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As very year, the london excel building is hosting the annual EAG expo in january. This year celebrates the 10th edition of the show. This year the number of pinball machines present is higher than ever. The games were spread over two stands: electrocoin and pinball heaven. Electrocoin is the official importer of stern pinball machines. In their booth they had deadpool pro, two beatles gold, munsters pro and munsters premium. The two beatles games were also equiped with an illuminated plastic topper.

Stern management was present in person of gary stern, doug skor, john buscaglia, dave peterson and his wife sara. They had meetings with distributors scheduled throughout the hypoxic brain injury post cardiac arrest show, which meant they were not present at the stand, but in meetings in the office area.

In a vertical stand next to the games several flyers of various stern games were also available for visitors to take home.

The pinball heaven stand turned out to be the biggest yet at this show. The company brought 10 games to the show: all four jersey jack pinball games: pirates of the caribbean, dialed in, the hobbit and the wizard of oz, all three chicago gaming remakes: monster bash, medieval madness and attack from mars. The line up was competed with thunderbirds by homepin, a beatles gold and the munsters pro. On tuesday neil mcrae was streaming the munsters from the pinball heaven stand all day on his twitch channel.

At the consumer electronics show in las vegas stern pinball revealed their newest game title: the munsters. The game, based on a TV-show that was mainly broadcasted by CBS in the U.S. The show ran from 1964 to 1966 and has 70 episodes. The game had been rumored to be coming for over a year due to several “leaks.” the game is designed by john borg, who called it his dream theme in previous interviews. Artwork on the game is by christopher franchi. Unlike previous game revealings, this one was announced upfront, although stern would not confirm which title would be revealed, although it was hardly a surprise. Now the cat is officially out of the bag and below are links to the first images:

All models have a herman bash toy with a magnet in front of it. The magnet can grab the ball, which then has anxiety causes symptoms and treatments to be released by shooting a second ball to it, similar to the start of mist multiball in bram stoker’s dracula. The premium and LE model have a lower mini playfield, which appears to be actually a miniature playfield, with smaller balls and flippers, like were used previously on stewie pinball in stern’s family guy. The miniature playfield represents grandpa’s laboratory, where the player needs to activate grandpa’s machine during a timed mode. When succeeding in doing so it starts a 2-ball multiball on the minature playfield.

Players will be transported to 1313 mockingbird lane, joining the entire munsters family on this haunted pinball adventure. Featuring herman, raven, lily, spot and grandpa, players will work their way towards munster madness in this frightfully funny and action-packed pinball world under glass. The munsters pinball machines will be available in pro anoxia fetal, premium, and limited edition models.

Stern’s the munsters pro, premium, and limited edition models feature stunning and distinctive hand-drawn art. Each game features a custom sculpted herman bash toy with magnetized ball catch, highlighting herman multiball. In addition, all models include a pop-up spot bash toy hidden under the left ramp, a custom sculpted drag-U-la toy car featured near a left shooter lane kicker, as well as a metal turn-around, flip-up ramp.

Complementing the immersive theme and exciting gameplay experience, stern pinball’s powerful SPIKE™ electronics hardware system enables high-definition graphics and innovative animations on the high-definition video display. SPIKE™ reduces system complexity and energy usage resulting in enhanced reliability and simplified servicing. The state-of-the-art electronic system also powers a high-fidelity 3-channel audio system that is three times more powerful than audio systems of previous generations.

Two spanish pinball companies, STR pinball and quetzal pinball (who you may know from their captain nemo pinball machine), have teamed up and designed a new streetlevel pinball machine called tokyo perfect drift revealed. The game is themed around japanese street racing and was unveiled early december. While the game code still needs some work, the hardware parts and art package of the game are completely done. Check out this article on pinball news for all the details.

At stern pinball they started building and shipping the primus pinball machine that was announced last month. Reportedly 50 games were built last month and the remaining games will be built in january. On social media a photo from the stern factory was ‘leaked’ showing the primus game being in production, with the munsters (stern’s next game which hasn’t been officially announced yet) being assembled in the background. Apparently one of the primus games also shipped reflex anoxic seizures vs breath holding spells ‘accidentally’ with a munsters manual. The assembled games are likely intended for tradeshows that will take in january such as CES and EAG in london. Stern did just send out a press release that their next new game will be revealed at CES and that jack danger from deadflip will be streaming the unveiling of the new game live on his twitch channel on january 8 th, 11:00 AM PST.

