Misteri1963 15 signs that we have passed the fourth kingdom – the rules are different here, the game has changed. now we are creators. anoxic brain injury mayo clinic

We have entered a new paradigm, a new dimensional space. The third dimension is fading when trying to understand the fourth. We are now operating in the fourth dimension. Rainbow Children, the Indigos and light workers have raised the vibrations beyond the 3D matrix. Phase 3 has reached the fourth kingdom. The collective consciousness has awakened. The hard, dense karmic armor that covers us has been opened. The ascension has begun. The event is happening. We are experiencing tremors frequency undulations algorithms dimensional matrix rewiring transition. We are being guided from fourth to fifth, we are not alone. How do we know we are moving from the lower to the higher realms dimensions? It is all around us, the shift has become 3D matrix sand running through our fingers. We are operating on the astral plane, only real in the material plane because we hope, built on memory, routines and beliefs. We have a lot of energy work to do.

Release the negativity of the fourth kingdom recent years will release 3D density look like a walk in the park. We are warriors, we were prepared, trained for this. We open our hearts to love, commit the senses of the soldiers, observe, observe, observe. Come to micro expressions, see the truth behind masks of lies. severe diffuse axonal brain injury Stay away and watch how others speak to us and treat us with clarity and clarity. Look around you, what has changed, changed, pushed through blocks and what is stagnant? We have heard of draining the swamp, this is more like opening the windows of an old haunted house, letting all those trapped, lost, afraid, be released to escape at last. Tread carefully, there are things in the basement that we avoid disturbing. Attic sleeping children should not be awake yet. Easy Go healing, of course, fixing, for now focus on self-care. Our mission is currently not sow seeds, wake people up, to spread dissent freedom, Espara anchor our light grid Gaia. We are the hammer and nails to fix the light matrix 5d to the remains of the 3D matrix, creating a bridge on the material plane to allow ascension within our organic bodies. Activation of light body has prepared those who are called to help heal the room. 5d matrix reflects the material plane, created to avoid fear. We rebuild solid foundations of our perceived reality, based on joy, love, peace and higher consciousness.

We are taking the full impact of this change of dimensional plates, at our core. Concentration of high concentration episodes followed by a fuzzy head spaceman. Exaltation decreased with meditation comatose on the couch. nanoxia ncore Reflection helps activate the light body. Night trains energy course through our being, it becomes present day, touching, trippy. The rules are different here, the game has changed. Now we are creators.

We are helping to phase 3, melting the matrix light 5d, by transmuting dark energies. Healing. The matrix of light is merging with the dark womb, we are the glue, the filaments of light that unite all. Faults are evident. strange incidents, ghostly events, smoke and mirrors. The alarming news is seeping into our vision, extremist movements of extremist governments. What it is real and what is not? Conspiracies are rational theory. Explanations for inconsistencies and consistencies in the fabric of our lives. The fourth change the rules. The walls are not solid. Paranormal activity increase, the limits will be reduced between their world and ours. We work to transmute fear into love. The navigation transdimensional the fourth dimension requires making daily land, meditation, relaxation, routine and spiritual guidance. Protection must be increased, adopt senses soldier, were trained for this. hypoxic brain injury cardiac arrest Holy Light circles protect us from all frequencies and lower vibrations. Use your free will and accept the gift of protecting a higher self, guides and ascended beings.

The dimensions exist at frequencies not need to be in the fourth for a long time. Our world is now intelligent, interactive. We are players and architects, designers, players. We can design it any way you like it. We are in a network programming connected to low vibration fields where darkness masquerading as light and nothing is what it seems. Now we are the light, landmarks, spread throughout the population. Our grid is Gaia. Our cosmic currency. We connect digitally, energy circling the world in a sacred light. The news is apocalyptic. The world is going crazy and most continue dragging their cards conditioned lives. However, all have souls, they all have sovereign rights to choose freedom. Veils are thinned for all to see, the program crashes, break spells, curses rise. Mystics, psychics, psychic traumas and tragedies know, the torment and darkness of the fourth kingdom. The release will be quick, painless and euphoric for most lost souls. The few who choose small fire and brimstone fight, but most will run away merrily fields higher vibrational light.

Healers, light workers, warriors of Gaia, stay close to what matters. Get involved with the matrix in a positive mindset, make real what he wants. Model of human behavior. Show yourself within the hologram, learn to build from the inside out. To meditate. Go to the ground, #stayin if that’s what resonates. Go out and create good vibes, do new things, create relationships, participate, create beautiful people. Keep your positive frequency when everything else is steeped in the negative. Retire when become very difficult. It looks more and more people out there Bible. Jeshua, Jesus Christ, is in the hearts of many humans, its light will guide, as prophesied. Mother Mary Magdalene divine feminine light illuminates her arms and welcome all who need your love and protection. Archangel Michael is helping with the evacuation of the fourth kingdom. what causes anoxic brain injury He is our healer. Call healing sessions, meditation and prayer. There are other ascended beings invested in our evolution, our commitment to freedom, our spiritual awakening. Our hearts guide us, we surrender to love vibrations, allowing ourselves to be guided through the darkness into the light.

The metaphor has become literal, hidden clues to the naked eye. Now we are here as atoms pressing in our little universe. Maintain our positive frequency when everything else is steeped in the negative. Retire to the zen spaces, creativity and nutrition of the soul. We have entered the fourth dimension, nothing is what it seems. We create . We have been riding tidal waves frequency cosmic light, improving, raising the vibrations to reach this point. Now we face the truth. Phase 3 has begun. Anchor our light even when it is hit by coastal winds of fear, anxiety and loss. Karma is leveling the playing field. Observe, wait, she says wisely and meditates the frequency of love. Love turns shields. Seek help in the right places, the heart, our guides. Sovereignty has been in play for a long time, take ours with peace, love and light. Change is happening in 2018, a big transition, Gaia march drops, the ascent has led us to the fourth. Stay healthy, stay zen, stay safe love. anxiety attack symptoms numbness We are creating the new earth, the phoenix rising from the ashes. Forget the old paradigms, throw their avatars matrix. Stay protected in sacred circles of light. In light and love of the beautiful people.