Ptosis of the upper eyelid causes, classification, diagnostics, treatment nanoxia deep silence

Ptosis of the upper eyelid: causes, classification, diagnostics, treatment

Facial muscles over time or because of some diseases tend to weaken, to lose tone. The result is a skin fold, sagging, unpleasant cosmetic defect, which makes one to get rid of, as it spoils the appearance. Especially often diagnosed ptosis of the upper eyelid — so in medicine is called drooping down this part of the face. It weights opinion, makes it bland and ugly.

It is quite natural that the most beautiful half of humanity would like to get rid of this plague by any means. Modern cosmetology in close tandem with the dermatology and neurology propose several methods to resolve it.

But to begin with determine the reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon.Nanoxia deep silence reasons

If you correctly identify the cause of ptosis of the upper eyelid, the defect will get much easier. Once you propecia the underlying disease which caused the formation of the heavy folds above the eyes, facial muscles will be easier to tone. In fact, these factors quite a bit.

• the absence or hypoplasia of facial muscles, function of which lies in the lifting and lowering of the upper eyelid — this explains the congenital ptosis of the upper eyelid;

• acquired defect due to recent neurological disease that leads to paralysis or paresis of the oculomotor nerve passing through the muscle involved in the lifting and lowering of the upper eyelid; it may be a stroke, horner’s syndrome, meningitis, encephalitis, multiple sclerosis, cerebral abscess, diabetic neuropathy;

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• external injury: a tumor, injury, rupture;

• botox injections that are injected in the forehead to smooth wrinkles and folds: very often patients wonder how rests ptosis of eyelids after dysport usually this side effect can appear within 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the correction area and amount of an administered drug;

• age.

If the reasons are due to genetic factor and they are not so easy to eliminate, after passing a certain course of treatment, to get rid of ptosis of the upper eyelid forever it will not work. It is only possible to smooth the appearance of its manifestations with the help of cosmetic procedures in the salon and at home. If the blame for a particular disease after appropriate therapy, it is hoped that facial muscle back to tone and sits up, revealing to the world your uncomplicated, young and cheerful look.Nanoxia deep silence

It is very important not to confuse this defect with some of the other symptoms that may indicate internal disease and does not treat ptosis. Symptoms

The appearance of ptosis is dangerous because it can not notice immediately due to its slow buildup. That is, the drooping of the upper eyelid occurs in a measured, gradually, over weeks and even months. Especially if the main cause is age. Therefore, in cosmetology differ several stages of development of this defect:

Stage I changes are observed only in the region of the lower eyelid: facial muscle gradually begins to weaken, which are formed under eye circles, bags, wrinkles.

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Stage II. Drawn a clear boundary between the cheek and eye area.Nanoxia deep silence

Stage III. There is a noticeable drooping of the upper eyelid on the eye. The look becomes dull, sad, lackluster. It seems that people with a frown, looking askance.

Stage IV. Nasolacrimal groove deepens, not only lowered the lid and outer corners of the eyes. This defect adds to the exterior a few years: the woman begins to look much older.

The primary symptom of ptosis — upper eyelid edge is from the border of the iris by more than 1.5 mm. Depending on this index there are the following degrees of severity of the defect:

Degree I. The eyelid covers a small portion of the pupil (about 1/3).

The degree II. It is lowered by half (only 1/2 visible pupil).

Degree III. Eye completely closed.

In addition, the defect is accompanied by the following symptoms:

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• the outer border of the lower eyelids twisted think;

• visually the eyes appear to be small, very short;

• unpleasant fold of skin goes right from the outer edge of the upper eyelid to the lower;

• very close-set eyes;

• regular redness of the mucosa;

• eye fatigue;

• reduction of vision;

• a split in the eyes;

• in a sense of sand;

• constriction of the pupil;

• strabismus (not always).

Ptosis of the upper eyelid may vary not only stages and degrees of severity. In cosmetology and medicine has its own classification of this defect depending on the factors that caused it. Classification

Successful elimination of ptosis of the upper eyelid will depend on what defect you are dealing with. Because each variety has a special characteristics.Nanoxia deep silence there are the following types:

• unilateral (one eye affected) / double-sided ptosis of the upper eyelids (ptosis observed in both eyes);

• congenital (from birth) / acquired (formed over time under the influence of certain factors);

• post-traumatic ptosis of the upper eyelid, which is formed as a result of some external injury;

• full (III severity) / incomplete (I and II degree of gravity);

• neurogenic ptosis of the upper eyelid due to paralysis of the oculomotor nerve, is often full and unilateral;

Taking into account the causes, severity and stage of development of this defect modern cosmetology is successfully pursuing treatment of ptosis of the upper eyelid, offering a choice of several effective, safe and very effective techniques.Nanoxia deep silence better results can be achieved if to seek help from a professional in the salon. Although I severity, with no serious disease may use folk remedies at home. Diagnosis

Ptosis is diagnosed by an ophthalmologist based on the following studies:

• measurements of the height of the upper eyelid;

• the study of the symmetry of the skin folds at the time of blinking;

• muscle tone;

• the conclusion of the neurologist;

• electromyography of muscles;

• MRI of the brain;

• ultrasound of the eye;

• x-rays of the orbit;

• the refractometry;

• perimetry;

• angle measurement of biological strabismus;

• the study of the convergence;

• check binocular vision.

