this as a fininical opportunity for something and again is worried his wife might mess that up somehow (Queen of Pentacles Rx). Meghan is probably getting controlling over something financial related to this tour and feel like she’s going give the BRF some debt due to her spending on this tour (QOP Rx/10ofPen. Rx). Also shows her asking for money fron Harry a lot for this trip and Harry being stingy with it (Judgement/Four of Pentacles). Some deal was made (Judgment) for them to get some money somehow on this trip (Ten of Pentacles Rx). Could also show the BRF not really being that ecstatic and seeing this as a true testament to how they are as royals.

I do think Harry is very aware of where he is right now. Not rose-colored like in Ireland for example (Seven of Cups Rx). what can anxiety attacks do to you Seven of Cups Rx, showing despite his regret about being booked so much, he made the decision to go. This tour is trying to get them to move on (Eight of Wands/Three of Swords Rx) from the bad press following them from this summer and the wedding and also possibility some negative news comes out while their on tour.

Emotionally I feel like H&M or H&M and the BRF are f’ed-up right now (Ten of Cups Rx/Two of Swords Rx). I think the blinders are starting to come off for Harry (Ten of Cups Rx) and their both starting to get out of that bliss newlywed stage and really into the grit of marriage stuff. How they handle that? Well yall know what I think but it’s up to the universe at this point. Possibility H&M aren’t even really speaking that much right now (Two of Swords Rx), like there both emotionally closed off from each other right now.

I feel like he’s still going to be stuck and undecided on how he feels (Hanged Man Rx/Two of Swords Rx). He feels like he was forced to go on this tour in a way and feels like he just did unnecessary work this whole time and didn’t have the relaxation period he wanted when travelling (Nine of Pentacles Rx). That’s where I think the sense of disappointment come from I think. Also I think this tour puts a lot of stress on them and brings a lot of arguments their way (King of Swords Rx). Harry reacts by becoming not the most pleasant to be around. This could also refer to something happening with Philip since he’s a Gemini.

A tour that once had some optimism and hope involving for PH, goes to dust and turns sour (Knight of Swords Rx). Something legal surrounding these two after this tour (King/Queen of Swords Rx) or some bad arguments/tension as a result of it. I think by the end of this tour Harry is ready to go (Nine of Swords Rx/Seven of Swords Rx/Ace of Swords). He’s ready to give up and leave to go back home to KP. Some major stress surrounding these two as a result and during this tour. Chance some news and/or gossip comes out during the tour or surrounding the tour in general. Also good chance some relief is taken off bc of a pregnancy announcement (Hanged Man Rx/Page of Cups).

• Star; Ace of Wands Rx; Fool Rx; Kn Knight of Wands; Knight of Swords; Six of Wands Rx (clarifiers:Judgement/Sun/Six of Pentacles); Three of Cups Rx (clarifiers:Nine of Cups Rx/Eight of Cups); Moon (clarifiers: Lovers); Five of Cups Rx; Empress (clarifiers:Six of Cups);Ten of Wands Rx;)

Girl is so happy (Star). She literally feels like the Star and is so hopeful and bright about this tour. She’s sort of restless about this tour (Four of Swords Rx/Knight of Swords). She’s not really sure on how she wants to do things and is just going on as the tour goes along (Fool Rx/Ace of Wands Rx) and also feels weighed down by all the work. Bad planning on her part regarding something (Fool Rx). Very impulsive and show-boaty during this tour (Knight of Wands). She likes being able to travel and go somewhere (Knight of Wands/Swords) but she hates the restrictions and being so busy on this tour. She also doesn’t follow through on something (Knight of Wands).

