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Today’s TSP Item of the day is Premium Gochujang Hot Pepper Paste. I first discovered Gochujang (pronounced “go che jang”) when I found a TV show called Korean Food Made Simple by a chef named Judy Joo. While I didn’t become a massive fan of the chef or the show it did expose me to some unique ingredients and methods of cooking. Likely the biggest win from this show was finding Gochujang, or simply fermented Korean chili paste.

I went with this brand because most commercial products have corn syrup in them. Traditional Gochujang is made with rice, chilis and fermented soy beans and salt. That is what is in this version, it costs a bit more but it is worth it. nanoxia project s mini Besides while not blow you brains out hot, this stuff is hot and brings a ton of flavor to the party, so a 1.1 pound tub lasts a long time.

So how do you use this stuff, man there are a ton of ways but let me give you one example of how we use it. We make fried Japanese sweet potatoes. anxiety disorder nhs They have purple skin and snow white flesh. They are about half way between a typical potato and a orange sweet potato in taste. We twice fry them, into a wok with peanut oil, fry until almost done, remove and drain, let cool 10 minutes and return to the oil for another few minutes to puff and crisp up.

Next mix the gochujang at a ratio of 1 part gochujang to 3 parts mayo, (commercial is fine home made is better), let it sit for about 10 minutes to bind and blend, then serve the potatoes with this on the side. It is sort of like a suracha may many are familiar with but on a whole new level.

I also made some burgers with this stuff, just a table spoon of this into a pound of venison and feral hog mixed ground, a bit of salt and pepper, bit of dehydrated garlic, table spoon of black bean paste and let sit for about 15 minutes to bind and blend, grill as normal. Of course a bit of that gouchang mayo on it is sublime. We also process fish skin and head on, slit the skin and rub this stuff on the outside and inside of the fish and grill whole on the grill, it is amazing.

So check this stuff out, add it to your pantry and start experimenting. Oh and since it is a fermented paste product it stores very well long term, so it is an awesome pantry staple for preppers. One way or another give Premium Gochujang Hot Pepper Paste a shot and I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Lastly I do want to say I do consider this product fine for people on any sort of low carb diet. reflex anoxic seizures Yes it includes rice syrup and some soy paste, but the amount used is so low relative to the entire meal that I can’t see it effecting blood sugar in any meaningful way. I am also opposed to large amount of soy in the diet, least you become a soy boy, but again the amount used here is tiny and all the ingredients are fermented as well.

I would like to formally welcome Shawn Mills to the Expert council. While Shawn joined up about a month ago I never formally welcomed him on the site until today. Shawn can answer your questions on off grid living, appropriate technology, and homestead automation design. His primary expertise is in solar thermal, solar photo-voltaic, and rainwater catchment systems and COST EFFECTIVE implementation of those systems. Shawn has been an active member in the TSP Community since 2013.

Shawn has worked in and around the power generation industry since 2000 and decided shortly after the Great Recession to build a lifestyle that was more self-sufficient. He has lived on his off grid homestead with his wife and two children since 2012 utilizing solar pv and rainwater catchment systems he designed and installed himself.

In 2017 Shawn started a consultation company to help others demystify solar and other alternative energy systems and implement them in their own lives. His customers have included new construction projects, remote hunting properties, and exiting homes and outbuildings with a variety of installation types. Shawn’s designs are based on customer’s overall goals and a holistic view of energy use AND cost of implementation where sometimes the “appropriate” answer is generator and gasoline rather than newer and more expensive technology. Check out his website at

In the body of your email first tell me the council member your question is for. Second ask your question concisely in one to two sentences maximum. anxiety attack help Third provide any and all details after that. This is the formula to give you the best chance of getting on the air.

Today’s TSP Item of the day is the Felco F-2 Hand Pruners. To me pruners are a tool that you absolutely go with the “buy once cry once”, model. anoxia neonatal definicion I have owned many different ones over the years, from cheap ass stuff, to mid priced stuff like Fiskars and say Corona.

Some were complete crap, some like Fiskars and Corona are damn decent but nothing compares to Felco. I found Felco by asking a few different nurserymen what they used, including Bob Wells and most said Felco. So I bit the bullet and ponied up 48 bucks for a pair. This was hard to do as you can get a decent pruner for 20-30 bucks. In the end though, there is the best and there is the rest.

These cut like a razor and are easy to sharpen, see video below on sharpening options. Personally I use a simple carbide sharpener like this. Note that I linked to the two pack of sharpeners, because it is a dollar more than buying one, and well I can’t understand it but I sure as hell take advantage of it.

And after many seasons if you really wear out that blade, what then? You just pick up a replacement blade and install it and rock on. hypoxic anoxic brain injury anthony Winter is here and the next few months are ideal for pruning. And many of us are doing back yard orchard culture and prune several times a season. So if you want the best hand pruners you can get check out the Felco F-2 Hand Pruners today.

P.S. – Some folks with smaller hands find the F-2 to be a bit large, another option is the F-6 which is the scaled down version, it also has the ability to have the blade replaced and women and smaller handed people may find it more comfortable. You do give up some leverage though, so it won’t cut larger limbs quite as well.

Also if you just can’t bring yourself to spend 50 bucks on this tool, my number two pick would be the Corona 6250 at 28 bucks and my number 3 pick would be the Corona 7100D at about 20. If you want to go under that, just by generics from a box store, expect to be unhappy and expect replace them in one season or less.

P.S.S. – This video shows how to sharpen and clean pruners. I jumped ahead to 1 minute and 9 seconds in because I figure you can work out how to clean dirt off yourself. What I like about this video is he shows how to use several different tools so you can find the one you think works best for you.