Rev. bryan rawls ordained minister, certified psychic medium, angelic communicator, light language channel, gypsy magick practitioner, starseed and energy healer. postanoxic encephalopathy definition

The veil thinning rapidly as the energies ascend closer to All Hallows’ Eve or better known as Samhain. Samhain is one of the major festivals of The Wheel of the Year. It is known also as The Witches New Year, Festival of The Ancestors or Festival of Apples. signs of hypoxic brain injury Boundaries between our worlds is at its thinnest. It’s a time where our ancestors are shown honor, remembrance and reverence.

In Gaelic history this was a time when the Sun King is sacrificed back to the land, just as seed and leaf fall to the land, until winter solstice, which is the beginning of the dark half of the year. This allows the crone the opportunity to rest, relax and reflect upon the past. This is when also the crone mourns the death of the Sun King until his rebirth at Yule.

Remember now that the seed is within the earth and The Winter is to come and the seed will germinate beneath the soil as the seasons change and the cycles continue. This also allows the seed of discovery within self to germinate into new discoveries of self.

Ancestor Veneration is practiced in many religions around the world. Traditionally there are many practices used to honor the Ancestors, such as the Ancestor Altar and also a tradition known as the feeding of the ancestors, which includes libation. A Candle Ceremony for the Ancestors is also a nice way of incorporating this in your practice. Remember to take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind.

In Light of Samhain, Rev. Bryan will be doing (2) special practices in The Samhain Circle: a Samhain Blessing and The Apple Blessing. Apples are known as a sacred and magickal fruit. hypoxia and anoxia Also the apple is known as a symbol of life and immortality.

The apple blessing is where each apple will be cut horizontally revealing a pentacle (a five pointed star shape) for each participant and the name of each participant will be written on a laurel leaf and then tied with a red cotton ribbon and then buried within the circle. Each apple will be received by the earth as a libation to The Ancestors and The Goddess and in return each participant will be blessed by the Ancestors and the Goddess for upcoming magickal year. The Samhain Blessing will be recorded in mp3 format and be sent to each participant.

The bustling of the leaves and the rapid changing Autumn colors are definitely enticing the Full Moon in 1° Taurus allowing for the intense fluctuation of cosmic energies that is approaching Mother Earth. These cosmic energies are creating metamorphosis within the star-seeded DNA in a numerous of ways. The current aspects that we are going through with this Full Moon are Moon conjunct Uranus, Moon opposing Venus, Venus opposing Uranus, Venus sextile Saturn, Moon trine Saturn. The Taurus full moon is also in beneficial aspects with some very influential fixed stars these being aspects such as with fixed star Mirach and Uranus be in conjunction with fixed star Mira. The activation of star-seeded DNA is critical at this time in our bio-evolutionary process upon planet earth for our awakening of the Human genome, this Full Moon will definitely assist in this evolution of humanity.

The aspect of Full Moon conjunct Uranus and Uranus conjunct fixed star Mira, the air will be full of intense energy and a level of uncertainty that will make folks a bit uneasy. This change will mark a enormous shift in excitement that will be applied mainly to love and relationship but will also go through series of practical events. anoxic tank process This energy shift will also be applied directly to your financial sector as well, which will bring in some uncertainties. This is where the transmission of the full moon will allow some stability within these two affected sectors. When these two sectors (love/relationships & finances) are effected, people begin to show hostility and emotions of fears, the transmission will assist in this. Uranus conjunct Mira will affect many star-seeds around feelings of versatility and progression on their path’s. They will question their path’s endurance of the continuation of following through with it.

The following aspects of Moon opposing Venus, Venus opposing Uranus and Uranus and the Moon being in conjunction with Mirach there will be a vast amount of energy affecting the Andromeda Star-seeds and numerous energies coming onto the planet from galaxies such as Andromeda (M-31), Triangulum (M-33), Mirach’s Ghost (NGC-404). These galaxies will beam stellar activation codes towards planet earth in colossal monumental waves affecting the Star-Seeded DNA of a numerous amount of Star-Seed lineages. nanoxia deep silence 5 review There is a incredible amount of devotion, love, and beauty within these aspects allowing for wonderful awakening to open up monumental amounts of opportunities for star-seeds and other cosmic beings to not only bring in communication, but also, abilities such as psychic abilities and medium-ship are enhanced and inspired during these particular placements. This also signals energies of change for humanities evolutionary process opening doors of awareness to bring about understandings of current earthly changes. Whatever your situation is, remember that you can manifest opportunities in many areas of your life through the power of the Universal Laws. What we think about we bring about and Ask and You Shall Receive. We tend to forget things in the crazy bustle of mundane life. We must step into the energy of purpose and find our role in humanities game of chance.

It is now time we approach the dark moon on October 8, at approx. 11:56 p.m. ET. The New Moon in 15° Libra is conjunct Ceres square Pluto. what is anoxic brain encephalopathy This brings in deep tests of faith and trust in oneself as the nurturing side of the feminine aspect comes into play here. nanoxia deep silence 3 vs fractal design r5 You will be shown where transformation needs to take place in your life. As we step forth within these aspects we see that the divine feminine will bring about great change in conjunction with what is going on within our world. You must remember with the energies of the new moon we don’t have the Sun’s energy on our side, we must rely solely on our instinctual natures during periods of the dark moon.

The New Moon conjunct Ceres is where the divine feminine comes into play and where we must trust our inner instincts to guide us through this thick energy. Ceres allows us to look at the aspect of the divine feminine in the archetypal aspect of the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother in this perception of the New Moon conjunct Ceres, so we see that she is expressing her need to heal the devastation upon planet earth that is currently happening. This aspect also activates more of the divine healing abilities within allowing our assignments as star-seed’s to participate in the divine healing of star-ship Gaia.

The New Moon square Pluto allows you to understand that we are within a deep transformation upon planet earth. We come into the understanding in this placement that with our healing abilities being activated by the conjunction of the New Moon with Ceres. That the Divine Mother is bringing our healing abilities into focus to transform and change the environment and frequency of mother earth with the squaring placement of New Moon and Pluto. Great Change is among us and all we have to do is trust our inner instinctual nature here and trust we as beings of light will change the frequency of planet earth as we know it and upgrade our divine wisdom as star-seeds being united with oneness. Benefits of this Transmission: