Residents alarmed by outbreak of dog illnesses on hayworth avenue – wehoville diffuse hypoxic brain injury

UPDATE: A spokeswoman for the L.A. County Animal Care and Control Department said that it had been notified on Monday by the City of West Hollywood of reports of possible poisoning of dogs on Hayworth Avenue. Animal Care has assigned two investigators to look into the incidents. The spokeswoman said that Animal Care advises dog owners to give priority to getting their pets to a veterinarian and then asks that they call Animal Care to report the issue at(818) 991-0071.

Bob Voakes, the manager of an apartment building on the block who also is a dog walker, said one dog was diagnosed by a veterinarian as having been poisoned. That dog almost died but has recovered, Voakes said, and must remain on antibiotics for a long time.

Voakes said he’s personally aware of several other dogs who have become seriously ill and taken to veterinary clinics.

One resident posted a notice on the street warning of the illnesses. “Beware!!! In the past two weeks, at least 7 dogs that we know of have been poisoned on the 1200 block of N. Hayworth Ave.,” the notice reads. “Symptoms have ranged from vomiting and fever, to a stroke and seizures. anoxia meaning in urdu No one is sure where or how the poisoning is taking place. Chemicals on lawns? Deliberate poisoning? There has been a strange man throwing bread into various lawns on the block. anxiety meaning in marathi We don’t know if that is connected to the poisonings, or not.”

“New puppy next door wound up in emergency, was throwing up and wouldn’t eat for days before,” said another person. “Maxie was throwing up yesterday but is ok today. … I don’t have all the facts yet, But being careful is best course of action right now.”

“Oh my goodness!!! This is horrifying. Duke was really sick 2-3 weeks ago and he never gets sick,” said yet another. “He threw up, was cold/shivering and didn’t have energy to walk. Then he had a fever. Thankfully he came out of it, but it could have been due to the “poison” on the sidewalk.”

A resident wrote that another person’s dog “was just diagnosed with pancreatitis, and is in hospital. She has had other misc (sic) health issues, but he’s said, according to an ASPCA site, one possible cause of pancreatitis are organophosphates, which apparently are in a lot of insecticides.”

Joshuah Michael, who has lived on that block of Hayworth for six years, said his two dogs have experienced red bumps on their skin. The dogs, one a year-old dachshund and chihuahua mix and the other a six-year-old miniature pinscher, also began throwing up after Michael returned from a vacation two weeks ago.

“I definitely think that the news was trying to hype it up,” he said, citing a local television reporter who seemed uninteresting in hearing other possible reasons for the illnesses. Those reasons, Michael said, could be infections from fleas or mosquitos. Such infections by mosquitos and fleas have been cited in recent news stories.

He noted that some neighbors suggested that dogs might have become ill after eating bread crumbs found on the sidewalk and lawns. Michael said those bread crumbs began appearing after a spat in which one neighbor, upset that another had left a bag of trash on the lawn or sidewalk, had nailed it to a tree with a note calling out the neighbor for not putting the trash in a can.

Ultimately, Voakes said, it will be up to the Sheriff’s Station and the Los Angeles County Animal Care Control Department to determine the reason for the outbreak of illnesses. It is, however, unclear if anyone has reported the incidents to either. Click here to subscribe and get news updates each morning.

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Reportedly, at least one vet has named poison as the culprit of one of the most ill dogs, so it’s a matter of trying to find out what kind of toxin it is and how the dogs are being exposed to it. I would rather think this is someone being ignorant about putting out rodent poison or spraying insecticide or weed killer indiscriminately than to think this is intentional.

I did see the footprint on the neighbor who was kicked by the above-mentioned animal hater in that block when it happened. Yes, he is known to scream and curse at and threaten people whose dogs step onto the grass, and acts like a jerk in general, but I would certainly hope that a human wouldn’t resort to such cruelty against a defenseless animal. Not even the neighborhood a**hole.

I don’t think it’s a virus, either, since some of the ill dogs have not been in contact with others who are ill. There are now well over a dozen dogs that have had the same symptoms who either live on Hayworth or walk down that 1200 block regularly from Laurel and other surrounding streets.

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Xylitol is a polyalcohol or sugar alcohol (specifically an alditol) and even with the dog’s extraordinary sense of smell, it can NOT distinguish between xylitol and a safe sugar alcohol it’s more than willing to eat. YES dogs WILL lick up pure xylitol in the form of a white powder which is easily available.