Salmagundi legal advocate helps victims pursue safety, justice the times anxiety attack treatment nhs

“This job loss presented me with the opportunity to return to school and pursue a career that was more aligned with my desire to promote social change,” Vasquez said. She enrolled at Illinois Valley Community College and started volunteering with the agency in 2016, completed an internship and started the job in 2017. anoxie cérébrale She’s pursuing a Bachelor of Social Work at Aurora University.

“My objective is to support the self-determination of a client,” she said. “Being stripped of the option to say no is dehumanizing, which makes it even more important for victims to have the power to determine if and when they will report to authorities. I never advise a client on whether or not they should report; I provide all of their options and support them with whatever choice they make.”

“The Safe Homes Act allows victims of domestic violence or sexual assault to end their lease early and not be responsible for the remaining months of rent,” Vasquez said. “Many victims are unaware of this option. anoxic seizure I’m able to help clients navigate the multi-faceted and often cumbersome legal system. Not all clients are interested in pursuing legal remedies, but we are still able to inform them all of the options available.”

Although relatively new to the job, Vasquez has long been interested in criminal justice, researching case files to try to understand which factors point to what outcomes and diving deep into wrongful incarcerations. brain anoxia after cardiac arrest So while she understands the problems of people wrongly sent to prison, she also knows people rarely fabricate accounts of domestic or sexual violence.

“I have heard the stories of survivors that are ostracized by their family, friends and coworkers,” she said. “There are the survivors that use their vacation time to stay home from work because they are experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety or depression. There are survivors that contemplate or attempt suicide; sometimes they succeed. anxiety neurosis meaning in hindi There are the survivors that fear the possibility of a sexually transmitted disease or a pregnancy resulting from their assault. There are the survivors wrought with despair while they attempt to assemble the endurance and patience required to navigate the criminal and civil remedies available to them.

“I have never known a survivor to suddenly become the recipient of an impressive incentive, reward or abundance of welcomed attention because they came forward with their sexual assault. Of course, like any other crime, there is the small possibility of a false report. However, if we know that 92-98 percent of reports of sexual assault are real and credible, then don’t we have an obligation to adopt an attitude of support and belief?”

These conversations aren’t about the rich and powerful, but regular people living in Streator and Ottawa and Marseilles and Seneca. anoxia fetal Perpetrators commit these acts precisely because they think their victims will be too scared to say anything, or won’t be believed even if they muster the courage.

“There are victims that have spent decades trying to reconcile their sexual assault in a manner that brings them peace; for many this is a lifelong pursuit,” she said. “I would encourage any survivor of sexual assault that is curious about their available legal remedies to reach out to our agency or an agency in their area.”