Jersey jack pinball started building and shipping the collector’s editions of pirates of the caribbean. The game also saw a new code update (0.98). Congratulations are in order to jack guarnieri, founder of JJP, who became a grandfather again after his daughter jen (also working at JJP) gave birth to garry salvatore dicosmo on boxing day. Jack guarnieri also announced that JJP may release more than one game in 2019 in his predictions that aired on the holiday special of the special when lit podcast. However, unlike with previous games the company is no longer setting deadlines to have a game ready for a certain show. The game simply will be shown when it is ready to be shown.

Spooky pinball almost finished production of total nuclear annihilation. Most orders have been fulfilled and they’re currently building some more games to have some in stock to sell. In about ten days they will completely focus on the production of alice cooper nightmare castle. Spooky owner charlie emery did predict that scott danesi’s second game will be even better than his first (which was total nuclear annihilation).

Homepin have started shipping games on metal pallets, after several games that shipped on wooden pallets got damaged in transit. Homepin shipped out a new container of thunderbirds games, which are all headed for australia. The company is also working on the design of their second game, which will have a theme that is aiming for the chinese market.

Exactly one year ago pinball magazine discovered an ad from the weche company in taiwan, where they showed a new type of head to head pinball game called super pong pong bar. After reaching out to weche it turned out the game was still in development, but a prototype was presented at the amusement expo in las vegas in march. The game is also advertised in pinball magazine no. 5 on page 274. Last month taito japan released video footage of the same game, but with different artwork. It is now called space invaders pinball jam. For more details check out this article by arcadeheroes.

The mafia is themed que es anoxia neonatal around the heydays of al capone and contains many newly recorded voice calls that remind of classic mafia movies and TV shows, such as the godfather, sopranos, goodfellas, scarface, and others. The game was designed with classic electromechanical pinball games in mind. As such it’s a single-level, standard sized, two flipper game without multiball.

While team pinball exists of three people, they did work with more people to create artwork, voice calls, and other elements. The playfield of the game is designed by balint ats, a former zen studios pinball designer who designed many pinball games for them. He also briefly worked for heighway pinball. Balint is not part of the company, but he is part of the design team for the mafia. The artwork on the game is by attila szabo (ATALOGY). Janos kiss has been in charge of programming the game. Romain fontaine did the electronics engineering. The music in the game has been specifically composed for the game by adam gubman of moonwalk audio. The whole project was managed by otilia pasareti.

Team pinball plans to build a maximum of 100 games of the mafia, so production is rather limited. The game seems to be aiming at pinball collectors who are looking for an unusual, exclusive game. Pinball magazine was invited to play the game, which at the moment still needs some additional game code, but all the hardware and basic elements of gameplay are there.

During gameplay, players should shoot nanoxia deep silence 4 mini tower computer case for the left and right orbit and the captive ball to start a hurry-up mode in which they have to shoot for the casino, train or the diamond target. The spinner in the center also builds up to a hurry-up mode in which the right orbit has to be shot. Shooting the two standup targets next to the spinner will build the spinner value. While the rules of the game appear to be simple, once explained, they are in the current game code not that obvious to discover during gameplay. However, the code is still being worked on and some suggestions were even implemented on the fly. While the rules may be simple, they turn out to be pretty hard to achieve as well.

What is rather unique these days is that this boutique company announces themselves and their first games and have already handbuilt ten games, which are ready to ship anoxic brain injury pathophysiology. More games will be build when orders come in. They have been talking to several distributors, among who are pinball star in the U.S., nitro amusements in canada, free play in sweden and R.S. Pinball in austria.

The mafia is the first commercial raspberry pi controlled pinball machine. While the technical side of the game may look simple, the flippers, singshots and popbumpers respond very well, just like a professional pinball machine. The game is equipped with an HD LCD in the backbox that displays scores and black and white cartoon style animations. The playfield is fully equipped with RGB leds. The playfield itself is a blank piece of plywood with a reverse-printed playfield protector that has all the artwork on it. This is a rather unusual technique, but it actually works pretty good. In case it gets scratched, it will be easy to replace the protector, and the game will look as new again.

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