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Several years ago, I read the autobiography of George Muller, a man of great faith who began several orphanages and schools in the mid to late 1800’s. Under his care, more than 10,000 orphans received a home, love, and care and more than 120,000 children received christian education in one of his 117 schools. In all these endeavors, he never asked any human for financial support. He believed strongly in the power of prayer and in God’s wide, deep ability to provide for all his needs and the needs of those under his care. hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy mri findings As I read story after story of God’s faithful provision in answer to prayer and often against all earthly circumstances, my prayer life was radically changed. In a way, I could say that I learned to pray in faith from George Muller.

Corrie Ten Boom, a Christian holocaust survivor and woman of deep faith, is another one of my heroes. She said, “Any concern too small to be turned into a prayer is too small to be turned into a burden.” How the practice of prayer changes the very fabric of our lives! I yearn for a heart that resembles the heart of my Father. I am far from that now yet He kindly draws me nearer to His heart through prayer. Prayer is not presenting wishes like one would to a genie in a bottle. anxiety attack meaning in arabic It is not a way to manipulate your life or the life of someone else. It is not a way to earn spiritual points, if there was such a thing. It is an intimate practice of unity with God. God comforts, understands, teaches, loves, encourages, and restores His people through prayer.

It should be as fundamental to our spiritual life as breathing is to our physical life, yet sometimes it is hard or even intimidating. I’ve been in a few conversations lately in which women so honestly shared their struggles with prayer and I think we can all understand. What do you say? When do you pray? Can you do it wrong? Two things that are helpful to remember…God created prayer, knowing it would be life-giving AND He is full of mercy, remembering our frailty with compassion.

So, in efforts to help us enjoy this gift of prayer, I’m going to post a series of prayers over the next few weeks. anxiety attack cure natural There is absolutely nothing special about these prayers. In fact, they will be rather simple, yet rooted in Scripture (which I will note after the prayer). My prayer for you in this series is that God will draw you closer to Himself, that you will feel and know His care and restoration. I will do topical prayers so if you ever have any suggestions, please let me know. Happy praying my friends!

Thank you for your care. nanoxia ncore retro amazon Thank you for remembering my frailty. cerebral anoxia definition Thank you for giving me this gift of prayer. Thank you for hearing my exact voice, even though there may be millions across the globe praying to you at this moment. Thank you for your mercy. Thank you for your never-failing presence, which I can count on in all that I encounter today. Lord, let me rely on your presence. hipoxia anoxia Let my day be one continuous prayer to you. Let me pray without ceasing, enjoying You and rejoicing in You in all circumstances. Restore me through your presence in prayer. Thank you Lord. Amen