Pop Punks This Is Not How Being Woke In The Scene Works The Punk Journalist test anxiety definition psychology

So it looks like I’m finally writing about one of my favorite music genres and the problematic scene of fans that come with it. TO CLARIFY: the band I will be writing about is considered alternative rock, but for some odd reason is considered pop punk because of the fans that like this music. Seems people at times tend to forget that bands like title fight and brand new have not been pop punk in many years but that’s another argument for another day.

This band I thoroughly enjoy known as movements just announced a headliner tour (which they don’t do often) with boston manor, trashboat, and drug hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy in adults radiology church. All pretty talented bands in their own way. Then all of a sudden on my feed I started seeing some very negative comments especially towards the band’s lead singer patrick miranda about the line up.

Now normally if someone is dissatisfied with a line up they might comment the usual “this line up is ass but I love (insert band name here)” or like “I think I’m gonna sit this one out” or whatever. This is not the case for this line up, as MANY kids hypoxic encephalopathy icd 10 all of a sudden started a twitter riot about how their were no women lead bands present. So let’s take a look into why this argument is extremely problematic.

Movements is an alternative rock band from southern california. They were formed in 2015 with influences from title fight and balance and composure. After performing one local show, the band signed a three record deal with fearless records. Since their formation, movements discography includes an EP titled outgrown things and an 11 track studio album titled feel something. The songs on both of these albums touch upon subjects that mean a lot to the members, especially lead singer patrick miranda. The lyrical content includes themes of anxiety, depression, heartbreak, and even parental relationships. The song “deadly dull” is written about alzheimer’s disease, which miranda’s grandmother had suffered with. When the video for deadly dull was released, movements teamed up with the alzheimer’s association to spread awareness. The band consists of members patrick miranda (vocals), ira george (lead guitarist), spencer york (drums), and austin cressey (bass guitar, rhythm guitar).

Apparently on october 4th 2018, miranda tweeted “send me small band suggestions who have female members”. About 929 people responded to the tweet with bands with female members. Some pop punk fans must have been EXTREMELY observant in waiting for this movements tour to be announced with female lead beck’s anxiety inventory test pdf bands. So when movements announced this tour, none of the supporting bands have women in them. So pop punk twitter decided to make the biggest deal about this and straight up attack miranda for the line up. This isn’t the first time miranda has been attacked on the platform either. A lot of pop punks attacked him a few months ago when he said he didn’t like the ‘hard style’ pose kids in the scene tend to do at shows.

People tend to get confused because big names in the music industry tend to pick and choose who they want to tour with. An example of this could be when paramore and fall out boy did monumentour back in 2014. Both of the bands finally dropped their long awaited albums after a brief hiatus and boom, you have a line up any emo kid from 2005 has been dying to see.

However this isn’t the case for smaller bands under a record label. In other words, fearless records with the managers for movements most likely made anxiété définition oms the line up. It is highly likely that movements had no say in how this line up was going to be. Yes they might suggest a few names, but it is ultimately not up to them. Nonetheless, the kids aren’t even attacking the movements twitter page. They’re attacking miranda directly.

Now trust me since I was 15, I knew I was a feminist. I was definitely not a feminazi where I hated all men and what not, but I did believe that women should be put to the same standards as men. I also took a class in high school about women in the media, where I was educated about how women were always put below men in entertainment. As much as I enjoyed this class, there is a big big flaw in feminism that many people overlook. A lot of feminism (in particular with white women who just enjoy feeling more oppressed than they actually are) is stemmed off of self victimization. That’s a big NO. The more we bring up feminist issues in this self victimized way, the more people won’t take anything you say seriously. Yes, it’s important that we should have more female lead bands in the scene. No, it is not okay to blame a band and anxiety attack symptoms numbness a lead singer of a band directly because of the lack of women in the scene.

This also brings me to another point. If you are truly so concerned that there are no female lead bands in the pop punk scene, then find them. There are literally so many other female lead pop punk bands apart from paramore and tonight alive. This is a small tangent, but I actually have friends in a local punk band known as jigsaw youth. They’re actually super awesome and super feminist and they’re currently touring in florida. Why are they touring in florida? Because they have fans that support them. Yes it can take years to become big in the scene but support does help greatly brain anoxia definition! I also recommend listening to them if you’re a fan of bands such as turnstile or minor threat. Go support female lead bands as supposed to attacking bands for line ups that they have no control over. Some pop punk fans also need to realize that creepy guys with pedophilic tendencies is unfortunately a very big part of the culture. Over the years we’ve seen acts like front porch step and brand new come to their downfall over grown men in the scene including themselves for being creepy to their young fans. Yet so many pop punk fans are very in denial about anoxic brain injury diagnosis this. I will admit I was 16 at one point and loved warped tour culture and overlooking the creepiness, but times are very different now. If a band is genuinely being perverted towards their young fans, speak out about it. It’s weird that I see more kids attacking miranda for stupid stuff like this but they don’t say anything about the band members predatory actions towards young women.

Finally, movements is easily the least problematic band in the scene right now. I have not heard one person complain about the band members. Miranda went to twitter after the events and said anoxic brain injury recovery rate “thank you to all my friends who have had my back today. Taking a break from social media for some time. My mental health has taken a hit, and I need to get myself back on a healthy track. See you when I see you”. A friendly reminder that movements is not a big band at all. They’re not a big verified performer that will most likely overlook any hate you send them or not see it because their PR team sees it. Miranda has spoken out about his depression before. Just a friendly reminder that band members are literally just normal people with feelings believe it or not. If the biggest problem this band has caused is not having female leads on their line up or not liking a pose, then let it be. Show the same frustration you have for this situation towards pedophiles and creeps in the scene. Actually fight for something worth fighting for as opposed to silly materialistic things.