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Seeing raul ibanez this weekend reminded that he should be gad anxiety test pdf a candidate for the phillies next manager. While he doesn’t have managerial experience, per se, he is as highly respected within the industry. His straightforward manner and work ethic he showed as a gad anxiety test pdf player would IMO resonate much, much more than the hollow spins, platitudes and cliches of the current skipper. Baseball managers today have much more to do in keeping gad anxiety test pdf the clubhouse and dugout in order than the strategic aspects gad anxiety test pdf which are pretty much mapped out for them by the gad anxiety test pdf front office. Ibanez embodies the requisite traits and has been circulating as gad anxiety test pdf a MLB executive, most recently with LAD, so he’s up to speed on the trends of the game. Plus I’d rather hear the CBP crowd bellowing “RAUUULLL!!” instead of them booing kapler as he walks to the gad anxiety test pdf mound. Since his playing days, I’ve always identified ibanez as a future MLB manager. I hope he get the opportunity here. The writing on the wall for this coaching staff and gad anxiety test pdf their leader is legible – this isn’t working. Not for lack of effort, but the efforts seem misplaced and ineffective. It doesn’t matter how hard you work if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Klentak got a lot of credit, and a contract extension, for acquiring good position players in the off-season. He did do that well, and added more mid-season like jay bruce and brad miller. And we can give him a break on the bullpen gad anxiety test pdf given the unprecedented number of injuries, even though I understand the concerns over acquiring old relievers gad anxiety test pdf and suspicion that kapler relief pitchers.

Klentak also said he learned last year about mucking up gad anxiety test pdf the team with a lot of late-season add ons. We should remember that the young phillies were a winning gad anxiety test pdf team last year who said things about how they had gad anxiety test pdf all learned to win together in the minors and now gad anxiety test pdf they were growing up together on the phillies. But klentak (and/or kapler) had no confidence and sent that message by bringing in gad anxiety test pdf a bunch of short-term, aging mercenaries. The spell was broken. The team collapsed. Maybe it would have, anyway, but I, for one, winced last year every time a new has-been was added.

We also don’t need to recite all the times kapler has made gad anxiety test pdf bad bullpen decisions. But I think there was one telling game that hinkie gad anxiety test pdf pointed out. That was saying he didn’t keep efflin in friday night because of soreness so gad anxiety test pdf he ended up with quinn on the mound and VV gad anxiety test pdf in the outfield. As hinkie noted, kapler’s decisions belied that explanation. And, even if true, he had obvious better decisions he could have made.

Now, there are debates here on who is more responsible, klentak or kapler. I think the GM and his hand-selected manager work as a team. I believe that some GM decisions, such as sean rodriguez being on the roster, may be klentak’s to make, but that he consults with kapler. Likewise, I imagine that klentak and kapler discuss how to play gad anxiety test pdf or approach some players.

Finally, if the GM and manger are something of a team, so, too, might be the president and the managing owner. McPhail at times has distanced himself from klentak. I wouldn’t be surprised if he and middleton aren’t having discussions among themselves over what to do after gad anxiety test pdf this season. And seeing how much middleton wants to win, and to accelerate the return to winning, it might not spell more patience for K and K.

“the most recent draft concept would be 20 rounds, with teams allowed to trade picks. Every pick would have a hard slot value, so if a team drafts a player and the slot gad anxiety test pdf value is $1 million, that player would sign for $1 million. Picks in the top three rounds would be protected for gad anxiety test pdf clubs, so if a team drafted a player in one of gad anxiety test pdf those rounds who didn’t sign, it would potentially receive compensation in the following year’s draft. After the 20th round, teams can sign nondrafted free agents for up to $25,000. The age when players become eligible to sign would still gad anxiety test pdf be 16. However, while the current system centers around july 2, the annual opening of the international signing period, the draft would be held in august. One of the bigger twists in MLB’s latest draft concept is the draft order. Instead of replicating the order of the june draft, which would reward the team with the worst record the gad anxiety test pdf previous season with two no. 1 overall draft picks, the teams picking at the top of the draft would gad anxiety test pdf rotate annually by division. So one year, for example, the teams in the national league east would get the gad anxiety test pdf top five overall picks. The next year another division would get the top five gad anxiety test pdf picks, and it would rotate every six years.”

This may be the worst collection of national league teams gad anxiety test pdf in many years. When the phillies are playing the way they are, it doesn’t matter who the opposing team is. Add a starting pitcher they’re unfamiliar with and forget it. No shot. We’ve been waiting for them to go on a run. And waiting. Every team has one each season, right? The front office has totally abandoned ship. And now it’s too late. Even the players thought they would go out and add gad anxiety test pdf pitching. So what did klentak do? Added corey dickerson, a nice bat who they’ll probably let walk in the winter. Smyly and vargas are what they are. The owner’s silence is troubling. But the most annoying of all is the utter lack gad anxiety test pdf of both urgency and energy which defines this organization. I’d love to see a documentary on the daily life gad anxiety test pdf of andy macphail and what his job entails. Today he’s probably meeting with the interior design firm to discuss gad anxiety test pdf what new colors to paint the public rest rooms for gad anxiety test pdf next year. You know, to improve the fan experience. Meanwhile, matt klentak continues to “look under every rock” as gabe loves to say, to improve the ball club. If the GM is looking under any rocks for ball gad anxiety test pdf players, we’re in worse trouble than I thought.

It starts from macphail. There is no sense of urgency because the president of gad anxiety test pdf the team is pleased as punch with how they have gad anxiety test pdf progressed. Right according to his timeline. Why get to the playoffs faster than the other rebuilds? Who cares that the fans have suffered for 8 years? We are doing a great job. The GM had an “objectively excellent off-season”, and there was no need for pitching help. With management having that kind of a poor attitude, why wouldn’t it trickle down? Then we have to listen to kapler say, “when we are working on all cylinders, we are unbeatable”. What nonsense! The SP, the BP, and the way the offense approaches hitting are missing quite gad anxiety test pdf a few cylinders, so playing on all of them is not possible. Our offense may have fine resumes, but they are not playing well at all, sleepwalking through game after game, with the occasional burst, then back to sleep. The president, with his words, and the GM, with his lack of action at the deadline, set the stage for their to be no urgency at gad anxiety test pdf all. And, we are seeing that on the field.