My biggest advice to twenty-something woman choosing to have faith what is anoxic ischemic encephalopathy

Debating someone faith in God can be incredibly useless. For the most part, it is hard to explain or justify it, as it is based on something that cannot be proven. anxiety disorder symptoms However, it is just as impossible to prove that God doesn’t exist. So please, let’s not waste time trying to figure out the “truth” today.

For years I believed that I was a career-oriented person and was convinced that I should be getting a higher education. I was a straight-A student, so clearly I needed to find the right program for me and it will all work out by naturally. Right?

The only problem was that I couldn’t find a damn career that made me feel accomplished. I hated going to school and seeing my debts growing. Even more upsetting, it felt as if people around me had it all figured out (which is an illusion). I thought I was getting “behind in life” and that soon, it would be “too late” to be who I always dreamed to be.

It took three months for me to be completely devastated once again, I had destroyed all my chances at a good life. Yes, I had quit that job since my anxiety was at is absolute worst and it was difficult to even leave the house. hypoxic anoxic brain injury recovery I would go to work crying and come back crying. It wasn’t the life for me.

I had no clue what to do next. I went back to an old, comfortable, mindless job… and I just tried to forget about finding a career for a while. In all honesty, It was also all I could do to help my anxiety. I needed to focus on positive and simple things to rebuild myself gradually.

Even if it isn’t God sending you a message in your heart, by giving up what you think that you know, you will end up trying new things and having a new perspective on life. anoxic brain injury signs and symptoms You will make new discoveries and maybe, when you are not looking, you’ll find what you always wanted.

Having faith is comforting and it gives a meaning to your life. Now, I can’t push people to believe in God cause that is too personal and simply impossible but please, at least believe in yourself and your abilities. anoxic brain injury survival rate Life changes, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

The six of wands is one of my favorite card in my #wildunknowntarotdeck. It means that you have emerged from your struggle/dark time more confident and stronger than ever. You are ready to fly away to new adventures and you need to have pride in your past. The colors also indicate calm and inner peace. I have been getting this card almost every week lately. It am grateful for it as it reminds me to look back on my past and see how far I have come by changing my life positively and fighting my anxiety. Too often, when times are difficult again, I am extremely hard on myself and I forget all that I have accomplish. I need to remember how much I have grow and move forward with my life. 🙏 Don’t forget to check out my post on how I fight anxiety with tarot! 👏

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