Should same day weigh-in be mandatory in combat sports (boxing, ufc, etc.) – quora anoxia fetal

Absolutely yes there should be a mandatory same day weigh in, in supplementation to press day weight in, allowing a maximum 5 pound increase from weight class fight weight. I believe in going way further the boxer failing to meet this weight by 10 pounds or more should get an automatic loss or be severely penalized.

Often in boxing by actual fight time you can have one fighter several weight classes higher than another I’ve seen as much as a 30 pound difference. It can and has lead to serious injury to both boxers. 20-30 pound weight advantage is dangerous, we’re talking about athletes who know how to deliver their weight in their punches, the lighter guy can not absorb that difference safely.Anoxia fetal

too many people fail to appreciate how abusive to the body and dangerous losing 20-3o pounds of water weight is it has lead to organ failure, and the abuse definitely adds to shorter careers. Example B-hop and floyd always fight at real weight class and enjoyed longevity in the sport while boxer that struggle to make unrealistically light weights typically have short careers.

In the interest of fairness, safety and for the sake of the sport we should have fighters in their real weight class fighting, not a light heavy weight vs a middleweight. There is a trend now for the star or money fighter offering a portion of his purse to the opponent when he can not make weight but wants the fight to take place.Anoxia fetal this has to stop, it is complete unsporting behavior and most starving boxers pushed by managers or promoters will take the bait.

I have no interest in watching a weight mismatch and do not regard any boxer destroying a guy weighing 10-30 pounds less than him as anything special.

This concept that fighters cut weight and they need time to re-hydrate is B.S it is optional. If a fighter needs to cut that much weight he should be fighting at a higher weight class end of story. Originally day before weight in was put forth for the safety of boxers to re-hydrate because cerebral fluid would be affected by severe de-hydration (duhh just don’t extremely dehydrate). What happened instead is boxers saw it as a chance to de-hydrate even more extremely having a full 24 hours to recover.Anoxia fetal the main reason the day before weight in takes place is for fight promotion and to give the struggling to make weight boxer time to keep re-weighing in and dehydrating some more so the fight takes place.

Some steps have been taken because it has long been a known point of concern that hurts the sport. There are some commissions or promoters that have fighters on contract weight schedules, weight in 30 days before fight, 15, 1 week and official weigh in. At any point the boxer failing to make the weight for specified pre fight weigh in is penalized financially. This is more so to promote making fight weight safely and for promoters interest that the fight takes place. Not sure but I believe in this scheme boxers are still able to gain as much as 5-10 pounds prior to fight.Anoxia fetal

The state of pennsylvanian boxing commission officially does a second weigh in on the day of fight the boxers are allowed to gain a maximum 5 or 10 pounds from weight class.

In mexico and canadian boxing it’s same day weigh in. I’m not sure if it’s across the board in canada however in ontario it’s same day weigh in.

The danger in same day weigh in, is athletes will still dehydrate because the opposition will likely do it too, it’ll be somewhat less, 10 pounds instead of 20-30.

Again cutting weight by dehydration is optional!

Absolutely not.

When you watch an MMA weigh-in, you’re seeing those athletes at their worst. They’ve cut weight, meaning massive dehydration.

So, here’s why that’s important:

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A dehydrated athlete is not a healthy one. I was a competitive wrestler through high school. It used to be that you could really, really cut weight for matches. However, after some people died a bunch of years ago, they’ve more or less eliminated drastic weight cutting in high school wrestling, so I’ve never done anything that extreme. However, what I did go through sucked. I felt dizzy and nauseous, I struggled to focus. And this was only about a seven pound weight cut. Pro fighters routinely cut around 20 or more pounds the week of the fight. Imagine competing in a fistfight against another trained fighter, when you can hardly think straight or stand up on your own. Fights are going to be terrible if that’s the case.Anoxia fetal

Secondly (and more importantly) is health related issues. Boxing used to do same-day weigh-ins, you know what happened? People died. Your brain is surrounded by water. When you twist every ounce of water out of your body, your brain isn’t held as tight up in your skull. So, if you get blasted with a johny hendricks overhand, or a donald cerrone head kick in this state, your literal brain shakes around and about your skull. This causes even more brain damage than normal, and leads to bad things.

If anything, we should have weigh-ins two days before, or the morning of the day before. This would actually give athletes enough time to properly rehydrate (a significant dehydration takes 36 hours to properly recover from.Anoxia fetal MMA athletes are given 24) and this would allow them to put on their best performances.