Memory loss after a cardiac – inspire anoxia adalah

I was only down for about 5 minutes, so thankfully my symptoms are not as bad you’re describing your husband’s. However, I’ve learned that in moderate stressful situations, I do not have the memory retention I did before. Basically, unless there is something noteworthy about a conversation/event, I am unlikely to recall it, even if it was just minutes prior, or will often recall it incorrectly. I’ve got a pretty spotty memory about even more major events from prior to my incident, including such things as important medical procedures or events for my daughter.

Post-it’s or otherwise writing things down are the best thing for me.

It doesn’t always help me recall, but I trust if I wrote it down, it’s what I said/did/whatever.Anoxia adalah my event happened 8 years ago (I was 35), and my memeory abilities haven’t improved. It took me a little over a year to no longer feel disoriented and confused. My guess is your husband is equally frustrated with the situation.

I see the disappointment on my daughter’s face when I cannot remember things so important to her, or my significant other’s looks of disbelief and his obvious inability to comprehend how I cannot recall events that just happened. From my perspective, patience and understanding is most appreciated, but I know that doesn’t give you much solace for what you’re experiencing. I’m sorry for you and your family, and wish you all the best of luck.

Thank you both. Coming from those living it really puts it in perspective.Anoxia adalah my husband was worse, he suffered a setback w/stephen johnson’s /T.E.N.’s disease. He got it from meds for seizures after the cardiac. He never had any though. Spent 22 more days in an induced coma. That could be part of why he doesn’t talk, but the rest helped him move from the early 80’s to 2006ish. For the skin disease, it’ll be 2yrs on the 12th, still dealing with that but hope to be over in a few months. I know he gets frustrated, I do to, I try not to show it. I have a boy(27yrs) that has ADHD, so I use that knowledge for my husband. Constant reminders, different ways to say it, and patience. My in-laws(his family) has a hard time getting it. I’m with him 24/7, when I leave him with them, I pack a bag(like a child) with meds stuff.Anoxia adalah at first they thought that was silly, but now they ask for the bag. I know he has days, I just go with it. I don’t get mad, I just find work to do and play with our dogs. Oh yea, our dogs have been a saving grace for him too. He loves them remembered a few. He helps with them and loves walks(I do the holding of 1) we have 7 huskies, his dogs. As for retaining memories, he is getting better with his days, not so much the date or year. I’ve gotten creative with that too. My husband tried going back to work, but couldn’t remember his job as a manager, only as a mechanic. He was to be in charge of the whole shop(a huge co.), but now, no. They let him go last oct it is better for him, but I know it hurts.Anoxia adalah he has a hobby that keeps him busy, putting model airplanes together, works his mind hands.

I really appreciate you both sharing, I know he’s tired but I thought because of the second, but know it’s a mix of both now.

Thank you both!!

My SCA occurred almost 9 months ago. I was flatline for 10 minutes and vfib for another 10 minutes–20 minutes of almost immediate CPR and 4-5 shocks from rescue (AED wouldn’t work with no electrical activity) the last 10 minutes when I got some electrical activity back with drugs. No blockages—all electrical. I have noticed short-term memory problems as well, having to write things down. I have no memory of the 1 week hospital stay and only a ecollection of a few people’s images during my hospital stay–a friend and my EP sitting next to each other when I was in ICU.Anoxia adalah I couldn’t tell you who brought me home from the hospital (2-hour drive). I also have become more quiet and also not as outgoing, more distant, and not socializing as much. The experience definitely changed me. I still can’t believe this really happened!

I haven’t asked about my treatment, but am beginning to get a little curious. I was told I was speaking gibberish for several days and continued to repeat myself for most of my stay.

Your comment touched a nerve. My husband had SCA november 2016, cool down therapy, unconscious ventilated for 9 days received his ICD after 12 days. It was a long recovery but after 6 months he was doing well until he went into a vfib storm, shocked 34 times, the wire had moved but they changed the vector changed meds everything was fine until 3 days ago when he went into another storm, shocked 49 times this time.Anoxia adalah they changed the wire entirely this time relocated it to another vein. I noticed some very subtle changes mentally after the first episode but nothing that probably only I would notice – but after these last 2 he has consider short term memory loss hes different. It’s hard to watch, it’s almost like very early onset of dementia he is a brilliant guy. I’m so grateful to still have him – but nobody asked me in the hospital or anywhere how I was coping. I find this site very helpful. I’m trying very hard to keep it all together for the family but sometimes it is so hard. My life has completely changed too.

This is such a welcoming site to me. My name is kim my husband whose name is leonard but nicknamed ditter had a heart attack at home on april 14 of this year.Anoxia adalah he also had the hypothermia treatment. He was in an accute care hospital for 3 weeks followed by almost 4 weeks at a rehab facility. Although I feel so blessed that he left rehab walking and talking and able to do his own personal hygiene care, I am so saddened by his lack of memory and constant confabulation and imaginary events that he has. I am hoping to hear from someone that this does get better. It is definitely like dementia. His memory is so bad. He could not remember my name at the supper table tonight. It is heartbreaking for me. Most of the time he isn’t aware of the fact that he is not remembering correctly but lately he has started crying over things that I believe he realizes are not right.Anoxia adalah in a strange way his tears are comforting to me because it seems as though he is understanding for a brief few seconds what is actually going on.

