Society Says BE STRONG The Beisner Bulletin anxiety attack what to do

Last week, I opened up about my struggle with postpartum anxiety/postpartum depression and what I had to do to try getting back to “normal.” from the moment I hit the “publish” button until now, I have had numerous people reach out to me. Some to share their own stories, some to show solidarity and support, and others to ask questions. I figured this week, I would just dive a little deeper into my story and maybe this will answer a few more questions or give just a little more insight on what exactly is going on.

Many woman reading this will know causes of test anxiety psychology, some wont, and most men do not…but post birth, a woman has a internal wound, injury if you will, in her uterus the size of a large paper plate.

The wound comes from the removal of the placenta. The placenta being the source of nutrients and lifeline for your growing baby. Once the baby is born, the placenta is also delivered as it has served its’ purpose. Leaving behind that large internal wound. As if the pain, suffering, and some wounds were not already left behind from a child exiting a woman’s body through a narrow passage way already. Some women actually tear down there, requiring stitches. There is plenty of TMI that goes into child birth and the way a child exits a woman. But this isn’t a message just for children delivered vaginally. This que es anoxia goes with moms whom have had cesareans also. Not only do they still have the placenta removed, leaving behind a large wound; but their bodies were split open and sewn shut again. These are real cuts and bruises and scars left behind by pregnancy and delivery. Yet, society tells us to BE STRONG.

Most woman in the united states only get six measly weeks to stay at home and recover. SIX. That’s barely time to recover from major surgery when you’re being waited on hand and foot. But hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy nursing diagnosis, to have to care for an infant while trying to recover yourself? SHEESH! Whomever put these laws into motion obviously never has cared for a newborn. Their stomachs are the size of a cherry upon delivery. Growing up to the size of an egg by 30 days. Due to their stomach size, they eat every 2-3 hours. Whether you breastfeed or formula feed is not even a discussion. Regardless of what is best for you and your family; you’re either sticking a boob or a bottle in your baby’s mouth every 2-3 hours. Then you are putting the baby to sleep. Crawling into bed, sleeping for 2 hours, waking up to change the baby, warm up a bottle/undressing partially to feed the baby again, just to repeat the cycle in another 2 hours! Six freaking weeks. By the end of those weeks, most woman are to return to work. These woman are still hurting. They are still recovering. They are still lacking major sleep. And that is if they aren’t having to deal with a colicky baby that screams/cries all day and night long. Yet, society says BE STRONG.

If you are lucky enough to get to stay home with your child instead of go back to work after six weeks; it is still rough. Not only are you functioning on little to no sleep, still feeding your baby religiously every 2-3 hours, tending to their every need, you have no outlets. Most woman don’t leave the house that soon after having their child. These woman are not alone at home because their baby is with them, but they are certainly lonely. It is hard. Your anxiety self assessment pdf husband or partner goes to work. Resentment sets in. You get mad because they don’t understand why it is hard on you. They get to have adult conversations and venture into the world while you are left caring for the baby at home. No adults to see or talk to. Walking to the mailbox to retrieve the daily mail hypoxic brain injury cardiac arrest feels like a vacation. Then comes the stigma of needing to have a cookie cutter, magazine styled house because “you’ve been home all day.” yet, society says BE STRONG.

Mothers are shamed for everything they do. Look right before left at a crosswalk could get you scrutinized. Ridiculous! Why can’t we all just lift each other up, and realize that if we each taught by example that our next generation would be more kind and loving instead of violent and hateful, and the world would be a better place? Easier said than done. Nothing is good enough for someone else. We bicker and argue (thanks a lot social media for making this too easy) regarding all the issues that come up in parenthood. Sally is too crunchy. Debra is too smooth. All I can think of is why are we comparing people to peanut butter. Wait, you have a peanut allergy? Great. Screwed up there. See what I mean? I don’t mean to belittle allergies that are life threatening to some. I just am trying to say that everything is offensive these days. Unfortunately being a mother in today’s society is harder than it needs to be because instead of building a village and raising diffuse anoxic brain injury mri children together; we have begun to build sanctuaries for particular types of people, locking the doors on others. We have made it known that the grass on our side of the fence is greener because we “water it” but we fail to see if the other side needs to borrow a hose. Woman have grown to hate and judge one another instead of loving and lifting one another up. Yet, society says BE STRONG.

Society expects nothing less. Women are supposed to bounce back and recover after delivery. It doesn’t matter how scarred you are or how injured you were. You have to BE STRONG. Woman are supposed to be able to do it all at just six weeks test anxiety definition psychology postpartum. Go to work/stay home and care for a newborn twenty-four/seven. Figure it out quickly because six weeks goes by fast. BE STRONG. Staying at home is a lonely job. Make sure you are keeping the house in perfect condition since staying home is such a luxury. BE STRONG. We are supposed to navigate motherhood with little to no help because woman of today do not lean on each other like they used to. BE STRONG. And of course, no woman wants to admit that she is weak. No woman wants to give in and say “I need help”, especially when society says to BE STRONG. This is why I suffer and many like me suffer with PPA/PPD. Because society and those around us expected too much from us. They expected us to just be okay, to figure it out, to do it all, to BE STRONG. But we couldn’t be. We couldn’t do it all. We are struggling. We are barely holding on. Yet, society says BE STRONG.

Does PPA/PPD affect every woman? No. Will it affect you? Maybe. Maybe not. It didn’t even affect me until after I had my third child. I just refused to believe that I had an issues. I stomached my way through. Not until I had my forth child, did my doctor push me into admitting that I needed the help. And by pushed, I don’t mean he forced me into something. He just had the hard conversation with me that allowed me to truly admit to myself that something wasn’t right. Giving me insight that let me know that this is what I had been dealing with long before baby number four arrived. I should have gotten help sooner than I did. — if you need the social anxiety disorder dsm 5 code help, I pray you do not hesitate. You are not alone. If you don’t feel comfortable reaching out to those around you, reach out to me. We can help each other. Let’s get you on the path of good health and happiness, so that when society says BE STRONG, you can tell society that you’re busy getting STRONGER!