Missionary thought for the week of october 22, 2018 our spiritual directions anxiety meaning in hindi symptoms

​ "God doesn’t make sense to me and I can’t get a good impression of how he thinks. I don’t understand all of the abstract/metaphorical ways that people try to explain him. It goes right through my brain without finding anything to stick to. Emotional appeals hold no weight for me because they are generally not based on reason. Emotions are not a sound basis for making decisions.

It is very discouraging to keep running into solid walls when I try over and over to learn what I’m supposed to know about God. I lack many of the puzzle pieces that I need to make it work. anxiety attack treatment at home You don’t think he would hold that against me, do you? I would like to think he doesn’t but I’ve never been sure.

I would be extremely appreciative of faith formation resources for autistic adults.

I have only found the ones for children so far and they were not useful for someone with more complex thought processes. I am desperate to know the reasoning behind most aspects of Catholicism.

3. Why doesn’t God fix at least some of the things that are wrong in the world? I understand that he would not be able to change the results of everyone’s actions due to free will, but why doesn’t he help more? How could leaving the bad things in place be worthwhile?

1. The language of Catholicism is not understandable to me. what is severe anoxic brain injury I don’t know if this is an issue for me only or if others share it. Example: I have no idea what “fullness” or “opening hearts” mean. I get incredibly frustrated when I can’t figure out what certain words or phrases are intended to convey.

2. anoxic encephalopathy pathophysiology The Crucifixion. I cannot understand how that benefited anyone. In addition, I am a nurse. I can picture the physical effects of the process in excruciating detail (not a pun- it is extremely distressing). I have not been able to accept that. The fact that it was voluntary has not changed how I feel.

3. Heaven- It is supposed to be the best thing, but how could I work toward or hope for something that I can’t picture? It sounds like it’s full of people and like I would have to completely change myself to belong there. How is that practical or possible?

Other dilemmas that have been brought to us concern relationships with difficult people and how to reconcile the need for healthy boundaries with Christian teachings. anxiety attack meaning in arabic Still others have shared deep pain about participating in the Catholic sacraments. Verbal limitations are a huge obstacle to the sacrament of Confession, for instance, where the normal expectation is to speak directly to the priest. The matter of anxiety and scruples just complicates things all the more. It seems to be random luck as to whether or not a parish has a priest who is familiar enough with autism to know how to comfortably address these practical issues among those who think, feel and experience life as people with autism. Furthermore, the majority of spiritual teachings not only defy ordinary logic, but they tend to evoke emotions which people on the spectrum process differently than most others. If we are missing bricks in our foundational experiences of our faith, we have all the more difficulty grasping what these practices are supposed to look like and feel like.