Kim, you are telling my exact story from 5 years ago. My husband arrested while driving his car at night. Miraculously he was resusitated by the rescue squad , was life-flighted to our local trauma 1 hospital, sedated, cooled, ventilated, was in ICU for a 9 days, (received an ICD) and then spent 3 more weeks in brain injury rehab in the hospital. He continued out- patient rehab for 6 more months. When I think back to what our life was like in june 5 years ago, I can not recognize my husband as the same man. We were still in la la land at that point.Anoxia adalah everything you describe, we were going through. Give it TIME. I would say we didn’t start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel until august, and things really started to come around in sept. Those were dark days, but HANG IN THERE! He WILL improve. I won’t say my husband has come totally back to the way he was before, because the memory issue lingers on, but he is FINE in all ways we need to make a good life, and your husband will be , too. You don’t say that he is going to out-patient brain injury rehab. That was very helpful for BOTH of us, and do look into that. Keep us posted on how things go, and KEEP THE FAITH. Louise

Thank you so much for responding louise. Your post has definitely given me hope.Anoxia adalah he is going to outpatient rehab twice a week for 3 hours a day. This has given me a little free time to go to the grocery and just be by myself for an hour or two. Today however they had to call me because he said he was going to leave and that he had driven there himself and he was going to drive home. I really don’t know why they couldn’t handle this. This kind of thing happens over and over every day. I’m not going to say I’m getting used to it but it is not quite as scary to me as when we first got home. I heard from a couple of nurses in the hospital who also had family with brain injury that you learn to find a new normal and that is what I am trying to do. It is exhausting dealing with the questions and confabulation but on top of all this is the constant scheduling of dr’s appointments and having to deal with the insurance company and social security.Anoxia adalah he will have exhausted all of his medical leave and his job will officially end on july 26. He will be 62 in october so I have applied for disability for him through social security. I don’t know what I am going to do for health insurance for him or myself as I was on his policy. We will make it though and like I said I am so thankful for the incredible recovery he has made. We talked to his cardiologist this week and he said you know, this is amazing because he was dead and yet he walked into this office. I have to keep remembering that.

I read all of this and cant help but cry. My husband at age 58 suffered cardiac arrest on may 25th. He was mowing and a neighbor saw him either go down or shortly afterward.Anoxia adalah A second neighbor ran and gave CPR until the EMS arrived. He was life flighted to a trauma center. He too had hypothermia treatment. He awoke with in less than 8 hours, but was again sedated when he suffered a seizure. He received an ICD before leaving the hospital, leaving the hospital after 18 days.

He is the love of my life. Most days, I truly feel so blessed to still have him as they only gave him a 5% chance of living. He fought hard to live.

Currently we are in out patient physical therapy and start speech therapy next week. He struggles to find his words and he too is very quite at times. I miss those long great conversations we once had. His struggles with his short term memory and finds it difficult to concentrate.Anoxia adalah

He REALLY struggles to sleep even with medication. Anyone else experience this?

I know it is early in the healing process, but not knowing what his recovery will be scares me beyond belief.

I am so happy to have found this website. It is so difficult to explain how day to day life is for him to others. They seem to think since he survived, all is well.

I will do anything and everything I can to help him heal. If you have tips or ideas, I would be very appreciative to hear them.

I wish all of you the very best!!

My husband is going on 2yrs now. I can’t believe it, still seems surreal some days. The first 6 months was nuts. Getting use to him not being him and all the mood swings and changes. Some days he was childlike, drove me nuts, I had to go back to when my kids were young how I handled it without treating him like a child.Anoxia adalah some days he’s back where he can do everything and anything and nothing will get in his way(except me). Now, he is better in his mind, memory isn’t all over but more in order of what he has learned the day before or what he knows is coming. It’s like my sons ADHD, I have to repeat repeat, but I do it like it’s the first time I said it. He can’t remember the day, he’ll ask 5x’s a day, but I do it like he never asked. When he has a blah day, I let him be. He’ll just watch TV or work on a model plane and not talk or eat or look up. Sad, but those are now my most productive days in 2yrs. I just stay close so he knows I’m there and it makes him feel safe. 3am are his let’s talk time. He talks and asks questions, remembers stuff and wants answers, and most times, it’s the old guy and I get teary eyed.Anoxia adalah

Physically, he is like someone who had a stroke, his balance is off and always will be, but better now than at first. He still falls if he turns too fast or can’t get his foot right, but he handles it better(doesn’t hit his head). He talks less and not sociable any more. Sometimes I think it’s selective social, but you never know. He didn’t have a seizure, but has myoclonus bad on some days where he’ll ask for the shaky pill.

We are waiting for SSD, but it is slow. He had a great career with our local bus co. And medical isn’t a problem, but he doesn’t work any more. He gets a long term disability from the job, which is how we survive. Budget cuts I mean cuts lots of bill collectors, but I’m managing.Anoxia adalah I’m now in charge of it all, all means husband wife duties. I just started a job in nov. The guy I work for is great. He knows my situation and I work only when I can, I’m a photographer. It helps and gets me out of the house. I ask family for help on days I work and they come hang with him or take him out. I don’t trust him yet, he still thinks he can ride a bike with 2 huskies, like before. Oh yea, our 7 huskies are great therapy for him and we go to the beach to walk almost 4x’s a week. The sand is hard to walk in and he has to focus.

I hope I didn’t bore you, but this is my new normal. This is how we live now. Everything revolves around him and that’s ok. I believe god set me up years ago for this new life, I’m ok with it.Anoxia adalah every day is a new day, I just go with it and know if it’s a bad day, tomorrow will be different.