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SKK Combat Stalkers spawns small groups of hostiles at totally random points with no fixed locations around you, configurable lockouts for settlements and interiors. This avoids the inconvenience of being attacked when you are building, in dialogue, sleeping, or already in combat. Configurable notifications let you know stalkers are active if you do start any of those activities.

TO BE CLEAR Fallout 4 is mostly a passive world in which you wander around to find hostiles and initiate engagements. hypoxic anoxic brain injury causes With this mod THE HOSTILES HUNT AND ENGAGE YOU . If you do not enjoy that incipient fear and uncertainty, you can enable hostile map markers for comfort and assurance.

Spawn difficulty and numbers are balanced to be survivable starting with a fresh new player at vault 111 exit in survival (try SKK Fast Start new game) and will scale with level.

At 100% player difficulty in survival, you should be able to manage 3 hostiles with care. If you want the vanity volumes and are not playing OP, reduce the difficulty.

By default spawns don’t pop until both the timer dings and the player moves between two locations that are not interiors or marked as settlements (options to change). anoxic seizures in infants The spawn location is totally random and dynamic, it doesn’t use any external fixed points for surprise, unlike rocking up to the same old fixed markers and encounter zones for the thousandth time.

A Spawn Patrol can be generated alone or with Stalkers. Whilst stalkers are drawn to the player, the patrol provides hostile area cover around the player for the traditional engage or avoid options. When you leave the patrol area they don’t follow, but disband for the next spawn.

(Version 020) Vertibird hostile overwatch will join if enabled, the player difficulty adjusted level is above 10 and a vertibird capable faction ground force spawns. The vertibird team is health levelled and hardened to the player. anoxic encephalopathy causes Once all ground forces are killed or unloaded, if it is not in combat the vertibird will depart. If you run short spawn cycles, the next ground force may spawn without air support before the active vertibird has left the map. Put on Psy-War-Op. what is anoxic ischemic encephalopathy Make It Loud.

Protect innocent neutral actors from being attacked by Stalkers setting will ensure that spawned hostiles do not trash any base game settlement like DC, Bunker, GoodN or Covenant whilst you are shopping there, or attack vendor NPCs to preserve your supply. If you are running mods that multiply spawns or mess with actor factions and find that stalkers are fighting themselves, disable the innocent protection setting and accept that those indiscriminate mods are putting the innocent at risk.

This mod tunes the Stalker pre-combat movement packages to be more real world, they speed up when falling behind and slow down to sneak when closing in. At hard and v.hard difficulty when one Stalker is in combat, the whole team will run to engage. Sounds minor, but can make mob engagements really hard, much like feral ghoul packs.

The mod has no dependencies on extenders or DLCs and does not change any existing base game scripts, assets or objects. As with 99% of SKK mods, its 100% pure new Creation Kit forms and scripts. nanoxia deep silence 3 vs fractal design r5 As it does not touch any other stuff in your save-game, there should be no load order issues or mod conflicts. Unless you run stuff that modifies base game scrips/assets or tries to mess with the product of this mod, I have zero patience for that sort of stuff.

(4) If the player sprints off or spawned hostiles become stuck and fall so far behind the player that their 3D unloads (around 20,000 game units managed by your Fallout4Prefs.ini uGridsToLoad setting), the spawn is cleaned up and reset. If messages are enabled you will see a [ Hostile stalkers no longer a threat ] message, or map markers disappear, even though you didn’t kill any.

(5) If you use spawn multipliers or extenders, the extra spawns will likely attack Combat Stalkers and innocent neutral actors as the full actor configuration is unlikely to be duplicated. Try disabling the [Protect Settlements] or [Protect Innocents] holotape setting, and/or refer mod authors to this article: SKK Combat Stalkers hostiles attacking each other and spawn multiplier mods . FFS stop asking me to take responsibility for the other inconsiderate or thoughtless mods you choose to run.

Nexus PC manual disable: The mod can be disabled if a spawn is not active, best to run the Holotape, set [ Spawn Hostiles Disabled >>> Submit ] to clear any active stuff. Only remove mods if you are happy to accept potential conflicts from load order changes in a save game.

(2) What about MCM ? SKK mods have zero external dependencies (such as F4SE that MCM depends on) to support both PC and Xbox platforms. nanoxia deep silence 5 review If MCM is vital to your long life and happiness, you can write an MCM json thing using the settings thoughtfully published in the Console Configuration article .