Rockbox – cerebral incubation – gonorrhea nodule mastication (2012) anoxia vs hypoxia

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Cerebral incubation – gonorrhea nodule mastication (2012)

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Cerebral incubation – gonorrhea nodule mastication (2012)



Slamming brutal death metal from nevada, USA!


Cerebral incubation is a slam death metal band from las vegas, NV, USA. The band formed in 2007 and is still currently active.


Ricky nunez – drums

Mark candelas – guitars

Andrew lomastro – vocals

Matt smith – bass

Gonorrhea nodule mastication (2012)


Totally different sound here, but still cool – 86%

Cerebral incubation are a band that I’ve kept tabs on for a while now.

Asphyxiating on excrement was one of the first albums I heard while getting into slam in general, and while my opinion on it has become just a bit less overwhelmingly positive over the years (nowadays, I feel like its production job is just a tad dry, and the vocals can get a bit tedious over extended periods of time), I still think it’s a perfectly competent, entertaining album that’s worth a spin every now and then.Anoxia vs hypoxia so when gonorrhea nodule mastication came out – and I swear it arrived out of nowhere, with no preliminary promotion or announcement – I was excited. It was like revisiting an old friend, you know? This is actually a pretty drastic departure in sound for cerebral incubation, but it turns out the band are equally good at this sort of thing so I can’t really complain.

Though I can’t find any indication of this happening, this is such a different sound for cerebral incubation that I’d believe it if the band either lost or gained an entirely new songwriter. The band’s debut was just varying degrees of fast and slow, but gonorrhea nodule mastication is an extremely active album for slam death metal.Anoxia vs hypoxia it reminds me a lot of abnormal exaggeration-era gorevent if they were a bit less, erm, retarded and worked with a lot more dynamics. The production job is essentially identical: thick as all fuck, heavy and extremely dark. The guitars are somewhat buried, with most of the melody coming out in the form of very hazy, crunchy fuzz. The tone of each of the instruments is too similar to avoid making that comparison, but in terms of techniques this is actually pretty different from gorevent; (the new™) cerebral incubation seem much choppier and rhythmically varied; for example, this album has a lot of slams that could only be accurately described as skipping in pace – there are a ton of these tight, concise triplet patterns mixed with simple, rock-like drum patterns that sound strangely light-hearted and catchy (in a good way).Anoxia vs hypoxia

There’s a fair bit of dicking with time signatures, a lot of shifting from straightforward 4/4 to really simple, groovy polyrhythms and whatnot, but what’s really amazing is that it all feels so fluid. I mean, this album is essentially made entirely out of slams, pinch harmonics, and triplet-based vulvectomy breakdowns with nothing even remotely resembling a DM riff to be found, but the pace never really relents or dramatically shifts like a lot of BDM tends to. Even the blast beats and gravity rolls feel strangely slowed-down and chilled so as not to disrupt the transition of momentum. It’s actually a pretty cathartic listen, considering how retardedly brutal it is – one thing I’ve noticed is that this album works great as music to exercise to, since it never actually slows down as such.Anoxia vs hypoxia

The new vocalist here is generally agreeable (thick, rich, angel ochoa-type purrs that are basically used by almost everyone in BDM nowadays), but his more breeish, shrieky gutturals can be a bit much at times when they’re used less as accents and more like standalone vocal lines. Aside from that, the cymbals’ presence in the mix is strangely shrill and actually kind of painful at times, and a few of the tracks in the middle of the album tend to drag a bit since they don’t have as many standout rhythms or slams. I’m also not very fond of the fact that there’s an entire two-minute track devoted to an interlude that’s just sort of shoved into the middle of the album – the ones bookending the songs don’t bother me, but the fact that one exists as a separate track is actually pretty annoying.Anoxia vs hypoxia

I’m not entirely sure if I’d say this is better than the debut album or not – gonorrhea nodule mastication sounds like an entirely different band with a totally different set of goals, so it’s pretty hard to compare the two side-by-side. For the most part, it’s just like a more varied, nuanced gorevent – the band’s sense of groove at this point is actually pretty starkly different from any other BDM band I’ve heard – so I’d say that this is still worth a look based on that alone, even for people who hated asphyxiating on excrement. Nicely done, all-in-all.

1 – ankyloblepharon filiforme aconitum (00:56)

2 – gonorrhea nodule mastication (02:31)

3 – bubbling rectal cum fart (02:02)

4 – rectovaginal fistula (02:32)

anoxia vs hypoxia

5 – alcoholic encephalopathy (03:02)

6 – A gentleman’s intermission (02:26)

7 – stoma penetration (01:52)

8 – festering puddle of coagulated stew (02:12)

9 – subdermal defecation (02:07)

10 – secretion of excretory devastation (03:29)

11 – rape whistle cord strangulation (03:27)





Brutal death metal / slam


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