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Developed over thousands of years, acupuncture encourages your body’s natural healing ability. It has evolved into a complete medical system that diagnoses, treats, and prevents illnesses. It is a safe, effective, and painless method of medicine. It enhances immunity and improves significantly recuperation rates following physical or emotional illness.


The application of electrical impulses to acupuncture needles. This type of stimulation treatment has a number of benefits:

It increases the stimulation response required in treatment it provides variable types of frequency at comfortable amplitude to the patient without causing tissue damage.

It’s easier to control frequency and amplitude of stimulation .Brain anoxia

Auricular acupuncture

A micro-acupuncture therapy, involves the use of small acupuncture needles, tiny magnets, press-tacks or ear seeds over specific ear points to treat health conditions. As a micro-system, all parts of the body have representative points located on the ear. Especially used for smoking / addiction conditions.

Scalp acupuncture

Scalp acupuncture stimulates specific zones on the scalp which lie over hypofunctioning, atrophied, or injured brain tissue. This stimulation increases blood flow, oxygenation, and leads to improved function of those brain tissues. MRI scans corroborates this.

Improvements initially are temporary, but with persistent treatments can become permanent. Long-term improvement is thought to be due to increased circulation implying development of collateral circulation and perhaps neurogenesis.Brain anoxia

In china, treatment of central nervous system (CNS) conditions by scalp acupuncture is common, eg: stroke, head trauma, cerebral palsy, encephalitis-meningitis sequale, parkinson’s, dementias, memory loss, cortical blindness, nerve deafness and epilepsy.

Favourable response to scalp acupuncture is more likely in cases where the trauma is more cortical, superficial, recent, and more related to ischemia or infarct. A poorer prognosis arises where there is a deeper, cerebellar trauma – intracranial bleed, post injury 4months, and chronic degenerative conditions

Cosmetic acupuncture

Also called facial rejuvenation, enhances facial appearance and skin condition, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, spots, acne, firms the jowls, and reduces size of eye bags.Brain anoxia it improves skin tone, skin feel, gives a younger overall appearance, improves energy and circulation to the facial area.

Chinese herbal patent medicine

‘patent’ here does not mean ‘exclusive right of use’, instead it refers to standardization of the herbal formula. Chinese patent medicines are easy to use and convenient, regulated by the EU and the irish medicines board. These medicines are used for a variety of health conditions, and are safe when prescribed by a qualified practitioner.

Laser treatment

Low-level laser therapy is used for a variety of conditions, especially tonification / sedation of acupuncture points, wound healing, heel spurs, low back pain, chronic slow healing skin ulcers.Brain anoxia


Also called heat therapy. The technique involves burning a roll of herb or charcoal over an acupuncture point, either directly on the skin, on the needle, over a slice of ginger, or on salt. It is a warming and stimulating therapy, and very effective in treating weakness, sensitivity to cold, and certain circulatory conditions.


Applying a cup, in which a partial vacuum is created, to various areas of the body for therapeutic purposes. The degree of vacuum in the cup dictates the degree of localised tissue congestion through negative pressure. It promotes the flow of qi, warming the tissues, dispelling cold-damp, and helping with swelling and pain. Cupping is used to treat wind-dampness – arthralgia, gastro-intestinal disorders (stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc), headache, cough, cold, lumbago and back pain, wry neck, dysmenorrhoea, snakebite, muscular pain, cough, asthma, etc.Brain anoxia

Hypnotherapy cd’s offered to reinforce treatment for particular conditions, eg addiction / smoking. The cd’s help to modify behaviour, attitude and emotional content in a variety of conditions, including dysfunctional habits, anxiety, stress related illness, pain management, personal development, study motivation, etc.