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The rescue and adoption of our pets; dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rabbits, ferrets, etc., is critical to the well-being of these companions. anoxic brain injury post cardiac arrest This page is dedicated to providing rescue and adoption lists for all types of pets.

We thank all those people who give unselfishly to the saving and placement of the less fortunate, and we hope that any heartache you encounter is overwhelmed by the happiness you make.

The Amazing Dog Adoption Method: The Secrets to Dog Adoption That Avoids Heartbreak (Ultimate Dog Care Book 3) Adopting a dog or puppy can be one of the most exciting times in your life. However, without the proper research, questions, and a little knowledge, it can be the most heartbreaking time of your life. There are many things you need to consider before you dive into the adoption process.

The Shelter Pet Project a public service ad campaign focused on spreading the word that pets in shelters are wonderful and lovable, and encouraging potential adopters to consider the shelter as the first place to look when acquiring a “new best friend.”

IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is PGAA’s desire to provide a list of adoption and rescue sites that rescue pets and, hopefully, place them into new loving and caring homes. nanoxia deep silence 5 review While we make every effort to only publish links from reputable rescue agencies, we HAVE NOT physically reviewed these organizations.

Caution: Because no single group can continually review and rate all the rescue services across the country each individual adopter should review any group before adopting. panic attack symptoms nausea When adopting carefully review the shelter itself to make sure they’re a reliable shelter with the greater good of the animal their prime concern. Things to look for are: the condition of the animals in their care; the cleanliness of the facilities; the experience of the staff; health care of the animal while it is in their shelter; the rescue contract (is it fair to you, the shelter and the animal); and any other observations that may make you question their integrity. They should be doing the same review on you and your home.

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