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Note about FGM: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a sexual assault of a high order of criminality. FGM is most often committed against female babies, children, or women, without any form of consent. The claimed purpose of the crime of FGM is protection of personal property inasmuch as the female is considered to be a chatel or ‘property’ and the alleged "protection" of FGM is the curbing of female promiscuity since the vicious attack on the genitals damages many nerve endings thus destroying sexual pleasure and blunting libido. This is a crime equal to or greater than rape in its violence and consequences. It is a sinister conduct practiced all over the world in concealed places. The perpetrators of FGM are often performing the FGM violence on many victims and therefore the sentencing for FGM criminals should reflect the impact of the crime.

Some countries have legislated FGM as a crime and others have not and in those cases it must be treated as a serious sexual assault crime.

• Around the world there is a great variance in the statutes and in common law in defining rape. hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy grade 3 Most laws require some form of penetration without consent before a charge is laid. That is the fundamental act of rape but the primary ingredient of the crime is lack of consent. Wherever you are, contact us if you need help. We have many doctors, lawyers and other professional volunteers some of whom may be near you.

• Even if you did not resist the sexual attack, or were intoxicated, or if you know the person who raped or sexually assaulted you, any forced, unwanted, non consensual sexual contact or activity is a sex crime (of at least sexual assault) and any form of penetration no matter how slight makes it a crime of rape. What to do if I have been raped.

• If someone has threatened, coerced, forced, intimidated, compelled you in any way to have intercourse (penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person), even if you were forced to say "yes", you were raped. anxiety disorder treatment What to do.

• If you were asleep, intoxicated, incapacitated by other means, if there was penetration no matter how slight of your vagina or anus with any of the rapists body parts or any object, or oral penetration by a sex organ, it is a rape crime, regardless of your incapacitation. What to do if I have been raped.

• Unwanted sexual contact is a major assault crime, even if not rape (penetration). An act that threatens the safety of the person in any manner whatsoever, anywhere, is an assault, but based on the victim-impact-consequences a sexual assault can never be considered a summary/misdemeanor/minor crime. The safety of the person from this form of crime is an inalienable human right.

Because of the inherent coerciveness of armed conflict, The RINJ Foundation adduces that in any instance a combatant in a war zone has sexual contact with a civilian, a rape and therefore a War Crime has been committed. Case Report of Rape in A War Zone Please Complete This Form

With volunteer investigators in the field and with online data collection our goal is to gather evidence and build a war-crime case to arrest and imprison war criminals who have committed the war crime of rape in a war zone. If you have pictures of the location of the crime or the perpetrator(s) or any pictures or documents that would help the case please upload them here. You can come back to this form and complete it. In the message area of the form, please provide as much information as possible including languages you speak. A representative of the RINJ Foundation will contact you to get more details. If you have questions the following links may provide you with answers.

• Think about the need to assure every person equally (no matter their gender, sexual preference, race, colour or creed) the basic inalienable human right of personal safety. Rape is one of the most horrible violations of personal safety. It’s an extremely agregious crime that impacts everyone.

• In the experience of The RINJ Foundation‘s volunteers and advisors, rape crime is prolific and has no gender nor age boundaries. While the majority of cases of reported rape/sexual assault occur to females between the ages of 13 and 25, regardless of race, class, religion, occupation or physical appearance, a significant number of men are sexually assaulted or raped every year. A significant number of women are sexually assaulted or raped every single minute. A significant number of children (boys and girls) are raped every minute somewhere in the world.

• The RINJ Foundation asserts that violence toward women is a growing problem. Some females fall prey to violence before they are born, when expectant parents abort their unborn daughters, hoping for sons instead. In other societies, girls are subjected to such traditional practices as complex female genital mutilation (FGM) or simple FGM-circumcision, which leave them maimed and traumatized. anxiety attack nausea vomiting In other instances, they are compelled to marry as children, before they are physically, mentally or emotionally mature.

The ages of 12/13 are (i.e.: Korea, Paraguay, Philippines, Malta) extremely dangerous. This immature age is a borderline child-bearing age where pregnancy would likely kill child and baby in a significant percentile of the population. Informed consent seems impossible and puberty may not have been attained at this age. The State has a significant burden of responsibility to help parents protect children and fails on that burden when encouraging sex with such young children.

Sixteen years of age should be the age of consent globally and that would apply to any person no matter who they have sex with. Defining age of consent on the basis of same versus opposite sex coupling is another violation of the rights of the individual. 8d. Diminished Consent Sex by a Person in Authority or a Mental Health Care Provider is a crime

Many nations criminalize diminished-consent sex between a person in authority, such as a teacher, police officer or prison guard, and someone over whom that person has authority, like a student, a person in police custody, or a prisoner. The rationale for criminalizing this conduct is that the capacity to consent is diminished by the authority that the teacher or other authority figure has over the student or other person.

Sex is sometimes criminalized between a psychotherapist or other mental health care provider and a client or patient, on the grounds that the nature of the relationship and the client’s vulnerable position makes the client or patient incapable of knowing, voluntary consent. 9. Legal Defence Against Rape Charges

Defendants charged with rape have the usual defenses available to all criminal defendants, starting with ‘It was someone else who did this rape.’ A defendant can also claim that the sexual activity was consensual and therefore not rape. In a rape case, there can be significant questions about what constitutes consent or what constitutes refusal. This has led to the infamous question of when does ‘No’ mean ‘No?’ Does the word constitute a lack of consent as soon as it is spoken, or must the victim object more vigorously?

Another possible defense is an insanity plea, in which the defense argues that the person accused of rape is mentally ill and did not have the capacity to control his behavior, to form criminal intent to do the rape, or to understand what he was doing or that his actions were unlawful. Index 10. Gender Violence – What does that Mean?

Gender violence is a complex issue that includes a variety of aggressive acts like relationship violence in heterosexual and same sex partnerships, and also rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, prostitution, confinement, restraint, forcible oppression, and even sex trafficking. generalized anxiety disorder dsm 5 criteria Gender violence is nearly always seen in crimes of genocide.

"Gender-based violence" (GBV) as a phrase is most often used to convey the idea that the violence serves to maintain some type of structural gender inequality, and in reality includes all types of violence against women, children, adolescents, gay and transgender people. This type of violence in some way influences or is influenced by gender relations

Gender is also the most powerful predictor of rape, sexual assault and relationship violence. Statistically these crimes are predominantly against women and perpetrated by men. Gender violence highlights a male-patterned violence in war zones and in ‘peace-time’: a prevalent violence committed most often by men, often motivated by aggression, revenge, competition, and entitlement, and includes sexual and other violence against women, partners and children.