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One time San Diego Charger and Oceanside native Junior Seau killed himself in 2012 rather than face a life of diminishing motor skill and cognition. He expressly donated his brain to research to study the effects of head injuries as a result of playing football. A Study of his brain show that he suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a condition common to football players.

It’s true, lowering the head and leading with it is not a good thing for the brain over the course of a player’s life. Concussions lead to brain trauma which in turn lead to CTE. However, runners who take on defenders in an upright position are also more likely to take a hit under their chin, which will also lead to concussions and increase their odds of an injury like a broken jaw.

By now, anyone who plays football for a living knows the inherent risks that come from the game. anoxic brain injury recovery rate No one makes these players choose this game for a living. The cat is out of the bag as far as information on the risks that go along with the financial rewards of an NFL career.

The NFL does owe it to players of past generations for withholding information from them regarding head trauma and they are finally working to pay the cost of lawsuits from former players. However, today’s players are not owed a safer game because let’s face it, the game is not safe. We all know it so why try to fool the fans you are making it safer when in reality, the league is just making it more confusing, slower, and less enjoyable?

Every player contract as well as the collective bargaining agreement needs to come with a waiver in which players acknowledge their awareness of the risks of the game. nanoxia deep silence 120mm pwm ultra quiet pc fan Money from every player contract should be pulled out and placed in a pool to help defray the cost of health care following a player’s career. Finally, get rid of these “safer” rules and let the game of football return to what it is, the most challenging and violent game on the planet, one that should captivate the viewer and not frustrate all who are involved in it on some level.

Pats and Chiefs Exceed Expectations: There is no doubt, the game of the week heading into week six featured the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs traveling to New England to play the Patriots. While the Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Pats earlier in the season, it was before New England had their full complement of receivers for use. For the Chiefs, a win against the Patriots will erase any doubts about their legitimacy as the top team in the AFC.

In the end, the game resembled more of a great heavy weight championship fight, one where the combatants stood toe to toe and duked it out from the opening bell to the final bell. Both took the best the other had to throw at them and never backed down. Rather than caving when momentum was working against one, we saw one gut check after another as both the Patriots and Chiefs refused to back down.

By game’s end, fans saw just one punt in 23 possessions and 83 total points. nanoxia project s This time, New England walked away with a 43 to 40 victory, but you get the sense the Chiefs can’t wait for the rematch in January and will feel cheated if it does not happen.

As for New England, they control their own destiny for now, but do not be surprised if there is a drop off in energy this week when they travel to Chicago. They’ll need it because the Bears defense will be spoiling to get back on track after what they did this past week.

Giants Need to Move On: It’s difficult to move on from a quarterback who has led your team to two Super Bowl titles. anxiety test for teens However, it is time for the Giants to do just that. In fact, if at all possible, they should try and trade Eli Manning to a team who can still turn to him late in the season in case their starter goes down before the playoffs.

Besides trading Manning before the league’s deadline, now is a perfect time for the Giants to reach out to Colin Kaepernick. Allowing Kaepernick a chance to play the final half of the season is a win-win. The Giants might find he is a useful bridge while they seek a quarterback for the future and it also gives Kaepernick a chance to prove one last time he can be a quality starting quarterback for any team in need of an experienced veteran.

In Case You Missed It: The Giants were right to draft Shaquan Barkley in the first round and pass on a quarterback. anxiety meaning Thursday night, he lit up the Eagles for 130 yards on just 13 carries and another 99 yards on 9 receptions. I am not a math expert, but if ten yards gets you a first down and you have a guy who averages ten yards a touch, you might want to get him the ball as much as possible.

Living and Dying by Dysfunction: I guess if you are a player who doesn’t care about winning but loves the limelight, Dallas is a great team to play for. However, their constant ups and downs are a great reflection of their owner’s constant meddling. Sometimes, like this past week against Jacksonville, it works.

Other times, like about half of their games, it results in losses that leave their fans scratching their heads and their haters laughing. It’s anyone’s guess what the rest of the season holds for Dallas, but my guess is another eight-win season and another Jerry Jones botched fix it job in the off season.