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nanoxia deep silence

Naturally, the ophthalmologist will apply to each of the above studies. On the basis of visual inspection and readings of the tests he would send only part of data diagnostics, which allows him to understand the overall clinical picture and to appoint, in accordance with her treatment. Medication

Sooner or later, any woman suffering from this defect, wants to return his gaze to its former youth and beauty and are wondering how to treat ptosis of the upper eyelid, to what expert to address and what will be the course of therapy. Conservative methods

Neurogenic ptosis of the upper eyelid can be treated without surgery, as the therapy is aimed at restoring the health of the nerve. Among the methods under this treatment are well established:

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• local (local) UHF therapy;

• the use of drugs for the nutrition of the damaged nerve tissue;

• gymnastics;

• the galvanotherapy;

• salon massage with ptosis century masters (if you want to save money, the technique of self-massage can be learned at home).

A separate issue is the treatment of ptosis of the upper eyelid after botox, as the phenomenon is, though short, but want it passed as quickly as possible and did not leave any marks on your pretty face. Therefore, your doctor may prescribe the following activities:

• using eye drops that stimulate the contraction of the very muscles responsible for drooping of the upper eyelid; they include such active substances as alphagan, ipratropium, lopidine, phenylephrin;

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• firming corrective medical mask and eye cream;

• daily steam sauna;

• active massaging the eyebrows.

If after a course of conservative treatment of ptosis of the upper eyelid does not pass, the decision on surgical intervention. Surgical technique

The most common technique today is the true correction of ptosis of the upper eyelid blepharoplasty. It is a cosmetic surgery that can eliminate this cosmetic defect. Stages of the procedure:

• a comprehensive examination of the patient, identification of contraindications;

• the holding of local anesthesia, which is produced in the tissue of the upper eyelid;

• if the patient surgery can be performed under general anesthesia;

• at the natural crease of the skin incision is made, through which are removed the excess fat.Nanoxia deep silence

That is the surgical method to eliminate this cosmetic defect is most often advised to use experienced professionals-cosmetologists, as it gives the most tangible, noticeable effect. However, if the culprit only age, and the ptosis is only at the initial stage of development, you can easily carry out the treatment at home, which with the right approach can yield positive results. Home treatment

If you have decided on home treatment of folk remedies, you need to understand that the effect will be several times less noticeable than if you asked for help in the salon. However, it is safe and low side effects. Self-correcting ptosis of the upper eyelid in the following ways.

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• ice cubes: put a small amount of frozen water (a decoction of medicinal herbs), the upper eyelids twice a day, morning and before bedtime.

• compresses of infusions of parsley, chamomile, birch leaves and from potato juice.

• homemade anti-aging masks, which include potatoes, parsley, egg, cheese, and other products with a lifting effect.


• wash your hands.

• clean from makeup forever.

• apply a massage oil.

• follow massage lines: the fingers should move on the upper eyelid from inner to outer corner, and lower back.

• according to the lines produce a gentle caress.

• then the beating for 1 minute.

• continuous pressure, but not touching the apple of the eye.

• put on lids cotton pads soaked in a concentrated decoction of chamomile (or at least tea bags).Nanoxia deep silence


Very good for gymnastics with ptosis of the upper eyelid, which contributes to the rapid tightening of weakened muscles. If the reason for your cosmetic defect lies in the age, specially selected exercises will help to return your look former youth.

• look forward, slowly move the view to the left, then up, right, down. Eyes turn slowly clockwise. Do this until you have 5 circles.

• lift your head, abut eyes to the ceiling, open your mouth, start fast blinking.

• close your eyes, count to 3, widely open, looking into the distance. Repeat 5 times.

• open your eyes, put your fingertips on whiskey. Pull the skin. Lock or unlock at a rapid pace eyes. Fingers do not slip.

• somknite eyelids. With fingertips, hold the skin at the outer corners of the eyes.Nanoxia deep silence overcome the pressure, raising the upper eyelids as high as possible.

• bend your head, eyelids down.

Now you know what constitutes a cosmetic defect, like ptosis of the upper eyelid, and in what ways (medical and household) can be removed. Highly recommended in the beginning to find out and eliminate possible root cause of the scourge. This will allow you to handle it much faster.

At home is only possible visual improvement of the appearance of the eye. But the deep and proper treatment can be prescribed only by a professional (eye doctor, beautician, dermatologist). Despite all of its dangers and pitfalls, it will return your glance former youth, beauty, and clarity.