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In this episode, alessandro ferretti joins us to discuss a ketogenic diet (lifestyle), what a “healthy” keto diet looks like, chronobiology of eating windows, the top three reasons a keto diet fails, and much more in this rich episode. Anoxic tank we also get caught up on alessandro’s latest research and get advice on how to have long-term success with a ketogenic lifestyle. Opioids, addiction, autonomic health with dr. Ron gharbo

After many years of study, the health impact of coffee remains mixed. But heart rate variability (HRV) may have a relationship with long-term coffee consumption. A new study of over 15,000 subjects looked at the relationship between coffee consumption and HRV readings. From decapitation to positive psychology: how one nerve connects body, brain and mind

Dan quintana is a research fellow at the university of oslo and received his phd in psychology from the university of sydney in 2013. Life expectancy after anoxic brain injury his research focuses on the role of heart rate variability, the autonomic nervous system and hormones on mental health. In this episode, we’re going to pick dan’s brain on the relationship between mental and physical health, autonomic dysregulation, how HRV reflects mental health condition, antidepressants and other interventions. Overfat & underfat: new terms & definitions long overdue with dr. Phil maffetone & professor paul laursen

First coverage with dr. Phil maffetone and professor paul laursen on their newly published and controversial scientific paper titled: “overfat and underfat: new terms and definitions long overdue.” we discuss the pandemic of people who are “overfat” — defined as having sufficient excess body fat to impair health and how this classification differs from “overweight”. If we’re to truly address the problem, we need to start using the right terminology and not hiding behind propriety (in certain situations). Nanoxia project s review doctors, researchers and individuals all need to arm themselves to take control of what some are now calling the “world health crisis”. Brain hypertrophy & neurological maladaptation – with jonathan moore

Jonathan moore, a qualified chiropractor from sydney australia, joins us to delve deeper into the brain and the neurological system. He explains how stress causes real, physical change within the brain and affects neuroplastic adaptation, and how these physical changes actually affect our tolerance of future stress, as well as affect our energy levels, our ability to perform critical thinking, motivation, the immune system, and more. The data science behind HRV with dr. Marco altini

In this episode, guest dr. Anxiety disorder marco altini joins us to share some of the nitty gritty of how data science plays a role in heart rate variability analysis and other types of quantifiable research and self experimentation. We discuss data confidence, coefficient of variation, cross-sectional data vs. Longitudinal HRV data, absolute vs. Relative HRV, why to focus on RMSSD time-domain HRV over frequency-domain or non-linear, HRV during pregnancy, and much more. HRV and ketones, blood glucose, and food sensitivities with alessandro ferretti

In this episode, alessandro ferretti joins us to discuss blood glucose, ketones, ketogenic diets, and of course how it all relates to health, performance and heart rate variability. We also cover some useful topics such as how to use HRV for food sensitivity testing, how to establish a personal glucose baseline and when best to measure blood glucose, and ideal ketone thresholds for exercise and training. Social anxiety disorder nhs olympic training & elite endurance with dr. Daniel plews & professor paul laursen

Training for a world championship or the olympics? Not many people make it to that level, but dr. Daniel plews and professor paul laursen join us to share what it’s like to train for world class competitions. We cover a lot including HRV patterns of various training phases, acute to chronic ratio relationship to injury, when to establish an HRV baseline in an endurance program, preparing for kona ironman world championships and olympics, diet choices, the risk of academia, and much more. HRV: injuries, plasma volume & sports implementation – with andrew flatt