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Two objects are not necessarily distinguishable, as we know that the latter can depend on things like quality of perception and fineness of discriminatory ability. And likewise we know that one object can be considered under two distinct descriptions, reduplicatively — the fact that we reduplicate at all establishes this.

The mgaisterial authority of the Church can be exercised in its fullness or in a more partial manner, and likewise, even in plenary exercise, can be exercised more or less solemnly, and likewise more or less explicitly. (This follows just from the character of teaching itself.) These three modes — plenitude, solemnity, and explicitness — are too often confused, to the detriment of analysis.

Worn-out traditions revive in stylized form as fashions; some of these fashions congeal as traditions. brain anoxia after cardiac arrest A forest of deadwood burns, but seeds restore a forest. Cells die but some generate new cells on their own template, and the body heals. anoxia cerebral causas Decay and revival interlace.

Newman’s notes of development should apply not only from time to time but also, mutatis mutandis, from place to place; that is to say, they should still approximately apply if you are the one moving — there should be constant principle, anticipation, etc.

What kind of evidence, or whether any evidence, shows up for ‘updating one’s prior’ depends entirely on the kind of inquiry being conducted. Bayesians often talk about evidence as if it just showed up at one’s doorstep; in fact, it is always formed within distinct lines of inquiry.

Much historical change seems to involve drift of ideas into uselessness — subtle changes until they are unintelligible or (more often) inadequate for their primary function, or too difficult to teach given the infrastructure, or an impediment to highly incentivized practice.

The magisterium in the extraordinary magisterium and ordinary magisterium is a different exercise, not a different magisterium. Kleutgen, who gives us the terminology, understood the constitutive act of extraordinary magisterium to be definition, and the constitutive act of ordinary magisterium to be organic transmission. The former is ecumenical-conciliar or papal; the latter is more broadly ecclesial. This is the distinction to which Pius IX appeals in Tuas liberiter.

Even the extremely biased are right on occasion, which is one reason why biases can be difficult to eliminate; by a sort of consequentialism of inference, people give credit even to accidental results, or results only slightly better than chance, and ignore method, means, and intrinsic end.

The modern era of rights-thinking began when rights were no longer seen as particular solutions to particular problems but as general solutions to problems hypotheticalized to all limits that could be imagined. hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy nursing diagnosis That is, it began on the transition from factual response to full-scale counterfactual response, from local reaction to problems to the attempt at complete global anticipation of problems.

It took a thousand years for the Church to stamp out dueling, more or less, in Christendom,, using its most extensive means of pressure and persuasion, and even then progress was achieved only by combination with other factors that changed the incentive-structure.

For a rough introduction to my philosophy of blogging, including the Code of Amiability I try to follow on this weblog, please read my fifth anniversary post. I consider blogging to be a very informal type of publishing – like putting up thoughts on your door with a note asking for comments. can anxiety attack cause diarrhea Nothing in this weblog is done rigorously: it’s a forum to let my mind be unruly, a place for jottings and first impressions. Because I consider posts here to be ‘literary seedings’ rather than finished products, nothing here should be taken as if it were anything more than an attempt to rough out some basic thoughts on various issues. anoxic brain damage Learning to look at any topic philosophically requires, I think, jumping right in, even knowing that you might be making a fool of yourelf; so that’s what I do. My primary interest in most topics is the flow and structure of reasoning they involve rather than their actual conclusions, so most of my posts are about that. If, however, you find me making a clear factual error, let me know; blogging is a great way to get rid of misconceptions.