She’s really been pushing for this and really wanted to this to go through previously though (Knight of Swords). Could also be referring to all the travveling she did getting here. She wants this to go as perfect as it can (Knight of Swords) and is really going to try to push the humanitarian/doting duchess thing this tour I feel (Sun/Six of Pentacles). She is going to be very prideful with her engagements and very braggy as per usual (Knight of Wands/Sun/Judgement). I feel like Meghan ends up isolated and unhappy/disapoints her friends (Nine of Cups Rx/Three of Cups Rx) because of her choosing to walk away from the tour somehow/cancel or delay some events (Eight of Cups).

I still think she’s pregnant (Moon/Lovers). If not, very happy about the tour right now (Moon/Lovers). She feels hopeful and sees this tour as a blessing in a way (Five of Cups Rx) I’m guessing for all the bad gossip around her most of the time. Still see her a pregnant (Empress/Six of Cups). what is anoxia in chemistry If not going to have some emphasis on kids this tour (Six of Cups) and there will be some nostaglia factor involved with this tour. Overall she feels like a burdens’s been released by being able to go on this tour and hopes it will work out even though like I said before, workload is bothering her and Harry (Ten of Wands Rx).

I think she will feel pretty content (Sun). She is going to feel like she got what she wanted primarily out of it all (Four of Cups Rx) and enjoyed the new experience this tour was for her. I feel like she still feels like she could do more at this same time as well even though she’s happy for the most part at the end of it all (King of Wands Rx). Could be MA popping up as well somehow. I feel like after this tour she takes a break or rests for a while (Four of Swords/King of Wands Rx/Seven of Pentacles Rx/Hermit Rx). Like taking a back seat with something.

Something has this sense of superiority about her at the end of this (King of Wands Rx/Two of Cups Rx). She feels really powerful because of this tour (Seven of Cups/Hierophant). There also shows some friction between her and Harry as well because of something that happens (Tower/Two of Cups). Something messy/drama around the end of this tour (Knight of Swords Rx). She gets an arrogance to her that Harry doesn’t like or vibe with (Hermit Rx).

She probably spends alot of this tour (Seven of Pentacles Rx) and doesn’t budget well. Shows her being once again unhappy about all the work they are doing constantly. Relationship with Harry is stagnant and imbalances at this moment (Seven of Pentacles Rx). But disregarding that, she’s very happy and living in fantasy land at the end of this (Seven of Cups). Still seeing her going away or going into retreat mode for a bit after this tour (Hermit Rx). “How will the next couple of days go for the tour?”

I think they will be fine (Temperance/World). anoxia medical definition They will be very busy and it will be very noticeable that they are very busy (Two of Pentacles Rx), not the sort of effortless, “no pain no gain”, type of attitude. Possible pregnancy announcement soon that they are anxious about(HP Rx/World/Nine of Wands). There will probably be some opposition to them in the public (Five of Wands/Nine of Wands). Feel like their isolated, not much interaction with many people the next days (Nine of Swords) or anxiety over having to talk to all those people everyday. Their going to be very tired (Four of Cups) and sort of detached because their so tired and feel overburdened. I think they will be alright and find somewhat of a balance during these first couple of days in Australia (Temperance) but I do see them either being late for something, delaying something, or cancelling something in the tour still (Eight of Wands Rx). “Will Jessica Mulroney go?”

I feel like she does go (QOP/Eight of Wands). I feel like the BRF and Harry are discouraging her to go and trying to stop her (Star Rx/Ace of Cups Rx). I feel like they offered her to come as chivalry/being nice and she took it and ran with it (Ten of Pentacles Rx/Knight of Pentacles Rx/Six of Pentacles Rx). I think she’s doing this for monetary gain (QOP/Ace of Pentacles Rx). Six of Cups Rx is a leaving home card, so yeah I think she’s going. She might even dress inappropriately or does something that’s against protocol or rountine for a person associated with a royal to do (Knight of Pentacles Rx/Page of Cups Rx). I think the time she plans on coming just has bad timing around it (Ace of Cups Rx). Thanks so much for reading guys. More parts coming soon. Srry, I was drained after that last question to keep reading. Thanks for all the love. Send feedback and requests as always. -TT